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  1. Re: R.I.P. Jack Obermayer: The Man Was a Legend in His Own Right

    I once asked a priest (during my freshman year of high school) if there was boxing in heaven. He said no. Then I don't want to go, I told him.

    In the event he was wrong, KO JO is chatting it up...
  2. Re: R.I.P Jack Obermayer -- the hardest working scribe in the world of boxing


    @ArneK. "Obermayer likely witnessed more fights from ringside than any person ever." Not certain, but that would be the way to bet. I know of no one who could challenge the...
  3. Hanna Gabriels: Boxing's Best Female Combatant Will be in Action

    June 18 Venezuela Hanna Gabriels vs Katia Alvarino for the vacant 154 pound title. Hanna's development is nothing short of astounding. She's starting to hurt men in the gym. It is my opinion that...
  4. Re: Famed East L.A. Cut Man Joe Chavez Passes

    We had a gym on Lorena Street, 13 doors down from Resurrection Gym. Movie-goers will know Resurrection from the opening scene of Stallone's 'Rocky', where he's fighting Spider Rico. At the time we...
  5. Re: Admitting That Ali Lost Helped Me Learn To Be Objective And Honest

    @Frank. As a kid I was a big Frazier fan...but a bigger fan of Ali. When told I had to choose, I couldn't understand why. It's like Red Sox-Yankees I was told. But those are my two favorite...
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    Re: Next weekend is IBHOF in Canastota

    @bobcat. I'm a lifetime MS supporter. Spent time talking with Leon, but yet to meet Michael who always struck me as a class act. Good for you! Hopefully this year brings more surprises as well.
  7. Re: Investors Are Suing Al Haymon’s Backers - Here’s What You Need To Know

    Thought I was highlighting the above and unable to correct the color. The yellow above reads:

    The report provided a snippet of the suit:

    Defendants prior to and at the time the plaintiffs...
  8. Re: Investors Are Suing Al Haymon’s Backers - Here’s What You Need To Know

    While I've heard different dollar values, the percentages are in line. I believe there's less than a zero percent chance that anyone bringing a lawsuit in these matters will be successful.

  9. Re: Lennox Lewis Interview "Khan Is Not An Easy Fighter To Fight"

    Love Lennox Lewis. Over the years the two prizefighters that treated me best in the wagering department were Lennox and Money Mayweather. Both retired with their world titles in place and have been...
  10. Re: In Vegas This Saturday? Andre Ward At A Store Near You!

    Andre Ward has already achieved "Superstar" status. With each additional accomplishment he will only be adding to it.
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    How in the World...

    can this maniac be this close to being our next president?

    Trump accuses Cruz's father of helping JFK's assassin
    By NOLAN D. MCCASKILL 05/03/16 07:36 AM EDT
    Donald Trump on Tuesday alleged...
  12. Re: Is Amir Khan As Good As He Thinks He Is?

    @Radam. A: Versus Marco Antonio Barrera.
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    Re: Triple GGG Weigh-ins on TBC

    @Miguel. Love your Watering Hole Tavern. Anything like Sugar Ray's?
  14. Heartbroken over hearing Prince has passed away

    The Purple One is gone and I never got the chance to see him perform. So sad.
  15. Re: ‘Rone Incident’...” from a draft of a manuscrpit titled "The Darker Side of B oxing."

    Beat me to it Arn, Zumbrun if memory serves correctly, had also sparred with Rone numerous times as well.

    Couple of things:

    It's similar to what I heard a comedian say recently. "I've been...
  16. You Can't Take a Second Wind, Antonio

    You can catch one however. You don't get them just because you want them, it's not like they're timeouts or anything.
  17. Re: Was The California Boxing Commission Nuts to Approve This Match?

    As women's boxing heads toward critical mass, it will surely guarantee its survival because of the ease of which a women's bout can be added to a card that would otherwise be all male, something you...
  18. Re: Ring Rust Will Be Ward's Biggest Obstacle versus Barrera

    Wow! On a reread, Frank couldn't have been more accurate and insightful.

    Andre graded himself a 'B minus' which means he probably feels he earned a B+ but he may even have been high with the...
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    Re: Money Money

    Hey Money Money. Your envelope was returned from the address you submitted. Still got it. Would you care to go double or nothing?
    Would you care to reply to my interior forum mail from God knows...
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    Re: Time for GGG to call out Lil Floyd

    One sportsbook has Triple G an 80-1 favorite in his upcoming bout. Think about that for a moment. I do not recall a bigger margin ever that you could actually wager on.

    All things being equal,...
  21. Re: Hanna Gabriels: A Torchbearer In The Rising Tide Of Female Boxing

    Don't know much about this twisted stuff but I do know about odds, and sight unseen:

    If fight happens before Dec. 31, 2016

    H. Gabriels -10000
    B. Campbell +4000

    She would bat him goofy,...
  22. Re: Eye on the Heavyweights - Browne Drops and Stops Chagaev in Grozny

    @Storm. Completely agree with last paragraph.
  23. Re: Ezzard Charles is #1: Ranking The Modern Light-Heavyweight Greats

    While I agree wholeheartedly with Charles being labeled Light-Heavy King, I'm not so sure about the label "boxing expert".

    Please explain to me what constitutes a boxing expert. How many exist in...
  24. Re: R.I.P. Bennie Georgino: Last of L.A.’s Golden Era

    Bennie was one of my first encounters at Main Street Gym. Bennie brought in some investors to look at a prospect he had named "Lightning" Kennedy. Kennedy was sparring with a kid, and kept punching...
  25. Re: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Amir Khan Set for May 7th


    A really, really bad idea...

    ...or is it?

    You have to go all the way back to Jack "Don't Look Now, But I've Got a Gun!" Ruby vs. Lee Harvey "The 6'3.5" Invisible (Un)Lucky...
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