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  1. Re: Late Breaking Story: Gunfire at weigh-in forces cancellation of big Dublin boxing show

    Apparently Moore was mistaken for a gangster who was shot dead in Spain a few months later.
    This was revenge for that by all accounts.
    It's an ugly ugly business, as is MGM (allegedly).

  2. Re: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Amir Khan Set for May 7th

    It's pure business. That's all it is.

    If Amir avoids permanent damage he wins hands down. He's getting chinned obviously but all he does is go home and fight Kell for another 10.
  3. Re: The Top Ranked Middleweight Contenders. Who Are These Guys?

    The way things seem to be panning out for Triple, everyone running scared, this ain't such a crazy idea at all.

    It's a shame he's got no real dance partners. Young guns like Andrade and the...
  4. Re: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Amir Khan Set for May 7th

    Khan figures getting brutally KTFO a better option than a 50/50 v Kel.
    The guys bats**t crazy.
  5. Re: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez vs Amir Khan Set for May 7th

    Didn't see that coming.

    I had a feeling Khan was losing his mind. He'll lose a whole lot more of it May 7.
  6. Re: Bell Centre Report – Kovalev Spells Out Why They Call Him “The Krusher”

    Krusher and Pascal's childish behavior aside, and much more importantly, Pascal should not have been in that ring.
    He was just as awful as Bute, neither deserved the W.
    Destroyed in the first v...
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    Re: Danny Garcia Moves Up The TBB Rankings

    Danny lost to Herrera and Peterson.

    Khan is acting more and more like a dick head.

    That is all.
  8. Re: Pascal plays the race card, disgustingly, Roach looks like he wants to get up and leave.

    Some of the actions of Krusher and Pascal outside the ring are just downright weird.

    That's boxing for ya. A lot of bizarre people involved, always was always will be.
    It'll never change. Enjoy...
  9. Re: Foreman Fondly Remembers "Geezers At Caesars"

    Working with Lampley and Merchant could destroy any technicality, ever.

    The Yanks had to put up with that forever and have only just got rid of old Larry.

    I do a whoop for joy when i hear Al...
  10. Re: Garcia vs Guerrero - Looking At The Scorecards

    Although i had sunk several beers i reckon i was a better judge than Guerrero's camp.

    117-111 to Danny on my card. Time for Robert to hang them up for me, he eats too many shots.
  11. Re: Foreman Fondly Remembers "Geezers At Caesars"

    I just love Big George. Would love him to do some more broadcasting.
  12. Re: The Greatest Heavyweights In Between Ali and Fury

    Gives me a chuckle deep...

    Glad Bowe's there. On raw talent alone.
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    Re: Female Boxing’s Best Pound for Pound 2015

    I see old Grandpa has been at the sherry again.
  14. Re: Stacked Japanese Cards Includes Late FOTY Contender

    Some incredible action.

    All check Mendoza v Yaegashi. The best of the lot IMO.
  15. Re: 12 Rounds of Christmas: Figueroa Jr. vs Burns - Round 11

    Grueling encounter. Figueroa a nightmare for a whole lotta fighters, godamn relentless and tough as ****.
    It was great to see Burns back from the dead and fighting dirty.
    Splendid matchup.
  16. Re: Its Time To Start The Debate - Fighter of the Year 2015?

    And the category of most tenacious nightmare miserable argumentative git ex fighter of the year goes to...

    As for the fighter of the year.
    Incredibly difficult to chose a winner. A real...
  17. Re: Avila’s Picks for Best Fighters and Moments of 2015

    Great write up. I'm going to enjoy a Christmas treat and re-run the Vargas Miura scrap now with a few beers.

    All the best.
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    Re: what real heavyweights look like

    'The neighborhood's tough gay' HA!! I'm a hollering at that one..

    What about Charlie 'The Chopper' Martin? Hehe.
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    Re: what real heavyweights look like

    Gotta give credit to Jennings for going in with Ortiz. They'll be plenty who won't.
    I reckon he'll be dodged like leprosy.
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    Re: Billy Joe Saunders Dethrones Andy Lee

    Have to agree with Jacobs on Lee's lack of urgency. Lovely hook by BJS though and always nice to see a young lad take the belt.

    Plus i won a couple of quid on a Billy points decision. Happy days...
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    Re: Roy Jones Jr knocked the F out in Russia

    Roy's just announced he'll be fighting Simmie in March...

    For a minute there Enzo thought 'Oh ****, I've just killed one of my hero's.'

    Get behind that mike Roy, that's where your number one...
  22. Re: Wilder Defends Against Szpilka Jan. 16 On Showtime

    Good points all round Miguel.

    Agreed on AJ being protected so far but he doesn't hold the WBC Belt. That's the difference.
    Wilder needs to make a statement now if he wants to be great. I really...
  23. Re: Statue Unveiled For "The Easton Assassin" Larry Holmes

    I'm off to watch Holmes Shavers 2.

    Punch perfection v Sheer murderous power.
  24. Re: Wilder Defends Against Szpilka Jan. 16 On Showtime

    I'd wager 'straight up-bumdini(!)' is the most pampered and protected HW of all times.
    It's a joke. Only in America is it done so well.

    Fury's doesn't give a ****. He'll fight any of them...
  25. Re: Dec 8th PBC on Fox Sports 1 - Weigh-in Results and Odds Review

    My thoughts and prayers to Juan and family.

    I sure hope to see him fight again.
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