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    Re: Groves vs Rebrasse

    As good a runaway fight that you're going to get, wasn't close but was competitive, I like Groves and I think if he puts the two Froch defeats behind him he can become a dominant champion.

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    Re: Predictions for Algieri-Pacquiao?

    Just double checked and it was 13/2 actually, still more or less 6/1. I put it on a couple of weeks ago, I checked a few of others places before too and they were all the same odds I remember. 10-1...
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    Re: Predictions for Algieri-Pacquiao?

    I've actually got a small bet on Algieri, at odds of 6/1 it was a steal and I think he has the tools to cause Pacquiao serious problems.

    Although betting aside I'm favouring Pacquiao 60-40 to take...
  4. Re: Who will rise in the wake of DSG's vacation of the light welterweight division?

    If Pacquiao goes back down then he's obviously the favourite to take over the division.

    After DSG moves up then I can see Broner vs Mathysse for top spot, I think I saw somewhere that Mathysse...
  5. Re: Billy Joe Saunders fighting Chris Eubank Jr.

    I love this fight, even though Eubank Jr has fought Tomato cans he has shown a really impressive skill set.

    Here is the footage of him sparring Froch if anyone wants to see it, he holds his own to...
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    Re: It's Time For Your PxP Ratings...Get 'em in

    Money may
  7. Re: Broner Doesn't Overly Dazzle, But Heats Up Late, Beats Taylor Via UD10

    Was a really good fight, probably my favourite of the year so far. Both guys showing good skill and was highly competitive in parts. Either Broner didn't look great, or Taylor had a really good night...
  8. Re: Kevin Iole and Mickey Bey give their prediction on Mayweather vs. Maidana

    I think Garcia & co may have the tactics slightly wrong in this fight, from what I'm seeing in the media and on all access they believe that the reason that they lost is because of Chino's...
  9. Re: Mayweather Vs Maidana 2 PPV---does it sell?

    Over here in the uk it's cheap for boxnation so I'll definitely be watching. I think with the hype surrounding Maidanas success in the first fight many people who didn't the first time will buy it...
  10. Re: Bernard Hopkins Dares To Dare, Floyd Mayweather Does Not

    Mayweather gets these sort of criticisms a lot. He has fought most legitimate champions in his weight since he has been champion. Apart from Pacquiao (and Margarito/Williams, but they never get...
  11. Re: Kell Brook Dethrones Shawn Porter in California, on Showtime

    I think Khan's going to fade out, he's become more accustomed to the celebrity status that was handed to him. He thinks he is better than he's shown to be.
  12. Re: Kell Brook Dethrones Shawn Porter in California, on Showtime

    I liked what I saw from Brook yesterday, he handled the relentless pressure well and was the clear winner in my view.

    Porter was just coming in throwing punches in bunches, but they were so...
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    Re: BKB fight results

    Looks like a bit of a gimmick, the ring could be dangerous and it more or less forces fighters to go toe to toe with no ropes to fall back on.

    Noticed that the wins don't get added to fighters...
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    Re: We Need Your PxP Ratings...Send 'em in!

    Mine stays the same:

    1. Money May

    2. Manny Pacquiao

    3. Andre Ward

    4. Wladimir Klitschko
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    Re: Algieri Reacts To Oddsmakers

    He is a world champion (albeit everyone and they grandmother seems to be a world champion nowadays) so he clearly does know how to box.

    I wan't the Pac Man to show us some flare and knock him out,...
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    Re: Algieri Reacts To Oddsmakers

    Where are you guys seeing 25-1? I'd cut my right arm off for those odds! On the British gambling sites C-Al is 13/2 and Pacquiao is 1/12.

    Still thinking of having a punt on C-Al at those odds -...
  17. Re: COMMISSIONERíS CORNER: Talking Judges For Canelo-Lara, Toledo's Majesty, More

    Completely agree, hopefully they will learn from all of the low buys, the market is being saturated which is never good (over here we get to watch them all for a mere £10 a month, but it must suck...
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    Re: Our Very Own PxP Ratings...a TSS Exclusive

    1. Money May

    2. Manny Pacquiao

    3. Andre Ward

    4. Wladimir Klitschko

    5. Marquez
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    Re: V-Lo Wins His First Title

    Was a good fight, Gary Russell started strong dazzling with his hand speed, but it seemed as though V-Lo wore him down by the mid rounds with excellent timing and a properly maintained distance. By...
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