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  1. Re: Thurman Vs. Collazo Headlines First PBC on ESPN Card

    Agreed on Thurman-Collazo 100%. I like Collazo a lot and he is a solid fighter. But he was beaten handily by Khan and not on the same level as Thurman.

    I really do like the Harrison-Nelson fight....
  2. Re: "Chunky" Invades America; DeGale Sees Rumble With Dirrell

    Tough, tough fight to call. I think Dirrell is the better fighter overall and more skilled. But he also has been matched very well since coming back and has had opponents in front of him that made...
  3. Thread: Khan Algieri

    by oubobcat

    Re: Khan Algieri

    I am much more interested in the undercard bout between Javier Fortuna and Bryan Vazquez (hopefully Vazquez makes weight of course). This is a solid pick em fight between two fighters with...
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    Re: Big Drama Show

    Monroe put on a tremendous effort but Triple G's power was just too much. Monroe fought as well as he could and had his moments. I admired the fact that he did try to make a stand after being dropped...
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    Re: ESPN2 Results from Hartford

    Ojeda looked good and did what he had to do against Meza-Clay. Meza-Clay is a tough relentless guy but does not know how to cut off the ring and has almost no defense. Ojeda used the ring and was...
  6. Re: Algieri Ready To Show Improved Version of Boxing Self, Put Cage Jokes To Bed

    Algieri is a solid fighter. He holds a good win over Emanuel Taylor who just gave Antonio Orozco a tough fight last night. Algeiri dominating Taylor which is something neither Broner or Orozco were...
  7. Re: Golovkin-Monroe: We Know How It'll Probably Go But Still Want To Watch

    Monroe is going to put on a better performance than a lot of people think tonight. I predict he gives Golovkin his toughest fight to date.

    That said, Triple G's power just proves too much and I...
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    Re: Willie Monroe Jr. Interview

    Monroe is going to put on a better performance than a lot of people think. Yes he probably will ultimately get ko'd but its going to be one of those fights where his stock shoots up afterward even in...
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    Re: Time for GGG to call out Lil Floyd

    I tend to stay out of all the TBE stuff for Floyd Mayweather.

    Mayweather is a great fighter don't get me wrong and the best pound for pound fighter in the sport for many years now. But this is a...
  10. Re: Pick Your Poison: “GGG” Golovkin or “Chocolatito” Gonzalez

    Gonzalez is going to steal the show on Saturday, mark my words. Much like Golovkin had a coming out party in his HBO debut a few years ago, I expect the same thing here from Gonzalez. And Sosa is a...
  11. Re: Sweet Home Alabama: Wilder Defending on Home Turf

    Molina actually has some somewhat decent skills. He has an above average jab for example when he uses it and it looks impressive against over matched foes. He is also a good combination puncher and...
  12. Thread: My Picks.

    by oubobcat

    Re: My Picks.

    I'll take GGG by TKO10. I see Monroe having some early success before getting broken down round by round by GGG.

    I'll take Gonzalez by TKO5 over Sosa. I can't wait to see Gonzalez perform on HBO...
  13. Re: Mayweather now says no to rematch with Pacquiao, calls him a 'coward'

    Pacquaio is by no means a coward.

    But as for the rematch, I don't want to see it. If Pac is 100%, I don't see him faring any better a second time around than he did on May 2nd.

    Lets move on......
  14. Re: #MayPac Does 4.4 Million Buys, Gate of $71 Million

    This was the prefect storm for a mega ppv buy rate. Not only were boxing fans clamoring for this but also general sports fans as well as curiosity seekers (there were a lot of non sports fans that...
  15. Re: ANOTHER LUMP OF COLE: Texas Ref Steps In It Yet Again

    Its long overdue that Cole be sent to the scrap heap. He has a long list of screw ups that have cost many fighters dearly. And this is only the latest example. I know this man is politically...
  16. Re: "Big Drama Show" Coming May 16, Says Golovkin

    That is true, Golovkin with that amateur experience has certainly seen many others who possess a similar style to Monroe.

    The only fighter recently though that gave Golovkin any kind of trouble...
  17. Re: "Big Drama Show" Coming May 16, Says Golovkin

    I am very interested in this fight and interested to see how Golovkin handles Monroe's style.

    Monroe has the style to potentially give GGG issues. He is slick, moves very well on his feet and has...
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    Re: Broner-Porter Booked For June 20

    First of all, I love the fight and its one I have been hoping we get since Broner beat Malignaggi last year.

    But I don't like the catchweight and that obviously helps Broner. Remember, Porter...
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    Re: Robert Guerrero back June 6, on NBC

    The Cuellar-Darchinyan is very concerning. Darchinyan looked terrible in his last fight against a journeyman fighter in Mexico with a 19-8 record. Vic ended up getting the 9th round stoppage but had...

    Melson is someone to truly root for in this sport. He was on the Commish's show about a month ago and left an impression on anyone who listened. He is well spoken and truly dedicated to the cause for...
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    Re: Fugueroa-Burns Decision

    Burns did get shafted at every opportunity.

    Personally, I think Figueroa is done at as a high level fighter. He just has no defense. He will make for exciting fights but its hard to be successful...
  22. Re: RED HOT ACTION: Canelo Steamrolls Kirkland in PPV Worthy Scrap

    That was a fun fight while it lasted as many of us expected.

    And the outcome was also ultimately what we expected.

    Canelo is certainly ticketed to fight the winner of Cotto-Geale. A...
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    Fugueroa-Burns Decision

    I understand Ricky Burns has in the past has received some generous decisions in Scotland, most notable a gift draw against Ray Beltran. However, that does not make it right for what happened to him...
  24. Re: Michel Soro demolishes Glen Tapia,Earns stoppage in fourth round

    I agree he should have taken a knee. However, best for his career the fight was stopped when it was. I just think he would have taken more punishment and that would have not been good for his future...
  25. Re: Alvarez Needs To Impress Against Kirkland To Make The List

    I am very excited to see HBO pick up Gonzalez's fight next week against Edgar Sosa. On my pound for pound list, he would be 4 at the moment (Mayweather, Golovkin, Rigondeaux, Gonzalez). It is long...
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