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    SK aint going down "to the mat" but he will be wandering around the ring aimlessly wondering what the hell is going on and why can't he corner this old guy and make him fall down like everyone has...
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    Re: Hopkins-Kovalev 24/7 Episode Recap

    Hopkins the professor will give a very valuable physics lesson to Kid Kusher!! I like both guys but learned a while back to never pick against Hopkins. Just hope SK isn't mentally damaged after!!
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    Re: What Makes Gennady Golovkin Special

    I like GGG because he conducts himself like a pro. No "personal drama" made up or real thrown in our faces all the time to try and get attention. He lets his fists do the talking and when he does...
  4. Re: "MONEY SHOTS:" Mayweather Goes Off on De La Hoya, His Father, ESPN's Smith

    Pac got ko'd by Marquez 1 time. He also beat him and had a draw in really great, competitive fights.

    If folks only remember he got dropped by a guy Floyd handled easily ( fair assesment and...
  5. Re: "MONEY SHOTS:" Mayweather Goes Off on De La Hoya, His Father, ESPN's Smith

    Floyd hires what's his face for what reason??? To learn " secrets " about Pac or so he can get some of that magic juice?? Either way its shady, juvenile and suspicious at best. Maybe the best...
  6. Re: Here Comes, Maybe, Jermain Taylor versus Floyd Mayweather Jr

    REALLY?!?!? Has Taylor slipped THAT far?? I havn't seen him fight since getting KO'd by Pavlik so that is honest question from me.

    He would have to be just a punching bag that looks like JT before...
  7. Re: Ankle Hurting, So Canelo Dec. 6 Fight Is OFF

    I've been checking this site out for about 8 years Commish! I used to post (few years back) with a different handle. This site has the funnest forum and comments section hands down. Bunch of...
  8. Re: Ankle Hurting, So Canelo Dec. 6 Fight Is OFF

    Hmm, Canelo vs. Chavez Jr maybe??? I'd rather see that instead of him fighting Cotto.

    Canelo vs JR would be a pick 'em fight IMO. No idea who takes that one or at what weight it would be. Either...
  9. Re: There Are Tens of Millions of Reasons Why Floyd and Manny Should NOT Fight

    If Manny lost, he would still make compelling PPV fights like Cotto does or Fatties did. Hes an exciting fighter. If Floyd lost only he would be relegated to the non PPV shows. Mainly because he...
  10. Re: Bermane Stiverne Predicts Knockout Win Over Deontay Wilder

    Man,, I'm no expert and usually just read what you guys say unless it's to bash Mayweather (I like doing that!! LOL!!). But it sounds like Stiverne is thinking this will be an easy fight!! Why train...
  11. Re: Duva, Counting Down To Kovalev-Hopkins, Sizes Up Mchunu and Dargan Wins

    I thought Mchunu looked great!! Can't fault him for not going for the KO against Wilson. The mans head is boulder and while he lacks skill, he does NOT lack heart or a strong punch. I thought Mchunu...
  12. Re: PREDICTION: Mayweather Will Fight Pacquiao, Probably in 2016

    Few days late and a few million short.

    But,,, I think we have gone from a 50/50 fight in 2009, to a "pretty sure" Floyd victory in 2012, now back closer to 50/50 after Mayweather had trouble with...
  13. Re: Floyd Wasn't Brilliant, And Maidana Helped Him, So He Didn't Have To Be

    Yes, Floyd still beats 95% of the guys out there. But that's down from 110% just a year ago. Next May it will be 80%. And that's why we all will never know how great he was. Now that he is fading,...
  14. Re: Bernard Hopkins Dares To Dare, Floyd Mayweather Does Not

    Did the fans have to "ask" Bernard to challange SK? Or Pavlik, or Tarvar? No, we did not have to because he wanted it. Did Duran get "begged" and offered career high payday to fight Leonard? Nope, he...
  15. Re: Sergey Kovalev Is Bernard Hopkins' Worst Nightmare

    Hopkins will dominate and make him look like an amateur. If Tarver barely layed a glove on him, SK hasn't a farts chance in the wind. He's going from elementary school straight to MIT. He will be...
  16. Re: Klitschko Hurt, Pulev Fight is Off, To Be Reset

    I hope he don't start falling apart physically like big bro did. He is really the only (except Wilder) HW in decent shape who isn't just a brawling fat guy. HW's are in 2 catagories now. Champ (Vlad)...
  17. Re: Andre Ward's Lawsuit Against Goossen Dismissed

    Andre who??? I remember somebody with a name like that being a boxer at one time. Wonder what happened to him? LOL!!
  18. Re: Maidana Believes He’ll Beat Mayweather in Rematch…DO YOU?

    Floyds legs are shot and he's not motivated by anything anymore except a paycheck. He his ripe for an *** whopping!! If Maidana don't do it this time, the next half *** guy he fights will. Pacman is...

    And this is why Hopkins will always be greater than Mayweather and Pac combined. That's how an old school bad as rolls!! Pick the meanest, scariest guy around and kick his ***!!! NOBODY can say...
  20. Re: Roach Says Arum Told Him To Get Pacquiao Ready For Algieri

    I have no problem with Pac or Mayweather taking an easier fight if nobody else is available. The problem I have is they will still expect boxing fans to pay $75 to watch a "keep busy" fight when it...
  21. Re: Malignaggi Strikes Blow On Twitter Vs. PED Usage

    Ya I'm sure Pac stays awake at night because "Paulie" isn't giving him credit for wins. What's he supposed to do Paulie? Jump in a dam time machine and take the tests because you think he did to well?
  22. Re: Is Sergio Too Brittle? Cotto Too Small? Three Days To Fightnight in NYC"

    Been watching Cotto since he was fighting on ESPN back in the day. A healthy, focused and happy Cotto would be a problem for anyone in my opinion. I wish I still had cable and could get this PPV...
  23. Re: Sergio: "Come June 7, Cotto Will Be Evicted From Madison Square Garden"

    Cotto is one tough dude when he has a good training camp and isn't facing someone with cement in their gloves. If Sergio can't take him out early, or at least cut him up real bad, I think the body...
  24. Re: Mayweather's Superior Physicality Saves Him Versus Maidana

    I watched a heavily pixelated version of the fight Sunday am online. I thought Floyd pulled it out but just barely. I could have seen it going either way. My thoughts are this - Floyd fought a tough...
  25. Re: TMZ Story Alleges Floyd Involved In Attack On Men He Suspected of Theft

    Publicity stunt. Ignore this fool people, he's scamming the public again. He's gonna be the most famous boxer in history for all the things he never did. How many more fights until he retires?? I'd...
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