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  1. Re: Amir Khan,Devon Alexander and Victor Ortiz Los Angeles press conference quotes

    what up with Mares, before he signed with Haymon, he was fighting the best opponents out there fight after fight. Now with Haymon? cherry picked soft opponent. what is Haymon doing to us. lol
  2. Re: Randy “El Matador” Caballero Faces Stuart Hall for World Title

    Congrats to "el Matador"
  3. timmy Bradley breaks down Herrera vs Benavidez fight

  4. Re: WOW! This Amateur Is Worse Than The Harlem Hammer

    I saw it this morning!
  5. Re: Mauricio " El Maestro " Herrera vs Jose Benavidez 12 -13 -14

    We like the fight, benavidez is got speed ,youth, energy. As of now he is an 8th rounder and never been in the ring remotely close to el maestro, he has sparred vs great boxer and will bring great...
  6. Re: "MONEY SHOTS:" Mayweather Goes Off on De La Hoya, His Father, ESPN's Smith

    Floyd is having mental breakdown!! He really thinks his story, when he tells it, is Valid. It's more of Juvenile belief!! Lack of growing up and understanding. How is calling DLH a a snake? because...
  7. Mauricio " El Maestro " Herrera vs Jose Benavidez 12 -13 -14

    M-Herrera to face Arum's Jose benavidez on Dec. 13 at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, in the undercard of Bradley vs Chaves and Korborov vs Lee. we tried to get the Mathysee's and broner fights but...
  8. Re: Julio Diaz In the Mix To Fight Provodnikov

    Ruslan has never been beaten convincingly, all his losses could of gone either way, must be frustrating. somebody is getting knockout out in Moscow and it's not going to be Ruslan.
  9. Re: Garcia vs Postol purse bid moved up again.

    These haymon fighter need to stay active, being on the shelf is not any good!, Haymon is good chess player, until he get burnt. Al was always laying low dealing and wheeling without any adversaries,...
  10. Re: Kornilov Says Herrera, Judah and Mosley Spurned Half Mill To Fight Ruslan

    Jose Luis Castillo has accepted to fight Ruslan in Moscow, I can't confirm, has anybody heard the rumor, if true Castillo is in for a beating, hopefully his corner is quick to stop the beating. A...
  11. Re: Kornilov Says Herrera, Judah and Mosley Spurned Half Mill To Fight Ruslan

    B- sug, I don't know too much on the Mosley offer, but an old Mosley at 147 is no walk in the park for Ruslan. I think Mosley would of jumped on the offer. Shane is much bigger than ruslan. As for...
  12. Re: Kornilov Says Herrera, Judah and Mosley Spurned Half Mill To Fight Ruslan

    Ruslan want to fight at 147
  13. Re: Kornilov Says Herrera, Judah and Mosley Spurned Half Mill To Fight Ruslan

    Russia? stories can be told in different ways Kornilov and his team turn down a fight put together by Gomez/ Golden boy. Ruslan VS M-Herrera in the Hopkins undercard, More realistic than fighting...
  14. Re: Showtime's Espinoza Responds To Canelo/HBO Deal, Takes Aim At De La Hoya

    Now I can't stop laughing, that was the secret hang out of the former police chief. Few years back he got drunk there and drove home in wee hours, on the way home he ran into a tree and wreck his...
  15. Re: Showtime's Espinoza Responds To Canelo/HBO Deal, Takes Aim At De La Hoya

    Lol need somebody to bank roll us , count us in
  16. Re: Showtime's Espinoza Responds To Canelo/HBO Deal, Takes Aim At De La Hoya

    Schaefer just about looted his employer, if you aren't loyal to the hand that feeds, you need to be liable of your conduct. Oscar is a fighter and a smart one, and a proven winner! Schaefer was...
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    Re: What About Canelo vs. Golovkin, Then?

    South paw, my understanding is Kirkland team turn the fight down, second time his team turn down fight, a few years ago he pull out with fake injury. I don't understand why his team will pass on a...
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    Re: Canelo Signs Deal With HBO

    shadow, maybe you can shed some info, I hear the MGM may date is commited to Golden Boy not Little Floyd? also what dance partner will Floyd pick? to compete with Canelo on the same day? The May...
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    Re: Canelo vs Clottey

    Roast, Oscar is working in making the fight early december in San Antoinio( or it's a done deal), from, what I hear, surprisingly Kirkland turn down the fight vs Canelo, Now they are going with...
  20. Re: If Garcia Dumps Belt, Maybe Matthysse and Postol Fight For It

    Im not too sold on postal abilities, his best win was against an easy to hit Aydin, Very limited Secuk was way over rated. interesting to see who Danny Garcia fights next?. Garcia Vs Postal would of...
  21. Re: Source: Mayweather-Maidana 2 Projects To 925,000 PPV Buys

    I need to see to believe, Showtime has not been to quick to release numbers before. Why Now?
  22. Re: Rumors Playing Out, Mayweather Takes Issue With Ellerbe's Performance

    I wonder is Richard Schaefer really wants to join Mayweather promotions, he see's all the chaos that attracts Money May. You got to remember he was his own Boss at golden boy, Oscar pretty much let...
  23. Mauricio Herrera Vs Huberto Soto for Dec. Canelo undercard is in the works. What do the TSS peeps think of the possible match, and very likely to be finalized.

    Golden Boy want to match Mauricio Herrera vs Humberto Soto in the undercard of Canelo's Dec. fight most likely in San Antonio.
  24. Re: Roach On Next For Cotto: "We Knock Canelo Out"

    Roach is good at what he does, and he does it well, talking to the public and getting responses makes him feel great, something he does not need to do. history tells you and Roach Knows it, , Cotto...
  25. Re: My prediction on the Floyd fight( the ppv breaks a record)

    Deep it make sense, I've gotten pay per view gigs her at my house lots of times, before I know it neighbors buddies to the side and below us are all tune to the same show, you can hear the scream...
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