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  1. Re: FLOYD: "In 18 Years I Haven't Brought My Best Out Yet"

    thats because he dosent fight them at their best and its sad ... for us , for him for boxing .the 0 will always have a footnote in my head
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    Re: Hopkins Shumenov Card Predictions

    hopkins gets better with age ffs ... played all night with shumenov
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    Re: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Is Bullet-Proof

    its so far past its fresh date that anyone whod think it be the fight of 5 yrs ago is hallucinating, right now it wouldnt mean a damn thing or prove anything... thx floyd for ruining what could of...
  4. Re: HOW HE DID IT: Video Analysis of Pacquiao's Win Over Bradley

    the man beat one of the best fighters in the world if not the best, considering his opposition, so that he did it easy really should be the story
  5. Re: Pacquiao & Bradley Have Everything Riding On Their Rematch

    i dont know where this "he aint the same fighter" Bs is from but thats ridiculous to say right now ..bradley is going out .either cold or tko but he isnt seeing 12 ...
  6. Re: Dulorme and Mayfield Get Feisty At Weigh-In

    that scap made it a fight i have to watch now ... oh boy.........
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    Re: Roach Talks Mayweather-Maidana

    thats why floyds fighting him freddy ffs man ... think ud know by now.. 0 threat
  8. Re: Froch-Groves II Will Pack Wembley, Settle The Score

    yea this is one ive been waiting for , carl got owned in the last one and got a gift... this can go any way ..its one of those
  9. Re: TOE TO TOE INDEED Canelo Comes Back With Fire and Fury, Stops Angulo

    i would have stopped it if he was MY guy going into the 10th, u could see it was a lost cause even though alfredo was trying to fight back. what sense did it make to go a few more hard shots ? ,not...

    i hate to tell him but the 3rd act is sh*t ....
  11. Re: Garcia Downs Burgos in Workmanlike Effort in NYC

    i know he could of stepped it up but i enjoy watching him work,u can see him thinking it out.love mikey!!
  12. Re: Alfredo “Perro” Angulo & Saul “Canelo” Alvarez Predict No Running

    we really dont know anything about Alvarez, he hasnt fought anyone aside from floyd and u saw how that went when he stepped up to the A league. Angulo is a real fighter and he has a good shoot at...
  13. Re: Pascal Owns Under-Confident Bute in Montreal Superfight

    the froch fight exposed him for what he was, a mediocre fighter.. i didnt waste my time watching this one knowing the out come already
  14. Re: Mayweather-Pacquiao In 2014 Is No Superfight, Unless You Were Born After 1980

    the title says it all frank !
  15. Re: "He's Still The Most Handsome Man, And Everything To Me"

    all the best to Mago. this was really well written .good job !
  16. Re: Celine Roman Wins Close Decision In Non-Title Fight Against Crystal Morales

    women need to fight more than 6 rd'rs.. this has been going on for a while now. u want them to show u the skills their coach they need to fight oftenand longer. u know they have to do more than...
  17. Re: Ariza Responds To Allegation That He Slipped Energizer Into Mouth of Maidana

    ffs are u kidding me... nothing ... broner fans whining lol
  18. Re: Manny Pacquiao and Andre Ward Get Some TMZ "Love"

    its not the $$ woodsy that keeps mayweather away, its his lack of testicles..a real fighter would of already had made the fight 4 yrs ago
  19. Re: Why Provodnikov Will Most Likely Be Pacquiao's Next Opponent

    i dont want manny to fight this guy .. i give him a big chance to upset him . floyd be a safe fight if he could bring himself to the ring
  20. Re: The Fighter Who Makes Bernard Hopkins Look Like A Kid

    hey, im hitting 60 in january. i been at this sport for 50 yrs of my life, never missed a beat training in all these years and it pays off big time when you get older. although we do lose the...
  21. Re: Judah Declares He's Best In the Business, Pound For Pound

    hes the greatest P4P B fighter ever ... hes delusional poor Zab
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    Re: Jeff Lacy Explains The Comeback

    the story was good till i got to the "im not placing blame on nobody" referring to the cop killing brother of his . moron... ull get whats coming in a few fights ...
  23. Re: TSS Has The Best Morning QBs! Reaction To Pacquiao-Rios

    @sug , broner ...hahahaha i wish ,then he'd be exposed for what he is , a legend in his own mind . he would get a beaten like Sheila E plays the drums from manny. that fight would be hilarious ...
  24. Re: Masterful Manny: Pacquiao Wows Crowd in Macau, Beats Rios Via UD

    rios got what he deserved a beaten , ignorant punching bag Max ,not just a punching bag
  25. Re: Pacquiao Again Proves Himself To Be Top Role Model

    manny is always a total class act win or lose ... rios will be beaten to a pulp and kod....
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