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    Re: Montrezl Harrell

    Daniel Gibson couldn't miss a shot in game 6 of the 2007 Eastern Conference finals for the Cavs against. He barely played all year or in the series and was inserted on a hunch that night. He had an...
  2. Re: Chavez Jr. Bails Out On Stool, Fonfara Too Strong For Son of Legend

    I watched this on dvr this morning and must admit I was glad to see Fonfara win.

    Early in the fight, Chavez was consistently turning to the ref for help. He was claiming that Fonfara was pushing...
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    Re: Geale-Cotto in the Works?

    I must admit after giving it some thought that I like this fight. And I like it for a couple reasons. First, from all reports HBO agreed to this fight under the condition that if both Canelo and...
  4. Re: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Faces Potential Fonfara Beatdown

    I stated earlier that Fonfara was a tough but limited guy with a punch. I am not sure if it was the way Chavez fought, he was wide open to hit hit consistently, or if Fonfara has gottend better in...
  5. Thread: War ruslan

    by oubobcat

    Re: War ruslan

    I wouldn't mind seeing Ruslan get Dulorme and Crawford fight Matthysse on an HBO card this summer or early fall. Ruslan vs Dulorme would be an action packed fight that Ruslan should win but could be...
  6. Re: THERE WAS BLOOD! Matthysse Defeats Provodnikov

    I had the fight a draw at 114-114 in person. I had it 69-64 after seven with Ruslan sweeping the last five to pull it even though there were some close rounds that really could have gone either way. ...
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    Re: Results From DiBella/ESPN/Mohegan Card

    Farmer put on a nice performance yesterday. He's very skilled and has gotten a lot better from when I first saw him. He is an elusive southpaw with very quick hands (kind of similar to Willie...
  8. Re: When The Grandmothers Stopped Falling For Tyrone Brunson

    Did anyone else watch this fight? I am curious to hear how those who watched scored it.

    The announcers had Brunson winning and by some wide margins.

    The judges had it 96-94, 97-93 and 98-92 for...
  9. Re: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Faces Potential Fonfara Beatdown

    Fonfara is very limited but as we saw in the Stevenson fight is tough as nails and will not stop trying to win regardless of the situation in front of him. Chavez is more skilled and should win. But...
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    Re: Experts Predict #ProvodnikovMatthysse

    I'll be in the arena tonight and must say this is by far the most excited I have been to attend a fight.

    As for a prediction, well I keep changing my mind. The one certain is that it will be a...
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    Re: Montrezl Harrell

    I follow college basketball and was never too impressed. He is solid on defense but limited on offense. I would say an above average college player because of his defensive presence but don't see him...
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    Re: Geale-Cotto in the Works?

    Its not the fight we want but to be honest Geale is a better opponent than say Heiland and Bundradge.

    Geale was only really decisively beaten by Golovkin. Other than that, he has lost twice and...
  13. Re: Quillin Power Touches Lee, But Judges See A Draw

    I had the same card also in favor of Lee and yes the announcers were very biased for Quillin.

    And lets give kudos to that judge who scored round 3 10-9 for Quillin and not 10-8. Remember early in...
  14. Re: Danny Garcia gets his *** handed to him and gets the W. TSAH strikes again.

    I had Garcia winning the fight and my scorecard was on line with Steve Farhood's.

    Garcia carried the early rounds. Peterson was inactive early and yes he used his legs to avoid a lot of Garcia's...
  15. Re: Calm Before Saturday Storm in Brooklyn, and on NBC

    I won't be at this one but will be in Verona next week for Matthysse-Provodnikov.
  16. Re: Calm Before Saturday Storm in Brooklyn, and on NBC

    I actually think Lee-Quillin could be a very tactical fight that ends up in a KO for someone. It resembles Lee-Korobov with an equally explosive ending.

    I think Garcia-Peterson will provide...
  17. Re: Stevenson's Unimaginative Offense Will Be Telling Vs. Kovalev

    Agreed, too one-dimensional a fighter. Dawson was there for the taking when Stevenson won the title and he has been matched very well (and carefully) since that one punch knockout win.

  18. Re: Hopkins at 50 will beat Adonis 12 rounds to none.

    Hopkins easily beats Stevenson in my opinion. If they ever fought it would resemble the Hopkins-Pavlik fight.

    Hopkins is a master of exploiting other fighters weaknesses. Stevenson can punch,...
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    Re: PBC Boxing Belts!

    This had been rumored for a little while though I thought it may be a little longer until we heard something.

    Haymon's tv buying is a two-fold goal. First, to show networks that boxing can draw...
  20. Re: Algieri Wants BIG Bounceback Fight, Broner or Khan

    Algieri does represent one common thread in recent Khan opponents. And that is he is not a hard hitter.

    Since Khan was almost ko'd by Julio Diaz, he fought Luis Collazo and Devon Alexander. And...
  21. Re: Oscar and Golden Boy Promotions Return to the Roots

    I like this series as well. It gives us a chance to watch young prospects develop and be tested (and sometimes lose). They also generally put at least one fight together that matches to very evenly...
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    Re: Out of His Cage

    First of all, good move for Algieri changing trainers. After the performance of his last trainer in the most critical moment of his career, I think just about everyone can agree a change was needed...
  23. Re: Bob Costas To Join Al Michaels and Marv Albert April 11

    Has the CBS announcing team for Saturday been announced yet? I can't find any information at this moment on the announcing team.
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    Re: Russell Jr Stops Gonzalez In Round Four

    Gonzalez looked to be a shot fighter and Russell showed some power that he once exhibited on some past Shobox shows. I did not see this coming.
  25. Re: Jermell Charlo Beats Vanes Martirosyan UD10

    I had Charlo slightly ahead but really this could have gone either way.

    Both were very hesitant to let their hands go during this fight. Charlo showed a good jab when he wanted but didn't throw...
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