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  1. Re: Wilder - Stiverne media scores, punchstats etc

    cheers mate for the shoutout.

    yeah not done a scoring article for a while. I think its because there were quite a few shows here in Scotland to cover late last year meaning I cant catch the fights...
  2. Wilder - Stiverne media scores, punchstats etc

    Very rarely do the media and the judges etc score ALL for the right guy. No CJ Ross last night for the Wilder - Stiverne fight. 42 Media scores with article on the fight

    I had it 116-112 Wilder,...
  3. 80% of boxing media score for Brook over Porter

    The high number surprised me although as the you will see on the article the ave score was close. I scored it 114-114.

    The 117-111 score i feel is far too wide.

    so how did you all score the...
  4. Boxing Media split on the Provodnikov-Algieri fight

    35 press scores with an ave score of 114-112 Provodnikov. My card read 14-113 Provodnikov, punchstats and percentages of the bout.

    Comments welcome and how did you score it????
  5. 46 of 46 media score for Hopkins over Shumenov

    so what does this say about the judge who scored the fight 114-113 for Shumenov???

    My Card, punchstats, 46 media scores along with and ave media score only on the british Boxing news site..
  6. Only 1 out of 80 boxing writers scored for Bradley

    and only 5 scored the fight a draw.

    All press scores along with punchstats and my scorecard are only on the British Boxing News site
  7. Re: only 12.5% of press scored Danny Garcia the winner vs Herrera

    cheers for the comments guys, it wasn't 87.5% that thought Herrera had won, it was 70%. Some of the writers had the fight a draw, including myself.
  8. only 12.5% of press scored Danny Garcia the winner vs Herrera

    out of 40 boxing writers.

    all stats, my scorecard and all the press scores on the boxing news site
  9. 38 Boxing writers Score Burns-Crawford

    How did you all score the fight??, should be fairly straight forward scoring in this one.

    Who would you like both guys to fight next??
  10. 48 Press Scores, Punchstats, My Scorecard and Press Score Ave for Bute-Pascal


    one guy had it to Bute by 6 points

    comments welcome
  11. 46 Press scores for Froch-Groves - 2 judges way wrong

    The press scores show just how bad the scoring was on this fight even before the ref made a big error by jumping in and stopping the fight

    my card is also on the site along with the 46 press...
  12. Stats, Scorecards, Punch Stats, Press Scores, Fighters Purses for PROVODNIKOV-ALVARADO

    only on the British Boxing Magazine News Site......


    Fight got fairly...
  13. 43 Press Scores for the Quigg-Salinas Fight

    Only on the Boxing News Mag Website http://boxingnewsonline.net/latest/feature/scott-quigg-deserved-to-beat-yoandris-solis-say-30-boxing-writers

    How did you guys have the fight. I was a little...
  14. 0 out of 59 Press Scored For Chavez Jnr

    I was able to collect 59 Press Scores for the Boxing News Site for the Vera-Chavez fight at the weekend where not one Press member scored for Chavez.

    My Score was 96-94 Vera and my full card is on...
  15. Re: YES OR NO? Floyd Mayweather Is THE BEST EVER

    NO, could be possible top 10, at 147 i wuld bet my house on Tommy Hearns beating Floyd.
  16. "The One" Undercard Press Scores and Punch Stats

    All the televised Undercard fights with stats and press scores on my fightscorecollector site (In the signature below)

    Theophane vs Cano
    Smith vs Molina
    Garcia vs Matthysee

  17. 86 press scores make a mockery of CJ Ross 114-114 score

    86 press scores collected for the Mayweather masterclass last night.

    My card is on the Boxing News site along with all the scores. I have also worked out the average score of those 86 press...
  18. Replies

    Mayweather vs Canelo Fight scores

    Whether this fight goes the distance tonight or ends after 4 rounds, please leave your scores on this thread.

    I am now teaming up with the Boxing News site www.boxingnewsonline.net so any scores...
  19. Re: Burns vs Beltran 44 Press scores + full bill Report

    credits to compubox and the scene

    Final PunchStat Report

    Burns....706 thrown, 173 landed , 25% connect rate

    Beltran..720 Thrown, 214 landed , 30% connect rate
  20. Burns vs Beltran 44 Press scores + full bill Report

    I have also by demand done an average score for all the press scores. All on my fightscorecollector site which is in the signature.

    44 press scores, press score average , Burns-Beltran report and...
  21. Ricky Burns vs Ray Beltran Tonight

    I will be covering the whole bill tonight from ringside. I will pass a link to all the fight reports through the night when they are ready (site in the signature)

    Regarding main event. I expect...
  22. Re: Over 30 Press scores for Geale vs Barker

    I had problems posting on my site in the last few days.....

    my final totals were 48 press guys passed thier score to me with 38 scoring for Barker, 8 for Geale and 2 had it a draw.

    For the...
  23. Over 30 Press scores for Geale vs Barker

    Currently sitting at 36 Scores collected for the IBF Middleweight fight between Geale and Barker. I scored the fight 115-113 Geale.

    Of the 36 collected, 26 have scored for Barker, 8 for Geale and...
  24. Re: Geale Latest Aussie To Seek Greater Fame, Fortune In The U.s.

    He beats Barker quite easily on Saturday night and thats coming from a BRIT. For me its a 9-3, 8-4 type of fight.
  25. Dereck Chisora vs Malik Scott Fight report with over 20 Press Scores

    Hi guys my fight report is up on my fightscorecollector site (in the signature below) if you fancy a read or want a look on how the press had the fight at the time of stoppage.

    What did you all...
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