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  1. Re: Mayweather Says "A Lot of Racism" Present in Boxing

    LOL did he give her the blow up Chino gloves or did he let her choose?
  2. Re: Mayweather Says "A Lot of Racism" Present in Boxing

    I mean when you're a die hard fan of pugilism it makes it easier to see past a boxer's flaws but at the end of the day the pugilist is still going to be placed under a microscope.

  3. Re: Mayweather Says "A Lot of Racism" Present in Boxing

    I was just going to post that lol.

    Floyd puts his foot in his mouth yet again!

    Wasn't he remaining neutral or taking Donald Sterling's side when the Clippers situation imploded over the summer?...
  4. Re: Showtime To Offer All Access Mini-Epilogues Fri. and Sat.

    I think Khan getting knocked out by Thurman is inevitable if they were to fight. Thurman is quick enough to find Khan's chin, and when he does his fists will cause Khan's chin to detonate. KABOOM!
  5. Re: KHAN IS KING, Downs Devon Alexander Easily

    Yeah I was going to say Ken Norton, especially considering his physique....
  6. Re: KHAN IS KING, Downs Devon Alexander Easily

    Nice summation and realization RG, now is there a Ali to Pacquiao's Foreman? Hulkuez is sort of but not really.
  7. Re: KHAN IS KING, Downs Devon Alexander Easily

    Lol very true Froggy, but I am under the impression that Mayweather defeats Pacquiao and then fights Amir Khan in the fall around October/Novemebr so he can fast for Ramadan. But I can also see...
  8. Re: Andy Lee Wins WBO Title, Bradley and Herrera Hurt By Judges

    Great win for Andy, very happy for him. One of good guys of the sport.

    Pissed off that Herrera got robbed.
  9. Re: KHAN IS KING, Downs Devon Alexander Easily

    There are a lot of factors to consider if Khan and Mayweather dance in the square jungle. I am off the opinion that Khan's speedy rangy busy style gives Floyd issues early in the fight. I also...
  10. Re: Andy Lee Says Saturday Fight Is For Emanuel Steward

    I hope Lee gets the win, he's been knocking on the middleweight championship door for a while only to get knocked down and come back. My heart says Lee, my head says Korobov.
  11. Re: Algieri Wants To Get Back in the Ring Quickly

    I agree with the Commish's sentiments, hire a new trainer! Learn how to punch and step into the jab!
  12. Re: Floyd is in the news again.Getting sued.

    Oh this was the incident where Biebs came to comfort Floyd's kids while he was at a red carpet event. Possibly roid rage, I mean road rage on the part of love? If this is all true I wouldn't let my...
  13. Re: Malignaggi: "I Would Beat Pacquiao Right Now, So Imagine What Floyd Does To Him?"

    Dude is tripping, delusions of grandeur; or he's just being paid to diminish Pacquiao. At one point I think he would be very competitive against Manny but at this point, physically Idk if he'd fair...

    Very exciting fight, I had to leave at the 6th to go to a party I was invited to, ironically they were playing the UFC card there. This fight was much better.

    Lemieux has some nice upside but if I...
  15. Re: Source: Mayweather, Haymon and Espinoza Given Ultimatums by Moonves

    Great points B-Sug, and yes Bradley avoided Khan even when Khan sweetened the deal and offered him half the British PPV money.
  16. Re: Lemieux Batters Game Rosado, Scores TKO10 Win

    I'm disappointed that Rosado lost, he's throwback fighter is always game. You have to respect his willingness to fight all comers and the heart he has. IMO Lemieux is too hittable to survive against...
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    Re: My night at the fights

    That sounds like an awesome night! Hopkins should fight Stevenson, win the title and ride off into the sunset.

    Same sentiments on GGG vs Lemieux unless the canadian somehow hurts the Kazak early.
  18. Re: Source: Mayweather, Haymon and Espinoza Given Ultimatums by Moonves

    And in regards to the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, I have hope for it happening but I am not holding my breath until there's an official announcement.
  19. Re: Source: Mayweather, Haymon and Espinoza Given Ultimatums by Moonves

    I see Bradley giving Floyd problems as well.

    He's got goof hand and foot speed, and determination to match. Stylistically it's a challenge for Mayweather but if Bradley gets reckless like he did...
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    Re: Floyd won't make the Pac fight

    I foresee this fight happening, they can only not fight each other for so long.
  21. Re: WHAT IF: Terence Crawford Fought Adrien Broner?

    I'd pick Crawford, it would not be an easy fight but I see Crawford being too multi-dimensional for Broner.
  22. Re: Team Jean Pascal Throws Flurry At Adonis Stevenson

    Bahahaha that was pretty funny, what's going on with Adonis Stevenson? He's wasting momentum.
  23. Re: Gerry Cooney said, "I'd Love to Work With Algieri"

    I like the idea of Cooney training Chris, isn't Lane originally a kickboxer?
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    Latest On Mayweather-Pacquiao?

    So apparently negotiations are proceeding between the two camps. And Mayweather wants a rematch clause going into the fight, which is normal as he did it with Guerrero and Manny just did with...
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    Re: Danny Garcia vs PAC

    I like the fight, I'd give Pacquiao the edge due to experience and speed, but like Shadow I wouldn't be surprised if Garcia hurts Pac. That would be one hell of a fight and promotion.
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