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    Manny sucked a huge fart in that fight. Floyd still did "just enough" to cruise to an easy win without risking anything and looked downright timid and scared at times with a small, (allegedly)...

    "The best ever of all time in the world award presented by Floyd Mayweather goes to,,,,,,, envelope please,,,,,,,FLOYD MAAAAAYWEATHER! !!!!!! "
  3. Re: Arum's Launches Against Haymon Miss the Mark

    Man I like you Bernie!!! Tell it how it is brother!! Amen!!

    This is a comments section, not a masterful debate section where you must prove everything and be politically correct. This place needs...
  4. Re: SOURCE: Mayweather Will Fight Berto on CBS

    Floyd should drop Berto and steal Mayorga away from Mosely for the free TV event. That would be interesting for a quick minute, at least the weigh in and press conferences would be a hoot!! LOL!
  5. Re: SOURCE: Mayweather Will Fight Berto on CBS

    And I thought for sure it would GGG. LMAO! !
  6. Re: Pacquiao Should Fight Marquez, Or Retire

    Ya not much interested in another fight with Marquez. Just call it a day fellas! Nothing left to do guys. Manny and Floyd had great careers, too bad it ended with them being the main players in the...
  7. Re: Happy 4th! Here's An Idea Inspired By Independence Day--Floyd on Free TV

    And Floyd laughed and laughed,,,,

    Nice thought but it just wont happen. When money is all that matters, freebie is a dirty word.
  8. Re: Collazo, Facing Thurman July 11, Uses Doubters' Critiques As Fuel

    Few years ago LC would have schooled One Time. Now,, not so much. Im not that high on Thurman. Looks good but not great like hes been portrayed to be.
  9. Re: Golovkin Challenges Mayweather & Floyd Does What He Always Does

    Who should Floyd fight next?? No smart *** comments from me, just an honest question.

    We have heard 110 reasons on why he doesn't "need to" or "shouldn't" fight particular people. What about...
  10. Re: Shawn Porter Outworks Adrien Broner for Unanimous Decision Win

    Its always a good night when Broner gets humbled (somewhat anyway). Watched at my bros place while having sum drinks and loved every minute. As Doon as Porter chased him backwards and caught him with...
  11. Re: Regarding A "Retroactive Therepeutic Use Exemption"

    Jesus storm. Floyd could club a baby seal with a retarded kid and you would rush in to defend him if anyone raises an eyebrow. Your long winded and boring responses make you 100 times worse than any...
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    Re: Floyd Provides, He Does Not Care

    I understand people not jumping on the bandwagon to give Floyd hell for everything he has ever done,, we have all made mistakes in life,, but to defend it or try and blame the mother isn't right...
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    Re: AND STIIIIIL...Floyd Bests Manny Via UD12

    Not the 1st fight i picked wrong and won't be the last!! Lol!!

    CongratS Floyd. I still cant stand your arrogant ***. And I didn't pay to watch!! Suck on that!!
  14. Re: WEIGH-IN REPORT: Manny Grinning Like He Knows a Secret

    He looks about 2 weight classes below Floyd in size. But HE was the one to fight and beat Monster Margacheato. How can he be worried about Floyd?? Does Floyd hit harder than Margarito post glove...
  15. Re: Laila Ali Calls Mayweather "A Little Boy" and "Broken Person"

  16. Re: I have 2 scenarios for Pac winning the fight and 1 for Floyd.

    Manny is wearing that devilish grin again!! Oh lord,,, it's ON!! Havn't seen that in years!!

    I truly think we will see Manny return to his old form one more time and put up one hell of a fight!!
  17. Re: Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao: What A Loss Would Mean For Mayweather

    My 2 cents -

    I think Floyd wants out. Not out of this particular fight but out of boxing, period. If he had the same passion for boxing and ring greatness he did when he started it would be...
  18. Re: Chris Rock Weighs In on Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

    Rarely does a celebrity pick anyone but the betting favorite. They act like they will be fined or wont be able to get work anymore if they end up picking wrong so they all make sure to go along with...
  19. Re: Hopkins looking ahead, not at 20-year reunion of first world championship

    Hopkins is an ATG and I have really enjoyed watching him. Even in the snoozer fights it's nice to watch someone ply their trade at the highest level they can. He's a pro in every way.

    I remember...
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    Re: The P-B-C on NBC Needs Some L-U-C-K

    LMAO!! Marv did!!

    Almost forgot about that,,,,, ALMOST!!
  21. Re: Amir Khan to face former World Champion Chirs Algieri on PBC Spike TV card

    Seriously. How many times has C.A. "surprised the boxing world" ?? Once?? Against Siberian Rocky he only won because he got back up and that's what "surprised the boxing world" the most, dude was...
  22. Re: Garcia-Peterson: Lamont's Words Indicate Garcia Will Dictate Terms Of The Fight

    Grizzly Adams fighting Saturday!!! Shave that dam beard Grizz!! Probably a bird nest in that sun-bytch!! Or a couple pillows hiding. Lol!
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    Re: Floyd Mayweather’s Magic Trick

    Earnings "peak" like where Oscar was when he fought floyd is totally different than physical peak. Popular fighters are often past the physical peak. Like Floyd and Manny are now.
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    Re: Haymon Boxing on CBS

    ESPN, HBO and Showtime are all guilty of airing mismatches repeatedly and having their "in house favorite" fighters also. The big difference is they (ESPN, HBO and Showtime) make you pay for it in...
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    Re: Tally/List Of Un/Substantiated Posts

    This isnt the New York Times its a discussion forum. People say stuff then talk about it.
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