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  1. Re: IF Canelo Isn't Weak At The Weight, He Should Dismantle Cotto

    I'm riding with Cotto, although I'd prefer Canelo to win I just see Canelo only being able to do serious damage if the opponents feet are planted to the floor.

    Also the title of this article is...
  2. Re: HOLY HOLLY! Holm Run Showing From Ex Boxing Champ, Who Destroys Rousey

    From the very little that I saw Rousey came across as a bully before the fight; shouting obscenities at Holm and putting up nasty Twitter messages.

    Holm seems very humble and likable, I saw an...
  3. Re: ATLAS NOT SHRUGGING Bradley Handles Rios Easily, Scotes Stoppage In 9th

    To an extent I agree, Bradley would have always handled this version of Rios, regardless of whether Atlas or Diaz was in his corner.

    But I think he looked sensational against Rios, best he's...
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    Re: Why It Matters If That Mayweather Rumor Is Truth

  5. Re: Rios: "Bradley is Going to be My Ticket Back to the Top!"

    Something about the timing/the way that Bradley has looked recently tells me he is going to get caught by Rios.

    Switching up trainers, Getting caught in the Vargas fight, having a face like a...
  6. Re: Looks Like Tureano Johnson Could Get Next Golovkin Date

    Every fight is a stay-busy fight for Golovkin!

    He has major skills, but its getting ridiculous now, he's 34-0 and hasn't fought anyone of note. Lemieux stood no chance from the second the fight...
  7. Re: Looks Like Tureano Johnson Could Get Next Golovkin Date

    Lol, who?
  8. Re: Golovkin Promoter Responds To Canelo's "Let Him Come Down to 155" Statement

    No, I like GGG, but I don't let my emotions cloud my view.

    So people who don't agree with your opinion are racist now?
  9. Re: Golovkin Promoter Responds To Canelo's "Let Him Come Down to 155" Statement

    So wait a minute...

    GGG calls out everyone between 154-175 pounds.

    Ward (amongst others) accepts the bait and say they will fight.

    Golovkin backpedals and then says he isn't ready for 168...
  10. Re: Looks Like That Golovkin-Lemieux PPV Did Approx. 150,000 Buys

    Good, the powers that be need to put on competitive fights.

    Both Golovkin and Gonzalez were 1/14 favorites going in, everyone knew the outcome of the fights.

    A lot of people were giving Lemieux...
  11. Re: Good Boy Gets Stopped; Game Lemieux TKO'd By Golovkin in NYC

    But you still have to give Golovkin his dues, he's a machine.
  12. Re: Good Boy Gets Stopped; Game Lemieux TKO'd By Golovkin in NYC

    After all that was said in the build up, this was Golovkins easiest fight out of his last three. Lemieux barely landed anything of note throughout the 8 rounds and had was on the back foot from the...
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    Saw this coming a mile off - only problem is I changed my bets to Postol to win by decision just before the fight started!
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    Re: Klitschko Hurt, Fight With Fury Postponed

    Gutted, if anyone was going to do it, it was gonna be Fury.

    This fight is a joke, it's the first heavyweight title fight in years to not be picked up by a UK broadcaster I heard.

    How many voluntary defenses is Wilder going to get?? I can't wait for...
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    Re: In A Ward-Golovkin Bout, Who Is The A-Side?

    Regardless of whether Ward dismantled a more relevant version of Froch, GGG has been active and is on a killer knockout streak. We all know everyone loves knockouts.

    GGG is more known because of...
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    Re: Hauser on Mayweather-Berto

    With all due respect, I don't think that you can really call someone out for not donating $4,800,000; & then use the fact that you once donated $6,700 as justification.

    I'm sure that Mayweather...
  18. Re: Floyd received banned IV fluids before Pacquiao fight

    It's definitely suspicious, he looks like he walks around near 147 so I don't know why he would need a IV to re hydrate.
  19. Re: Santa Cruz Wins Battle of LA Hitters, Scores MD12 Win Over Mares on ESPN

    So I was thinking Haymon should do a featherweight tournament.

    Santa Cruz, Mares, Selby, Russel Jr, Frampton (if he moves up), and I've read that Rigo is waiting for his contract to expire so he...
  20. Re: Alvarez's Style And Physicality Will Topple Cotto

    I prefer Alvarez to Cotto.

    But my gut just goes with Cotto on this one, although it's been hard to judge how much he has left he just seems to be the more diverse out of the two.
  21. Re: Why Pay To See It When You Know Berto Has No Shot, None

    Floyd put on a good performance - he won with ease; Pac put on a poor performance.

    Edit: On topic I don't think Mayweather Berto is that bad - there's no one I'm burning to see Floyd fight, so...
  22. Re: NUMBERS ARE IN: Was PBC on ESPN A Hit, Or A Miss?

    It's because the fights suck.

    Does anyone knows what views Broner-Porter pulled?
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    Re: Shots fired, Rigo vs Lomanchenko.

    I can't find it on Youtube, but I've seen the interview where Roach says that he didn't want that kind of work for Pacquiao so can vouch for BS here.

    Roach is talking about one of Rigos first days...
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    Re: Shots fired, Rigo vs Lomanchenko.

    This is the one fight I would love to see before any other.

    If the boxing gods exist, they will get this fight made.

    (I'm not holding my breath though)
  25. Re: Kovalev Must Be Pretty Good Because I'm Not Sure Ward Beats Him

    Lara wants to fight him.

    And I agree with the article, if it was as simple as Kovalev being a aggressive fighter like Golovkin I would say Ward handles him with ease, but he boxed so well against...
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