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    Re: J'Leon Love Gets Kayoed on "ShoBox"

    Boxing is a tough sport, one mistake can send your career into a downward spiral and send you face first to the canvass. It's extremely difficult to climb the ranks and make it to a world title, and...
  2. Re: Bonds Poses With Pacman; Insert Own Caption

    Who got the juice????
  3. Re: Sergey Kovalev Is Bernard Hopkins' Worst Nightmare

    I'm not going against B-Hop until he's KO'd and the Ref counts to 10...

    I picked Tito to win Against him
    I picked Oscar to win
    I picked K. Pavlik
    I even picked Tarver because he was a...
  4. Re: Kell Brook Dethrones Shawn Porter in California, on Showtime

    There's a big difference between aggression & effective aggression.. Porter had all the heart in the world but he kept either getting picked off on the way in or smothered once he got in there......
  5. Re: Mayweather Should Challenge Golovkin To Prove He's "OOTBE"

    I'm a Mayweather fan, but I don't think he's the Best Ever, "One of The Best Ever," but definitely not the best...

    His "safety first" mentality has kept him at the top of the sport for a long...
  6. Re: Lamont Peterson Stops Edgar Santana in Round 10

    King Pete looked stellar in this fight, he boxed with movement, can forward, fought on the inside, the Defense was on point, and Body Shots were Hellacious and he did a great job of mixing up his...
  7. Re: Danny Garcia Destroys Rod Salka in Mismatch of the Year

    This was a Showcase fight to get Danny G's stock back up...

    If You look at Garcias last 7-8 Opponents you can definitely see that he's been in with the Best of the Best, but I'm sure Al Haymon...
  8. Re: Hopkins And Jones Were Admonished Yet Golovkin And Kovalev Are Adored

    In my Opinion:

    A Prime Kovalev and a Prime Golovkin wouldn't win more than 2 rounds against RJJR & B-Hop...

    Roy Had outta this world speed and his movement & laser sharp counters would...
  9. Thread: GGG = WOW

    by SouthPawFlo

    Re: GGG = WOW

    Quillin needs a big name fight for me to take him Seriously, Al Haymon has guided his career well for him to make money and get a belt, but it's time for him to take the training wheels off and take...
  10. Thread: GGG = WOW

    by SouthPawFlo

    Re: GGG = WOW

    GGG's Handlers continue to say they'll fight anyone from 154-168 and Andre Ward is the biggest fish in the sea at 168, and he's repeatedly said in numerous interviews that he'll fight Golovkin...

  11. Thread: GGG = WOW

    by SouthPawFlo

    Re: GGG = WOW

    Why doesn't anyone like to mention the fact that GGG and his Handlers are clearly ducking Andre Ward????
  12. Re: GOOD BOY GETS IT DONE Golovkin Stops Geale In Round Three

    This GGG guy is pretty good...
  13. Re: Can Rigondeaux Improve on Lara’s Performance?

    Rigo just Won by An Annihilating first round KO, so much for being boring
  14. Re: How Sure Is Algieri He Will Beat Pacquiao? "ONE HUNDRED PERCENT"

    Out boxing an Overacheiving Friday Night Fighter is one thing, but out boxing an All Time Great Fighter is another.

    Winning a controversial decision not far from you Home Town is one thing,...
  15. Re: Lara Calls For Investigation of Judge Levi Martinez

    9rds to 3 is pretty much a suspect score, the 115-113 scores were more reflective of how the fight went
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    Re: Canelo Beats Lara, Via Split Decision

    I have the fight recorded and anyone who believes Canelo won the fight 117-111 tell me the 9rds that Canelo won....
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    Re: Canelo Beats Lara, Via Split Decision

    There's no way that Lara Lost the fight 9-3, I don't care how you cut it, he CLEARLY won more than 3rds...

    Lara landed the clearer, crisper punches he frustrated Canelo and the Left hand couldn't...
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    Re: Canelo Beats Lara, Via Split Decision

    Anybody who scored that fight 117-111 for Canelo is obviously a Golden Boy Employee...

    I can't name a round when Canelo landed at least 2 clean punches to the head in a combination, but Lara...
  19. Re: Alvarez vs. Lara: Either Way Cotto Wins

    Cotto Beats Canelo in my Opinion, and a Mayweather Fight would be Huge if he can get by Canelo...

    Either way Cotto Wins, he was gonna get 10mil as B side to Canelo with no Belt, with that Middle...
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    Re: Who Should Manny Pacquiao Fight Next?

    I would like to see Manny Fight Broner at 140...

    The promotion will be an easy one, it'll sell and that'll be a set-up for a possible Mayweather fight is Manny looks impressive...

    If not AB...
  21. Re: Avila’s Pound for Pound List July 2014

    Where's Canelo???
  22. Re: COMMISSIONER'S CORNER: Love For Bud, Our Man Harold, And Mayflower-Merriweather

    Tim Bradley
    Juan Manuel Marquez
    Bernard Hopkins

    Definitely belong in the P4P top 10 in the world...
  23. Re: You Ready For Pacquiao-Marquez 5....and 6, 7, 8?

    I don't even wanna see the 5th one, I wanna see Pac Man against a young lively fighter with some pop in his punches, and I wanna see Marquez again Maidana, or Khan
  24. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Lomachenko or Russell Jr?

    I guess we'll just have to see on Saturday...

    Someone has to win the fight, I just think The Boy Gary will have his hand raised...

    Speed kills....
  25. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Lomachenko or Russell Jr?

    I must admit being from Washington, DC I'm a Gary Russell fan, so my opinion may be biased, but this kid is Fast, I mean Freaky Fast...

    People can talk about his competition which everyone can...
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