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    Re: Fury vs Briggs - St Patricks Day at MSG

    Can you imagine the build up to that.
    'Banter juice' indeed...

    No rematch please.
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    Re: The Tyson Fury Era begins

    Hehe. Yes RG you got this one spot on.

    I was amazed how old, tired and disinterested Wlad looked.

    The HW division becomes interesting again thanks to the giant Gypsy.
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    Re: The Tyson Fury Era begins

    Props to the believers.
    An English World Champ.
    Look forward to the battle royale at Wembley v Joshua.
  4. Re: Mexico Gets the Win; Canelo Scores UD12 Victory Over Cotto

    Barely a mention of Miura/Vargas here. Typical. Thanks to the guys who called it. It was brutal.

    Big Shame about Rigo's career self sabotage. One can only hope he'll see the light.

    Canelo is...
  5. Re: Canelos' Physicality Overwhelms Cotto's Boxing

    Yes, Floyd is a genius. NO DOUBT.

    I was thinking about little Da Manny knocking/dropping the living daylights out of Cotto as well. Big old heavy handed Canelo couldn't drop Miguel could he?...
  6. Re: Locations Of The P4P Most Corrupted, Incompetent Judges

    I'll vote for the Germans to be higher up that list.
    The whole goddamn sport is rotten to the core.
    Can someone get Mauricio Herrera on the blower..:D
  7. Re: Arthur Abraham vs Martin Murray Nov 21st - Odds Review

    Disappointed Martin didn't sit down on his shots more often. He staggered Arthur in the 8th but just didn't follow up.

    Abraham deserved the decision. Drugs? Yes, more than likely...
  8. Re: Canelo Alvarez Wins WBC Title, Bests Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas

    A bit harsh Riverside, i thought Cotto did well but was just too small. Canelo looked massive in there and his single shots carried the power.
    Which judge scored it 119-109? He needs firing on the...
  9. Re: Arthur Abraham vs Martin Murray Nov 21st - Odds Review

    Two fighters made of bricks. Sometimes fight like that as well..
    I really hope Murray gets the nod. Chances are this could end a draw, as 50/50 fight as you can get.

    Thanks for the video. Often...
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    Re: Readers Predictions for Cotto vs Alvarez

    Canelo to hurt Cotto late with his quick powerful combinations. Cotto brilliant early on but runs out of steam.

    Alverez by UD.
  11. Re: Seems Like No Cotto-Canelo Winner For GGG, So...

    Interesting comments. BJ Saunders has basically said the same, Quillin seems terrified.

    Better hope Jacobs and Lee win, these guys seem tough/mad enough to get in with the wrecking machine that's...
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    Re: Time for GGG to call out Lil Floyd

    Somebody round these parts needs a girlfriend. It'll do him good. :cool:

    Everybody knows Canelo wins. Bigger, younger, never been badly hurt.
  13. Re: Would Team Klitschko Like To Respond To Fury's "Devil Comes Home" Rant?

    Distant cousin of GOAT Ali? Hehe. I'd love to know where you get some of your info RG!
    I've watched Fury right from the start,he's great entertainment and MUCH improved, but unless Vlad has aged...
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    Re: Time for GGG to call out Lil Floyd

    d2 with some common sense there...

    Iv'e noticed a good deal of high quality posters don't bother anymore. There's an obvious reason for that. I reckon there was an 80 rounder in 1896 every bit as...
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    Re: Barthelemy To Face Shafikov on SPIKE

    Big fan of Shafikov, great to see him in a proper match up again.
    You just know this is going to be quality.
  16. Re: Guillermo Rigondeaux vs. Drian Francisco on HBO PPV Undercard of Cotto vs. Canelo

    A real treat in store Nov 21st.

    Great to see Rigo, the best boxer in the world. According to that paragon of virtue Frank Warren, 'Cuban Willie' prices himself out the market. I believe him.
  17. Re: Might We See Broner vs. Theophane...Then Broner Vs. Mayweather?

    Ouch! Watch out Big Money Oscar you'll have Stormcentre to answer to! :p
  18. Re: Would Team Klitschko Like To Respond To Fury's "Devil Comes Home" Rant?

    Fury's after the title of biggest loon in boxing, a bigger challenge than beating Dr Steelhammer!

    He's doing a good job of trying though, but don't be fooled into believing he's read anything of...
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    Re: Time for GGG to call out Lil Floyd

    More than crazy i'd say.
    50 goddamn pages prove that!
    I'll never be able to figure out why you guys don't talk about more fighters??
  20. Re: The Fifty Greatest Middleweights of All Time Part Five: 10-1

    Great reading. Thanks.
    Can anybody come up with a list of the great old timer MW clashes available online?
    Forgive me for my laziness but i reckon this is the best place to ask.
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    Re: All Hail the Mighty Afolabi

    FOTY contender?

    Kudryashov v Durodola was pretty exciting as well. Overall the bill of the year IMO and Dmitry Bivol looks superb.
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    Interesting writing from everyone. Thanks.
    Iron Mike just came up against a guy that was tougher than iron. As for 91? I couldn't care less!
  23. Re: BACON, EGGS, and BOXING: Watch Povetkin-Wach in the AM!

    Just caught the Chakhiev v Afolobi bout online.
    Unbelievable! I'd advise you all to see it!
  24. Re: Atlas Likes Canelo To Beat Cotto, Says Cottos' Last 3 Are A "Mirage"

    Late stoppage for the Young Mex. Like Teddy said, Too young, too big.
    I reckon he'll be pressured by his own people to think like a Mex and take on the scary MW champ at the true MW weight after...

    Whoa! At last!
    If it goes the distance Frampton's superior skills will take it, but Quigg is well capable of landing a bomb to finish it early.
    Can't wait...
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