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  1. Re: Be Aware, Mayweather-Pacquiao Will Not Look Like Gatti-Ward 1

    Well said Brad. Trinidad-De La Hoya was bigger than this. Both were in their prime, undefeated, and it transcended boxing. This one's big because it's happening NOW, and of course it's unique in how...
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    Re: Chris Arreola Returns on March 13 Card

    This guy's exciting and is good for the division. Rarely is he in a dull fight. Last I read, he was considering Tommy John surgery for the injury to his elbow or shoulder or whatever, and it was...
  3. Re: Is a Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Still Relevant?

    It's definitely relevant, and great for the sport. Agreed that the uninspiring alternatives other than each other played a major role in this being consummated. Hopefully they get the undercard...
  4. Re: Benefit Set For Gerald McClellan; March 28, Please Consider Donation!

    Wow, 20 years since this extraordinary clash and ill-fated night (FOTY if not for the result). It was evident early on when McClellan was blinking furiously in the mid-rounds and had his mouthpiece...
  5. Re: THE FERNANDEZ FILES: Two Ships Passing in the Night

    Man, the good old days, when you had back to back nights, 2/24/89 and 2/25/89, with EPIC fights. Duran versus Davey Moore always stands out to me, though it happened much earlier, as one of his great...
  6. Re: Rest in Peace, Harold “Hercules” Johnson

    Well said. I've been reading about him since his passing, didn't know a whole lot about him. This cat was the real deal.
  7. Re: Martin Murray: "It was a tough fight, it was not just his power but the pressure, he keeps coming"

    Murray lost but his stock rose. This fight elevated his status. We'll see him again. Hopefully he didn't leave it all in the ring.
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    Re: GGG-Peter "KID CHOCOLATE" Quilin

    Great point with regard to Stevens, Brownsugar. I hadn't thought of that but it's spot on. I think that Golovkin's perceived vulnerabilities all stemmed from Murray's inability to hurt him, thus he...
  9. Re: Golovkin - A force to be reckoned with at 168...?

    Nice write-up and interesting perspective. I'm a Golovkin believer. I think he had tasted Murray's best shots and simply knew he couldn't hurt him, thus the undisciplined fight plan. Against a...
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    Re: Golovkin: From Man to Beast, to Monster

    Interesting story about Tyson. Liston at his peak was a wrecking ball. That's why I'm fascinated by Marty Marshall, a guy who managed to break Liston's jaw and beat him early on (and then lose two...
  11. Re: GOOD BOY WITH BAD INTENTIONS; Golovkin Beats Murray, TKO11

    I think Golovkin felt Murray's best early, and/or simply measured him up, and knew MM couldn't dent him offensively. But you're right, against a banger, Golovkin won't have that luxury. But man oh...
  12. Re: GOOD BOY WITH BAD INTENTIONS; Golovkin Beats Murray, TKO11

    Agreed 100%.
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    Re: Golovkin: From Man to Beast, to Monster

    Props to Murray for a game and gritty performance. GGG is the pinnacle of the sport right now, P4P #1.
  14. Re: With Mayweather-Pacquiao Close To Being Finalized, Now I Can Say It

    Pacquiao will be ULTRA inspired for this one.

    This is sort of a bad analogy, but remember Holyfield against Tyson in November 1996? His previous fight was against Bobby Czyz, and he looked awful....
  15. Re: A lot of people are looking reeeeeeeeeeeeal stupid right now....

    Let's hope they take the opportunity. I generally watch these with a group of my buddies and our girlfriends/wives, and while about 3 of us are glued to the tv for the undercard (which have been...
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    Re: Pacquiao Mayweather

    I'm all in on Walters - Lomachenko. I think Walters is more than ready. If that could be done and a Wilder defense against even a Briggs type guy would have me more than satisfied.
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    Re: Mayweather -300

    My online betting site has it as follows:

    Floyd Mayweather Jr

    Manny Pacquiao

    Will the fight go the distance?
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    Re: Pacquiao Mayweather

    Agreed. They have a tendency in these to put on a 3 fight filler of no name minimumweights that like you said, sucks the juice out of the main event and has the masses yawning. A Wilder defense is a...
  19. Re: A lot of people are looking reeeeeeeeeeeeal stupid right now....

    Bizarre thread. It's happening, finally, at long last, after 5+ years. Great news for the health of boxing, which is my rooting interest in all of this. It should've happened years ago, but that's...
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    Re: Pacquiao Mayweather

    Got the same alerts. I said it would never happen, and I was wrong. And I'm glad I was wrong. GREAT for boxing. Let's hope they assemble a top-notch undercard, as opposed to a bevy of duds.
  21. Re: Michel Says We're Still on Track To See Adonis Fight Kovalev-Pascal Winner

    Adonis had a chance to fight Kovalev and went running for cover. This fight has ZERO chance. But most observers know that calling Stevenson 'champ' is a joke. He's as much a 'champ' as Cotto is at...
  22. Re: HBO Star Golovkin Aims To Deal With Murray, But Would Love Mayweather At 154 After

    Floyd would take that one way ticket to Mars rather than fight Golovkin. GGG should say he'll fight him for 0; Floyd gets the entire purse. GGG should also say he'll give blood and stool samples...
  23. Re: Saving Boxing in the Year of our Lord, 2015

    No, I'll buy it, don't get me wrong Froggy, but expecting Leonard-Hearns 1 is just crazy. I've bought far worse PPV's through the years, more than I'd like to remember. I think it's more realistic to...
  24. Re: Saving Boxing in the Year of our Lord, 2015

    As a boxing fan, the fight would be great for the media build up, the hype, the energy, the conversation, and the anticipation of the weekend, but NO WAY does it become Manila, or Corrales - Castillo...
  25. Re: BOXING IS BACK! CBS Will Show Up To 8 Cards This Year

    I remember watching Hopkins stop an undefeated Glen Johnson and forgot that was on CBS. Hard to believe that was the last one they did up until the one and done LSC deal. This was a damn good win for...
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