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  1. Re: Golden Boy files suit against Jhonny Gonzales and Promociones del Pueblo

    I hope the lawsuit distraction doesn't diminish Gonzales' focus and performance. He's a veteran so I suspect he'll handle it well and give a good account of himself. Looking forward to this one.
  2. Re: Smart and Sharp Thurman Dominates Guerrero on NBC

    I was disappointed in Guerrero's performance... I thought he 'd show more guile and wiliness in addition to his incredible chin. It seemed to me he could have countered One Time with short hooks and...
  3. Re: Adonis Oblierates Sukhotskiy, Proclaims Himself the Man at 175

    Boxing loses its soul when the best avoid the best. It also loses a lot of its appeal. No one but Adonis Stevenson's mom wants to watch a mismatch like this. Al Hayman is neutering boxing. Am...
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    Re: Favorite Boxing Movies

    There are so many...
    There opening of Raging bull where the crowd riots after LaMotta loses a decision and later in the film when he is trying to take a dive and Eddie Mustafa Muhammad won't...
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    Re: Favorite Boxing Movies

    Raging Bull, Million Dollar Baby, The Fighter, Fat City, Rocky, Cinderella Man, Golden Boy, The Great White Hope, The Champ, Somebody up there Likes Me, The Harder they Fall, The Boxer, Requiem For...
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    Re: Paul Williams Back In The Gym

    What a pleasure it is to see that warm smile
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    Re: The Moral Dilemma of Loving Boxing

    He was the "Merthyr Matchstick", Johnny Owen. And he died after a bout with Lupe Pintor at the Olympic in LA. I was horrified when fans started pelting the unconscious Owen with beers and trash. ...
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    Re: Manny Mocks Floyd in New Foot Locker Spot

    Ditto that, it was really funny...
  9. Re: Algieri: "Good Defense is the Key to Preserving My Handsomeness"

    Or his eye
  10. Re: PATERSON'S PREDICTION PAGE: Expert Calls on Hopkins-Kovalev

    Great idea Kid Blast. But It might be more fun if our TSS predictions were posted as well
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    Re: A Look Back At Hopkins-Kovalev

    The most astonishing aspect of this fight to me was how clean Hopkins fought throughout. When he keeps it legal he is much more appealing to watch because his true ring genius shines through. ...
  12. Re: Does SERGEY KOVALEV Really, Truly, Believe in Himself?

    I like SK's perspective and honesty. It takes much more confidence to see the world as it truly is than to deceive one's self into a belief of invincibility. Braggadocio is fear-based whereas a calm...
  13. Re: TSS Readers Predictions for Hopkins-Kovalev

    I keep flip-flopping but I'll go with Kovalev by decision. Hopkins gets old on this night. SK is much better than JT was when he beat B-hop with youth and hustle. I expect Kovalev will do the...
  14. Re: Golovkin Trainer Says Cotto, Canelo and Ward All Go Down By the 10th

    At 32, GGG seems to get better after every fight, and he still needs to clean out the 160 lb division. No need to rush into things with Ward, but they know they'll get there soon enough. Sanchez is...
  15. Re: If you captured a terroist, what fighter would you make him watch until a confession?

    Sergio Mora
  16. Re: Can Hopkins Do Unto Kovalev What He Did To Pavlik?

    Great post
  17. Re: Can Hopkins Do Unto Kovalev What He Did To Pavlik?

    If Hopkins wins it will be the ugliest, stinkiest, dirtiest fight ever. For that reason I'm hoping Kovalev wins it and I think he will. The Alien is no Executioner
  18. Re: how many times are the gonna sing that song

    Thank you Brown Sugar for the round by round... excellent job.
  19. Re: Ariza ..... Mayweather........ A match made in heaven?

    Maybe they hired Ariza to get some of that A side Meth.
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    Re: Question about water in the corner

    Thanks Randy, a great and thorough answer
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    Question about water in the corner

    In the olden days a fighter was given a sip of water between rounds which he then spat out. Nowadays fighters are allowed to drink a bit in the corner. What was the reasoning behind the old way and...
  22. Re: Kell Brook Dethrones Shawn Porter in California, on Showtime

    Thanks for posting that vid Radam
  23. Re: Kell Brook Dethrones Shawn Porter in California, on Showtime

    Showbox needs to add a new category, punches landed behind the head. If they counted those, SP would have won going away. He hit Special K more on the back of the head than the front...
    So glad,...
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    Re: Looks Like Kovalev-Hopkins Will Be Nov. 8

    I think Kovalev will win, just as Jermain Taylor won, by being more active, pressing the action, and by landing the harder punches. Youth + Desire + power will allow Kovalev to convince B Hop that he...
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    Re: The Card at Barclay's

    After fast forwarding past the Broner interview I assumed I had missed the rottenness of the evening. Hideous main event. One of the worst mismatches I have seen in awhile. It should be illegal to...
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