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  1. Re: Roach On Next For Cotto: "We Knock Canelo Out"

    Roach is good at what he does, and he does it well, talking to the public and getting responses makes him feel great, something he does not need to do. history tells you and Roach Knows it, , Cotto...
  2. Re: My prediction on the Floyd fight( the ppv breaks a record)

    Deep it make sense, I've gotten pay per view gigs her at my house lots of times, before I know it neighbors buddies to the side and below us are all tune to the same show, you can hear the scream...
  3. Re: Sindy Amador To Fight Anahi Torres in Corona, Ca.

    supporting "La Alacrana", Go Syndy!!
  4. Re: Team Provodnikov REALLY Wants Brandon Rios Next

    Hopefully it happens, doesn't look like Brandon Carried his punch from the lightweight division up to welterweight, and there is not way he can keep up with Ruslan in a telephone boot war. I would be...
  5. Re: Lara Looking at Kirkland, Ishe Smith, Martirosyan Next

    Commish,I like that track meet.
  6. Re: Danny Garcia Destroys Rod Salka in Mismatch of the Year

    We've been on top of all of Danny and Papa Garcia rants, Mauricio tweeted Danny swift Garcia on sat Night, MH Quoted "should be ashame of yourself Danny keep wearing that mask" another tweet stolen...
  7. Re: Danny Garcia Destroys Rod Salka in Mismatch of the Year

    Amay, Danny was a very likeable guy up until MH fight, Now it seems over the media/Social Media, he is on everybody crap list, if he had a chip on his shoulder, now he is carrying more weight. He...
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    Re: The Card at Barclay's

    Danny needs to man up

    Storm, I think Oscar is shaken by the golden boy turmoil and haymon push his weight and oscar had no choice but accept these weak cards power to haymon
  10. Re: Danny Garcia 34-to1 betting favorite vs Salka

    What are the odds of all three underdogs winning,chances of haymon getting hit by lighting on sunny day are better
  11. Danny Garcia 34-to1 betting favorite vs Salka

    Huge betting favorite
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    Re: Garcia Getting 700k to Fight Salka

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    Re: Garcia Getting 700k to Fight Salka

    last week Brandon "bum bum" Rios got paid an incredible 925 K vs Chaves a mere 25 K, Danny making 700 K must be descent, wonder what Salka is making for a short night? Al Haymon has the volume...
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    Re: Danny bit iiritated

    Quote from this morning" The general attitude was that Garcia would, of course, easily turn back Herrera’s challenge before his “home” fans and set up bigger, better, and more lucrative fights (like...
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    Re: Kovalev opens as a betting favorite

    Deep you pretty much stole my words! i've been going against hopkins since trinidad, not changing now and I will eventually get it right, Kovalev will stop him, or his corner will throw the towel...
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    Re: Danny bit iiritated

    How does Danny win here? or Haymon if you ask Danny. If Danny goes and knocks out Salka in two rounds or less, Well that is what he is supposed to do? if Danny struggles for 12 rounds vs Salka...
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    Danny bit iiritated

  18. Re: Diego Chaves gets disqualified in strange referee decision, making Bandon Rios the winner

    I feel like I wasted my evening last night watching the fights for the exception of Kovalev.!I've never been to much of a fan of Rios, he played the victim In the interview given by Max. as we all...
  19. Re: Adrien Broner-Emmanuel Taylor On For Sept. 6, In Cincy

    Power to Haymon, he made himself the power broker he is!. If anybody here ( barclay and Cinci) looks bad it will be Oscar and not Haymon. fans want to see the best match-ups possible from a fan point...
  20. Re: Adrien Broner-Emmanuel Taylor On For Sept. 6, In Cincy

    I hear you deep, kind of seems as Haymon is flexing his muscle towards Oscar, there gotta be some mistrust between Oscar and Haymon! The fans need to be reaching a boiling point were the they will...
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    Re: Why can't Danny Garcia fight in Philly?

    Deep, MH is gonna get a laugh when he reads this!! good question you are asking, Danny is a likeable guy, but his his dad is Moron, the people from philly have deep roots in boxing, they might not...
  22. Re: Mauricio Herrera Learns Illness or Injury Canít Stop a Big Card

    Thanks Deep/RG and Aubo, We would like to push the Broner fight! Box him, let Broner lead and pick him apart countering is M-He forte. You Know Johan is very tall lightweight with 4-5 inch reach over...
  23. Re: Floyd Takes Swipe At Oscar, Says He Thinks of GB As Richard Schaefers' Company

    In reality what is it to Money May who built Golden Boy? Oscar or Richard. Floyd will continue to take swipes at Oscar, don't understand his logic, what is the purpose? seems like he want to see...
  24. Re: Mauricio Herrera Beats Johan Perez on Canelo Card

    Thanks Skibbz and Deep, You Know Oscar nearly cancel the Johan vs Herrera fight days before the fight. Somehow MH came down with some illness/Fever, few people knew before the fight. Mauricio refused...
  25. Re: Lara Calls For Investigation of Judge Levi Martinez

    Lara style in not very Fan friendly, he got his chance an blew it!! now he is on Oscar bad side, he is not getting a second chance Vs Canelo!. Lara Knows, chances of him facing Money may are slim...
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