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  1. Re: Watch Manny Pacquiao vs Chris Algieri Live Stream Online Free

    You missed this one by a little bit, eh?
  2. Re: Here Is Why Teddy Atlas Is A Hall of Fame Talent

    @Teddy Atlas, and the world. Yes, Teddy, while crazily insane at times certainly one day will find himself in the H of F. And yes, if using his celebrity helps others, that's a real nice thing as...
  3. Re: MALIGNAGGI: "Pacquiao-Algieri Is A Tough Fight To Call"

    @Radam. No Radam, it's not hatred, it's called a difference of opinion.
  4. Re: Miss International 2014 Japan Free Live Stream

    Radam, how'd you miss this Miss?
  5. Re: TSS Readers Predictions for Hopkins-Kovalev

    But he did get more time against Calzaghe. When he tried the same tactic with Chad Dawson, the best referee in the world (Pat Russell) would have none of it. Yeah, it's always the same with Bernard...
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    Re: Broner Is illing

    Some time ago I read something in the New York Times that said something to the effect that Holyfield had about 18 children. About? That's the equivalent of watching Usain Bolt on ESPN and have...
  7. Re: DiBella Says Hopkins' Race Theory Is "Hogwash"

    @tRoast. But isn't he wearing a mouthpiece (gum shield) the majority of the time we see his melon? :confused:
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    Re: The Unofficial "Official Standings"

    I find the craziest things funny. When I was doing the tabulating, I noticed mortcola was invisible pretty much do to the fact he's probably posting elsewhere. So you can imagine when I get to the...
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    Re: The Unofficial "Official Standings"

    Hey, there's a strategy! You can be like the WBO. Just start taking stuff. Titles. Points. Whatever. You'll close the gap on the lead.
  10. Re: DiBella Says Hopkins' Race Theory Is "Hogwash"

    I for one would like to see him on a milk carton.

    I'm kidding. I'm kidding.
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    The Unofficial "Official Standings"

    This takes us to the last day of October. (the Roast's second at bat is not included when referencing this later)

    1. Shadow
    2. The Commish
    3. OU Bobcat
    4. Skibbz
    5. deepwater2
    6. ...
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    Re: KO Classics With the Roast

    They were building magic in Detroit under the watchful eye of Emanuel & Co., producing very good fighter after very good fighter. Then of course there was that scary great Tommy "Hitman/Motor City...
  13. Re: Congrats To Stromcentre For Rolling Up in The 1,000-Post Club

    Gize a monsta!
  14. Re: Golovkin Trainer Says Cotto, Canelo and Ward All Go Down By the 10th

    I want to know what he means by starting to feel the short posts...
  15. Re: Pacquiao: "Algieri Is Most Scientific, Fluid, Fittest Fighter I've Opposed"

    Here's what I do know. I got +750 on Algieri. To me that represents extreme value. I do know that if they fought seven and a half times, Chris is winning at least one of them. I just need it to...
  16. Re: FIGHT FIXES: The Former Heavyweight Champion Who Lost On Purpose

    You Storm, are a funny, funny man.
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    Re: Algieri Responds To Roach Chops-Bust

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    Re: Algieri Responds To Roach Chops-Bust

    Mr Blast, please explain?
  19. Re: Fantasy matchup: 1987 Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. 2014 Gennady Golovkin -- Who Wins and Why?

    Saves me time. I like SRL against just about everybody. P4P match ups Leonard vs anybody in history in a five bout series, Leonard would win from one to all five, he was that good.
  20. Re: Abraham, Still Around, Earns Win Over Smith in Solid Contest

    Welcome yomi.

    I score even rounds even. Thought that only fair. If a round is too close to call, then it's an even round. Today's judges have a difficult time identifying the winner of...
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    Re: Dan Goossen’s Loss A Major Blow

    Prayers on behalf of the Goossen family. Rest In Peace, Mr Goossen.
  22. Re: THE COMMISSIONER'S CORNER: Ed Derian Was One of the Best

    Great work Randy. Much love for Mr Derian.
  23. Re: Abraham, Still Around, Earns Win Over Smith in Solid Contest

    I'd love to see it and score it as well.
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    Re: Talking Tennis With the Roast

  25. Re: The Fight Game with Jim Lampley: Overtime September 2014

    Whoa, slow right down. Lampley is a gentleman. The incident you're referring to is one of those 'three sides to every story' story. Man is a class act. At the time of the incident Lamps had two...
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