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    Re: Floyd vs Chino 2 rewatch, interesting

    Floyd’s chin is good enough. But it is just good enough - which isn’t bad. Judah, Mosley, and MAIDANA at the very end of round 3 in the rematch did real damage with single punches. It is Floyd’s...
  2. Re: RINGSIDE REPORT Mayweather Wins Foul Fest Against Maidana

    Hey Bobby C!
  3. Re: Floyd Wasn't Brilliant, And Maidana Helped Him, So He Didn't Have To Be

    End of round three, right at the bell, Maidana lands a flush right. Floyd’s legs go stiff and jiggly, and he stumbles to his stool. A preview of a KO loss soon to come.
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    Re: JuanMa Returns Tomorrow

    Six months with mandatory career counseling. Agree with you completely. He can’t be a boxer anymore and expect to have a healthy life.
  5. Re: Why Wladimir Klitschko is Probably Much Better Than You Think

    ‘fraggin’ spellcheck! Can’t trust it.
  6. Re: Why Wladimir Klitschko is Probably Much Better Than You Think

    Wladimir is the rare kind of fighter who accepted the unpleasant truth about his weaknesses and allowed a true mentor to re-design him to emphasize strengths and guard against natural weakness. Even...
  7. Re: Boxing Odds – Bey vs. Vazquez for IBF Lightweight Title September 13!

    Broner beats Rios easily? Not by a long-shot. Broner has proven a decent chin and lots of gumption to go with the big f-----in mouth. A decent chin, maybe not better than decent. But there is...
  8. Re: Bernard Hopkins Dares To Dare, Floyd Mayweather Does Not

    Floyd doesn’t suck. He is competitive at the top level in any era.

    But lists also prove the point you’re disputing: above 135 lbs, not a single fight against a historic-level fighter who wasn’t...
  9. Re: Broner Doesn't Overly Dazzle, But Heats Up Late, Beats Taylor Via UD10

    I fully support my homey, C-Al; I have been a heavy-duty Pac-fan for years. I don’t want to see either lose; all I root for with C-Al is that he put on a damn good account of himself. But, like...
  10. Re: The Comeback Went Off the Rails; Now, For Mike Jones, "We'll See What Happens"

    Radam is right on - right is right. Jones has been a fan’s disappointment, but I feel for the guy. As TSS house shrink, barring any neurological problems, I see a fighter who has lost belief in...
  11. Re: Of Boxing, Fathers, And Sons, And An 'Adults Only' Trip To Barclays

    “Captain” of the boxing club at a small, formerly girls only liberal arts college; visits to and from Floyd Patterson’s gym, our trainer’s friend, for sparring and some real three rounders; “townies”...
  12. Re: Danny Garcia Destroys Rod Salka in Mismatch of the Year

    Garcia is riding a wave. He is a B fighter at best, with an A killer instinct and heart. But he got beaten cleanly by Herrera, and every big left hook he has thrown, including the one that...
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    Re: Algieri Reacts To Oddsmakers

    100%! And you still jump at every head fake! Thought you were a boxer....
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    Re: Algieri Reacts To Oddsmakers

    Now, putting aside Radam for the moment, here’s my carefully considered analysis. C-Al has no empirical basis to think he can beat Pac, who is one of my all-time favorite fighters. True, C-Al has...
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    Re: Algieri Reacts To Oddsmakers

    Ya know, Rad, not only are your criticisms of C-Al just fantasy falsehoods, I have looked back over your history. You always write funny poetry. But you have one of the lowest fight-picking batting...
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    Re: 30 and 27 KO'sq

    Hindsight, but I honestly thought Cotto’s fundamentals would expose Martinez. Just not as dramatically. Even Martinez doesn’t blame the knee, by the way. I love Cotto. I just don’t think he is...
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    Re: 30 and 27 KO'sq

    They’re not ready to say “Hagler”. Soon, maybe.
  18. Re: The Similarities Between Golovkin-Geale and Tszyu-Phillips

    Skibbz - It is an savvy comparison - but GGG is a considerably more fluid two-handed combination puncher than Tzsu, though his tactics were similar. Tzsyu was stiffer in the upper body and didn’t...
  19. Re: Anthony "Showtime" Karperis on ESPN tonight at 8

    One thing I noticed is that Atlas didn't say anything about what was going on in the ring that fight - he simply satiated over and over that Anthony's record must be netter than he is, and then...
  20. Re: Anthony "Showtime" Karperis on ESPN tonight at 8

    Well Commish, you know I love you. I just have to correct something. I know from personal, up-close experience that the trainer for Wendy is pulling his hair out trying to get him to do it properly...
  21. Re: Anthony "Showtime" Karperis on ESPN tonight at 8

    Well, I see these days as Anthony’s amateur career since he didn’t have one. He’s getting his maturation together about how to hang in, handle danger, let his best qualities flow even under attack. ...
  22. Re: Anthony "Showtime" Karperis on ESPN tonight at 8

    Facts are facts, commish. The mind is the biggest variable of all.
  23. Anthony "Showtime" Karperis on ESPN tonight at 8

    My homey, my trainer and friend, is the opening fight on tonights ESPN card. When his head is together, Showtime has real gifts of speed, combination punching power, slippery head movement, and a...
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    Re: Do Violent Sports Attract Violent People?

    Too simple-minded. What is a “violent” person? One who aims to find victims, preferably those who pose no challenge but are just mushy enough, inflict pain non-consensually? Someone who buries all...
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    Re: Canelo Has No True Style Identity

    I just read what Skibbz said. It is too soon to close the book on Canelo’s potential. And not being JCC is no crime - very few have ever been in that league. But then again, no one ever did what Lara...
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