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  1. Re: Slick, Cool, Energized Vasquez Beats Felix To Kick Off PPV

    By the way May I say nice call Sir........LOL
  2. Re: Slick, Cool, Energized Vasquez Beats Felix To Kick Off PPV

    He looked very good, kept his cool did what he needed to win
  3. Re: Hopkins Does It Again: The Old Master Beats Cloud, UD12

    South Paul said it right...WE should all Bow down to the legend! and at +165.....Chaaa-ching
  4. Re: Docs Who've Never Examined Pacman Are Diagnosing Him?

    Brownsugar your thinking of Oliver "Crackhead" McCall or Hasim "the Rock" Rahman
  5. Re: Bryan Vasquez Resolves To Beat Takashi Uchiyama

    Someone should teach the kid to hold, there were 10 sec left in rnd and he lets it get stopped.
  6. Re: Amir Khan: "The Switch in Trainers Has Been Brilliant"

    Amir Khan: "The Switch in Trainers Has Been Brilliant"
    I am sorry to be the one who tells you Mr. Khan but that trainer Can Not take the punches for you. Guys I had Trout +190 had Senchenko +330,...
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    Re: Manny Pacquiao Got Caught--That's Boxing!

    Your right Coxs Corner, I have often thought about some of these writers, its like someone writing about surfing and never have been in the ocean.
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    Re: Manny Pacquiao Got Caught--That's Boxing!

    I agree 100% "Manny Pacquiao Got Caught--That's Boxing!"
    Sometimes we Zig, when we should have Zagged and sometimes we pay dear for it "That's Boxing!" Like a guy once told me YOU PLAY Football ,...
  9. Re: Garcia To Judah: "I Am Going To Knock You Out"

    The Zab of today gets KOed by bodyshots, Nuff Said.
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    Re: You Will Be Missed, Emanuel Steward

    Brutal to have lost legendary trainers Angelo Dundee and Emanuel Steward in the same year. Very sad day.
    Boxing has lost another legend, a great broadcaster, a caring teacher and an exemplary...
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    Re: Povetkin Stops Rahman In Round Two

    Someone is smoking the good stuff, First they put a pic of Chambers on the home page for the story then a pic of Rahman getting hand raised for the in the story.WOW
  12. Re: Mariusz Wach: No More Of An Underdog Than Wladimir's Last Six Challengers

    The letter should be sent now

    Dear MR W. Klitschos the IBF/WBA/WBO/IBO and Ring Magazine have made a MR. V Klitschos #1 and you will need to fight him with in the next 6 months or be stripped of...
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    Re: What Our Grandfathers Knew About Joe Louis

    Must see movie "Ring of Fire"
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    Michael "Dynamite" Dokes dies at 54

    AKRON, Ohio -- Michael Dokes, a former World Boxing Association heavyweight champion, has died. He was 54.

    The Rhoden Memorial Home in Akron said Dokes died Saturday. The Akron Beacon Journal...
  15. Thread: Corazon

    by GANZ

    Re: Corazon

    RI9-5171 called that number a million times, I think Im gonna cry
  16. Re: LOTIERZO'S LOWDOWN For Once We Can't Speculate On Mayweather's Next Move

    In his last fight on May 5th he took apart Miguel Cotto, winning by an overwhelming unanimous decision. Floyd looked terrific against Cotto and during many patches of the fight he beat him at his own...
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    Re: Five Potential Fights for Floyd Mayweather

    Manny VS Floyd would be a great way to start up the new TMT company, Huge FIGHT, MONEY and they would be sticking it to GBP, which would make Arum very happy and get the deal done......BUT

    Im with...
  18. Re: Ali Memorabilia Up For Auction From Dundee Estate

    Hey Dino, I know where you can get my Xmas gift/s now....lol
  19. Re: Bryan Vasquez Defends Title Vs. Jorge Lacierva Saturday

    I have been watching Bryan for the past few years and as Dino said this is not a guy you want coming to the ring mad, this fight will not last long
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    Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Haye and Khan To Win

    Kahn was very good as an amateur but it seems he is unable to win the wars as a pro.
  21. Re: THE FLURRY: No Wylie, I Say Pacquiao Beats Bradley in Rematch

    What he said.....Quick KO, under 5
  22. Thread: Literary Notes

    by GANZ

    Re: Literary Notes

    Sounds like a good read, will have to pick up a copy. Might try to get Willy to sign it aswell. By the way is it just me or is this a GREAT name ....LOL
  23. Re: Book Review For “Business of Pain” by Araceli Martinez-Rose

  24. Re: Book Review For “Business of Pain” by Araceli Martinez-Rose

    I was at Caesars Palace that night to support Oscar. I have the fight poster signed by Oscar De La Hoya and Rafael Ruelas. Was a crazy night.
  25. Re: AVILA RINGSIDE: Bradley Ends Pacman's Seven Year Streak

    Judges CJ Ross and Duane Ford, should never work another fight..NEVER
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