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  1. Re: Roach predicts Mayweather may pull out on the mega-fight

    Roach LOVES to the stir the pot!! Of course he's probably smoking it also if he thinks Floyd is gonna bail on the fight. LOL!! I like Freddie but that is obvious "smack talking". No biggie. Makes it...
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    Re: The P-B-C on NBC Needs Some L-U-C-K

    LMAO!! Marv did!!

    Almost forgot about that,,,,, ALMOST!!
  3. Re: Amir Khan to face former World Champion Chirs Algieri on PBC Spike TV card

    Seriously. How many times has C.A. "surprised the boxing world" ?? Once?? Against Siberian Rocky he only won because he got back up and that's what "surprised the boxing world" the most, dude was...
  4. Re: Garcia-Peterson: Lamont's Words Indicate Garcia Will Dictate Terms Of The Fight

    Grizzly Adams fighting Saturday!!! Shave that dam beard Grizz!! Probably a bird nest in that sun-bytch!! Or a couple pillows hiding. Lol!
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    Re: Floyd Mayweather’s Magic Trick

    Earnings "peak" like where Oscar was when he fought floyd is totally different than physical peak. Popular fighters are often past the physical peak. Like Floyd and Manny are now.
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    Re: Haymon Boxing on CBS

    ESPN, HBO and Showtime are all guilty of airing mismatches repeatedly and having their "in house favorite" fighters also. The big difference is they (ESPN, HBO and Showtime) make you pay for it in...
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    Re: Tally/List Of Un/Substantiated Posts

    This isnt the New York Times its a discussion forum. People say stuff then talk about it.
  8. Re: Garcia's Dad Whupped His Butt So the Son Could Kick Tail in Ring

    Don't get me wrong here, I love the fact that free TV has some fights on now. But how can you call it "Championship Boxing" if none of the fights are for belts? I know belts don't mean as much as...
  9. Re: Can't Blame Adonis If He's Working Kovalev Like Mayweather Did Manny

    Sure I can. Quit rewarding guys who take the path of least resistance. This is fighting not a couch potato contest. They got you writers trained anymore. Besides, He aint no Mayweather.
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    Re: Floyd-Judah Sparring Is Talk of the Town

    Floyd whipping on Judah is basically expected. Consider how shot Zab is and how after 4 rounds Floyd was walking him down in their fight way back when Anyway. Floyd would have stopped him if it...
  11. Re: What Would The Nevada Commission Do If Floyd or Manny Tested Positive?

    Manny was dirty and Floyd was boxings savior with no proof a few years ago so why cant the roles reverse with no proof. This latest "no proof" is far more telling than some moron talking about...
  12. Re: What Would The Nevada Commission Do If Floyd or Manny Tested Positive?

    Floyd and team made a big stink, pointing fingers and making derogatory comments about some mythical, even magical, juice Manny was allegedly taking. Now they dispute fine amounts, why? If hes so...
  13. Re: Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao: What Was Manny Pacquiao's Signature Fight?

    Being a huge Cotto fan since his ESPN fights early on, I was a little gutted when this fight happened. Still proud of Cotto for his effort but sad he took such a *** whipping. Same with the Morales...
  14. Re: Roach Aims Barbs At Mellow Mayweather, His Buddy Bieber

    Floyd usually plays the heel or villain role. He has been pretty quiet and I really don't care why. LOL!!

    Personally speaking, after this fight was announced as actually happening. I lost a LOT of...
  15. Re: Kovalev To Fight Next in June or July

    Superman just waited around for Krusher to get more popular so he could ride his coat tails to a bigger money fight. I guess thats one way of doing it. Jeez Im just glad some guys like Sergey want to...
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    Re: Ratings Are In For #PBConNBC

    Great news!! Yes the ring walks were lame and did NOTHING to get me pumped up. They looked so fake and staged. I'd rather see the fighters with their team and own music. That way you can see what...
  17. Re: Smart and Sharp Thurman Dominates Guerrero on NBC

    Thurman looked real good and sharp. Broner needs to look at that fight and get told " thats what you do if you want to make fans!" Congrats to Thurman, the man stepped up and put on a great show....
  18. Re: Broner Beats Molina On First PBC on NBC Show

    Broner just isnt likeable at all. Obviously skilled, entertaining at times, yet somehow consistently underwhelming at the same time. Molina was a walking talking punching bag in there and Broner...
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    Re: Cotto Lost and Regained

    I watched Cotto from ESPN to PPV. The 1st fight with Marg felt like I got stopped also. The man has huge heart and always lays it all on the line. I'm really glad to see him back in the elite mix...
  20. Re: Counting Down To Boxing Back on PRIMETIME!

    I have not had cable or sat TV for about 7 years now. I'm REALLY looking forward to this card. While it's not the "top" guys,, it is a huge step up from nothing (or a 1 or 2 times a year MMA...
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    Re: Mayweather’s Dad Downplays Pacquiao!

    Wouldn't expect Floyd Sr. to say anything different. If anyone has the right to be blatantly biased,, it's your parents.
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    Re: Update on Andre Ward Ring Return

    Looking forward to Ward getting back in the ring. Hopefully he does just 1 "tune up" then really gets after it again. What great talent and skills this man has, would be a shame to let his prime slip...
  23. Re: THE FERNANDEZ FILES: Two Ships Passing in the Night

    Great article!!
  24. Re: Roach Learned THE Fight Was on From Watching ESPN!

    VERY glad it's on!! Floyd is deservedly the betting favorite but Manny has waaaay more than just a punchers chance in this one IMO. Maybe nobody has solved the Floyd riddle but the riddle of his...
  25. Re: A lot of people are looking reeeeeeeeeeeeal stupid right now....

    I'm jumping on with Radam!!

    I think Manny gets the win, inside of 10!

    If I'm wrong and Floyd wins guess what,,,, the world keeps spinning so I'm not gonna look like a angry nut.

    I've been...
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