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    Re: TSS Q n A With JEAN PASCAL

    I was in the arena as Kovalev obliterated my favorite fighter, Bernard Hopkins. Now, I'm preaching Kovalev with the enthusiasm of the newly converted. This guy is the real Ivan Drago. "I will break...
  2. Re: Thurman Cleared The Bar Of Expectation, Barely, Against Guerrero

    I agree. This fight reminded me of David Lemieux vs. Rosado. Like Rosado, I don't think Guerrero is anything but a tough gatekeeper fighter at this stage. And like the young, heralded, hard-hitting...
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    Re: Broner Beats Molina On First PBC on NBC Show

    Wrong fight for Molina. Broner doesn't like to brawl and has the reflexes and speed to ensure he doesn't have to. A one-sided exhibition for a guy I don't particularly love to extol, but let's be...
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    Re: Lemieux Batters Game Rosado, Scores TKO10 Win

    Hell of a 4th round. Had us all standing at the Barclays after an hour plus of boos and cat calls.

    I arrived at the arena at the start of the main undercard and man oh man the crowd was sour....
  5. Re: Lemieux on Rosado Scrap: "I'm Going There To Destroy!"

    I'll go, why not? And I have to get the taste of Garcia-Salka out of my eyes.

    Where are the 2-for-1 offers?

    Good looks.
  6. Re: BUD SMOKES BELTRAN Crawford Too Slick For Challenger, Gets UD12 Win

    Radam piques my interest. I don't know one way or another, and I've heard Radam (I don't know whether 2nd or 3rd person is more app) cast similar light on other fighters, not necessarily falsely.
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    Re: Undercard Info For Hopkins-Kovalev

    Agreed. Is there anything to like here at all? I'll be attending the fight, but I don't know much about the undercard fighters.

    Does anyone think one of these fights or fighters will be...
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    Re: Bernard Hopkins is the future of boxing

    After hearing what you say, I'm curious who you think will win, Skibbz?

    I personally am very excited about the fight, which I'll attend with my dad --he'll be coming from Buffalo I'll be coming...
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    Re: Bernard Hopkins is the future of boxing

    Kovalev does show patience. And a hard jab, and a jab is bound to land.

    He throws straight short punches, which like jabs are bound to land, from time to time.

    And his technique is good, so...
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    I'm going to savor Nov 8 because I believe this is Hopkins' last fight. And whether he goes out in glorious victory or in noble defeat, I'm going to stand up and applaud when the final bell sounds. ...
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    Re: Predictions for Algieri-Pacquiao?

    Provodnikov has entertained the crowds, but it's led to an overestimation of his abilities. I'm tempted to go so far as to say: he's done --taken too many blows. His style's not built to last.

  12. Re: Terrence Crawford a Compelling Dark Horse to Land Manny Fight in 2015

    Amber Waves of Pain --I love it.

    Forget about what's probable, I want to think about what's possible. And a megafight in Nebraska is just the kind of thing that could capture hearts and minds....
  13. Re: Source: Mayweather-Maidana 2 Projects To 925,000 PPV Buys

    I caught the fight at at my local (Ocean's 8) and they were charging $30 a head.

    Arrived about 11pm, walked downstairs, and . . . ghost town.

    I had my choice of stools, and although a thin...
  14. Re: Chris Algieri on Newfound Star Status and The Charge Nov. 22 is a "PPV Ripoff"

    Algieri is an interesting fighter. It's great to see him interviewed here.

    He has always impressed with his poise and intelligence. His comments in the ring following the Provodnikov fight were...
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    Re: Roc Nation Sports Wants Rigo, It Seems

    I don't disagree that Rigo looks unbeatable for now, and it makes perfect sense that Roc would identify him as the next best fighter in the game. I can't see him losing to anyone besides Donaire, and...
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    Re: Roc Nation Sports Wants Rigo, It Seems

    If this goes through, look for Rigo to fight almost exclusively at the Barclays Center.

    But does he have enough to be Barclays' first great star and so elevate the arena to the constellations of...
  17. Re: Kell Brook Dethrones Shawn Porter in California, on Showtime

    Omar Figueroa made me shout out loud with his kayo of Estrada. It was a dramatic ending to a beautiful fight as the sun set on the spectators in Carson CA. Like other posters, I couldn't help but...
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    Re: Memories of Tyson-McNeeley Still Amaze

    That was fun to read. I remember that fight well.

    And it goes to show the kind of love-hate relationship we have with some of the more farcical aspects of boxing. Is it with fondness we remember...
  19. Re: Of Boxing, Fathers, And Sons, And An 'Adults Only' Trip To Barclays

    It's great to read all these heart-felt comments; it's so apart from the typical comment thread fare.

    For me, boxing will always be a transformative experience the way that ancient theater was...
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