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  1. Re: Are Calves An Issue For Pacman? Roach Weighs In

    This is the fight of both respective fighters' careers. I think that both fighters are seeking to make an emphatic statement. And I do agree to an extent that Floyd was walking down Mosley and Ortiz,...
  2. Re: Roach Aims Barbs At Mellow Mayweather, His Buddy Bieber

    Floyd Sr. wasn't allowed to speak lmao. Why?
  3. Re: Miguel Cotto Joins the Roc Family, Fighting June 6 in NYC, Foe TBD

    Strictly business, not surprised to see this happen. Curious to see what Uncle Bob has to say
  4. Re: Is Cotto Now Out In The Cold? Maybe, Maybe Not

    The next couple of months will indicate if Cotto is a fool or genius.
    Rios? Get out of here with that nonsense Arum, he's a blown up welterweight.
    He's better off fighting Queen Khan, there might...
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    Re: I am going to Vegas 5/2!

    I plan on going as well, what's the price range for ticket? Really, how much will nosebleeds cost? LOL
  6. Re: THE LOTIERZO LOWDOWN Why Cotto Should Fight Mayweather Next

    Rumors of this fight have been spinning like a merry-go-round for the last couple of months. I'm starting to believe Mayweather-Pacquiao is finally going to happen but I'm not holding my breath.
  7. Re: ESPN's Atlas To Offer "Inside the Ropes"

    This sounds great! I'm excited to watch these segments.
  8. Re: Hyde Angry, Feels Like Santa Cruz Is Ducking Rigo

    He is ducking Rigo, and pretty soon fighting tomato cans is going to get old real season.
  9. Re: THE WAITING GAME Team Golovkin Hasn't Heard From Team Cotto

    Lol don't hold your breath Tom Loeffler. Unless Cotto is getting something like $20 million or so :cool: I don't foresee that fight happening. Cotto is at the point in his career where he selects the...
  10. Re: Not Looking Past Murray, But Team Golovkin Craves Cotto in NY

    I don't forsee Cotto fighting GGG next, unless he looks absolutely horrible against Murray. The thing is, HBO will put up the money for the fight; so as long as Cotto has the green belt it's going to...
  11. Re: Sergio Martinez Back To The Gym In March

    I hope he comes back stronger, the Dark Knight Rises.....hehehehe
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    Re: Canelo-Kirkland is on

    My thoughts exactly. Hopefully Kirkland doesn't pull out again.
  13. Re: Pascal Wants Random Testing For PEDs, Buck Stops With Kovalev Promoter Duva, Though

    Yeah makes sense, thanks Storm
  14. Re: Pascal Wants Random Testing For PEDs, Buck Stops With Kovalev Promoter Duva, Though

    I agree Storm, unless I'm missing something. I mean yes there is the principle of clean sport laid out by Pascal, and he wants help from Duva.
  15. Re: WOODS: I Am Very Much Looking Forward To Guerrero-Thurman

    The other thing is if Guerrero hurts Thurman, he's got the experience to follow up and capitalize on it. I don't see this as a walk in the park, Guerrero's got the experience to make it tough if he's...
  16. Re: WOODS: I Am Very Much Looking Forward To Guerrero-Thurman

    I'm riding with you guys on this one, I do see The Ghost making it to a decision though, he's tough as nails. But his grit will surely get tested against Thurman's firepower, so Guerrero could get...
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    Re: Fighting Over the Fighter Lemiuex


    It was inevitable that one of the big promotional outfits was going to scoop him up.
  18. Re: Shotgun Taylor at it again.Arrested for shooting a gun(and qa drug charge)

    This is a shame, Jermaine Taylor needs to holla at mother nature to fix that beaten noggin of his not the syet from big pharma
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    Re: Canelo-Cotto Apparently Not Happening

    I know we're all hardcore boxing fans here, and that are other compelling fights out there for Manny and Floyd. But for the sake of the sport and legacy of these two fighters; this fight needs to...
  20. Re: Stiverne Trainer House Had No Clue Why Bermane Was So Off His Game

    That's unfortunate for Stiverne, it happens but that shouldn't take credit away from Wilder.

    There was no catchweight, they were fighting at heavyweight. Stiverne should be responsible for...
  21. Re: Pascal Wants Random Testing For PEDs, Buck Stops With Kovalev Promoter Duva, Though

    If both camps are concerned, then maybe the commission should pay extra for a 3rd party to step. Or both camps should split the bill, didn't Pascal say he was fine with footing the bill though?
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    Re: Tyson Fury Wants Wilder

    Love it! Hopefully we see it soon.
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    Re: Next for Wilder

    I'd love to see the Fury fight, the promotion itself would be great, they both have height to make it interesting. Fury got dropped/caught by blown up cruiser Steve Cunningham; it'll be interesting...
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    Re: Next for Wilder

    HAhAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :D, ain't nobody got time for that
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    Re: LSc just got shoe shined

    Wilder stuck to his game plan and did a great job. Stiverne was dormant the whole fight practically. Personally I like Fury, he's very charismatic; great for boxing. I'd give him a shot against...
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