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  1. Re: Source: Mayweather Will Fight Sept. 12 on PPV, No "Freebie" Fight

    Gee whiz. The big one. If you buy this, you are perverted. That said: War Berto! Joking! Just joking.
  2. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    When the arms accessible by the government and the populace were roughly equivalent, the right to bear them was an incredibly enlightened piece of legislation. To argue otherwise shows an ignorance...
  3. Re: Mosley's Making It Hard To Remember How Great He Once Was

    Forrest was an horrific style match-up for Shane...but at least he had the balls to fight him...twice! If his was an era where staying in the same division for a whole career was the norm, I'm...
  4. Re: Collazo Cut, Can't Continue, Thurman Wins By TKO

    Keith ain't da truth. Brook beats him.
  5. Re: Arum, Top Rank Aim Overhand Right At Haymon; Lawsuit Seeks $100-Plus Damages

    100 bucks, huh? woof...dat's a lot of lettuce!
  6. Re: The Fifty Greatest Light-Heavyweights of All Time, Part 4 (No. 20-11)

    I honestly feel that, on his best day, Roy was invincible. Should have fought well-past it Tyson and retired in the GOAT reckoning!
  7. Re: Devon Alexander Lobbies For Adam and Eve Over Adam and Steve

    Bernie Campbell is correct; "gay marriage" is, in fact, a contradiction in terms. It cannot exist. Ergo, I have nothing against it, much like I also have nothing against dry water, or cold warmth. No...
  8. Re: Anthony Joshua Jackhammers Kevin Johnson

    The thing I like most about Joshua, other than his youth, size, power, athleticism and pedigree, is his viciousness. He likes to hurt people. A good attribute in a prize fighter I think. Can't see...

    I've got to be honest...I lost touch with how good Floyd actually is since...probably the Corrales fight. Although he didn't dazzle like that vs. Manny, the exalted level of the competition makes his...
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    Re: The Superfight Without a Heart

    I find it difficult to blame Floyd Mayweather; he fought like he always fights and, apparently, that is sufficient to satisfy a larger proportion of the public than any other active fighter (given...
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    Re: AND STIIIIIL...Floyd Bests Manny Via UD12

    Floyd proved to be the better fighter at this point in time, no doubt about it. His accuracy was tremendous, and his punches hurtful, and it shut down Manny's offense. Before ever criticising...
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    Re: Shot Fired, Mike Tyson At Floyd Mayweather

    In terms of in-ring achievements, I disagree Ali is on a different level to Pacquiao. Manny doesn't get enough credit for fighting well above his natural weight. It's phenomenal what he's done.
  13. Re: Laila Ali Calls Mayweather "A Little Boy" and "Broken Person"

    I tend to agree that Floyd appears to have some "issues"...but who is this person to call him out like that? She's done **** all except spring from Muhammad's loins.
  14. Re: Death of Hall of Famer Gene Fullmer Lost in Media Frenzy of May-Pac Week

    RIP to a legend.
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    Re: ROACH: "We Aim To Beat Floyd Every Round"

    I got banned for calling out the editor on posting completely non-boxing-related anti-gun/pro Democrat articles! Regardless of one's position, it's hardly the forum for it, is it?!
  16. Re: Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao: Why Bother Asking Star Fighters For Their Pick

    Could you pick a less-objective source than Malignaggi to predict a Pacquiao fight? (Hint: No. No you couldn't).

    If Pac knocks Floyd out, where does that leave Paulie and his "theories"? Also,...
  17. Re: With Mayweather-Pacquiao Close To Being Finalized, Now I Can Say It

    That was actually a fairly convincing analysis. I'm kind of depressed now. Or tempered. Let's say tempered. Anyone know when tickets might be available? I spoke with the MGM and they're not saying!
  18. Re: THE LOTIERZO LOWDOWN Why Cotto Should Fight Mayweather Next

    Nothing interests me about watching Mayweather dodge Pacquiao so he can rematch a guy Manny beat the brakes off of 6 years ago! All due respect to Miguel but this fight leaves me cold.
  19. Re: Jab-Happy Wilder BOXES His Way To WBC Belt, Win Over Stiverne

    It's not cool to accuse fighters of being on "The Roids" without any substantive evidence. Mayweather is juicing! Andre Ward is juicing! Cotto is juicing! See? Not cool.
  20. Re: Congratulations To The 2014 TSS Reader of the Year

    Dafuq I keep getting overlooked for this? Sutin' rotten in Denmark!
  21. Re: Mayweather Being Unbeaten Isn't As Meaningful As "Money" Thinks It is

    Do you actually have no shame?

    As in, none?

    Joe Calzaghe is white. He retired 46-0. Is he a billionaire? No. Next!
  22. Re: Mayweather Says "A Lot of Racism" Present in Boxing

    Floyd's right; and a lot of it emanates from his "own self"!
  23. Re: Malignaggi Likes Khan To Beat Mayweather AND Pacquiao

    Funny because in this video, circa 2009, he says that if Pacquiao beats Cotto he'd be the best ever...which Manny duly did.

  24. Re: Malignaggi: "I Would Beat Pacquiao Right Now, So Imagine What Floyd Does To Him?"

    It would be great to never see, or hear from, this utter CLOWN again!
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    Re: Why Pacquiao Can Beat Mayweather

    Listen...it ain't happening anyway so don't sweat it!
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