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  1. Re: It's Time For Your PxP Ratings...Get 'em in

    Mikey G
  2. Re: CONFIRMED: Danny Garcia Moving Up To 147, 140 Wide Open

    I hate to say this, but since Danny moves up, everybody's favorite Adrien Broner becomes a top tier player at 140. I think he beats Peterson and Herrera. Therefore, I think that puts him in the 140...
  3. Re: Lets get everyone's predictions for Mayweather-Maidana

    Mayweather in an easier UD. 9-3
  4. Re: THE PREDICTION PAGE: TEAM TSS Sizes Up Mayweather-Maidana 2

    Mayweather UD 9-3. Maidana will look almost unprepared at times and get extremely frustrated.
  5. Re: $35 Cover Charge at Sports Bars...

    He looks better than he has......................but what is that saying? He has had some moments but he is shot. Kirkland took his heart.
  6. Re: How Will Floyd Mayweather Be Remembered

    That one is pretty good. I 100% agree with it.
  7. Re: How Will Floyd Mayweather Be Remembered

    I got one statement to summarize how I will view Floyd:

    He was one of the best, who fought the best, when they were not at their best.
  8. Re: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 : Final press conference

    Mr. Shadow, I respect your opinion wholeheartedly and I often find myself agreeing with you on most counts but this is one where I disagree and here's why.

    I believe that you are right when you...
  9. Re: Could GGG's Destiny Be.................Mediocrity?

    True. I cannot see in my wildest dreams a GGG/Cotto match. I think Cotto would beat Canelo pretty handily but probably look for a really big check on his way out the door to retirement. Chavez Jr...
  10. Re: Babybull Juan Diaz IS BACK or is he...

    If Gamboa wants to stay at 130, I say he and baby bull should rumble. Diaz is not a heavy hitting threat like Crawford was so he would not be in danger of getting beat to a pulp.

    Gamboa needs a...
  11. Re: Glen Tapia Fights Donatas Bondorovas Oct. 4 in AC

    Tapia is a pretty exciting fighter. I hope he has shaken the bout with Kirkland off. Kirkland really beat him badly in a fight that should have been stopped probably two rounds before it was. ...
  12. Could GGG's Destiny Be.................Mediocrity?

    Now for those of you that crapped a brick when you saw the post title, let me explain first.

    I think GGG is a very good fighter even if I am not completely sold on him yet. He has very good...
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    Re: Floyd Appreciation week.

    I post when I can and if you notice the times of my post a lot of them are after midnight. I tend to to the boxing channel a little more than TSS for some unknown reason. Thanks for the recognition.
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    Re: Floyd Appreciation week.

    I may be way off the boat on this one, but I don't think we have another Floyd in the pike and although it has a great effect on the sport, I am not absolutely sure we have to have one.

    The reason...
  15. Re: Recap: Broner vs. Taylor, Matthysse vs. Ortiz, Berto vs. Upsher

    Matthysse said he will move to 147 if he can get Garcia again. I don't think Danny fights him again though and Mattyhsse will rumble with The Problem. I think Danny will take a tuneup fight and...
  16. Re: Recap: Broner vs. Taylor, Matthysse vs. Ortiz, Berto vs. Upsher

    Putting Broner in there with the machine is very high risk but with very high reward. If Broner beats Lucas he will be regarded (true or not) as a serious threat at 140. If he gets beat and beat in...
  17. Re: Terence Crawford will defend his title against Raymundo Beltran on November 29th

    Like this fight. I feel the way that most of you do above with Crawford getting the W, maybe by KO late. However, Crawford cannot sleepwalk through the first couple of rounds like he did against...
  18. Re: Kell Brook wants to prove himself agains major challenge

    Stabbed in the leg and suffered a cut on his arm. He was out with his wife and some type of altercation took place according to the news. His injuries are not life threatening.
  19. Re: Leon: If Adonis Takes Pascal Fight in '14, He Can Get a 60-40 Split

    They initially offered Adonis a 50-50 split and he walked.

    They want to have it at the Bell Centre which drew 25K for Pascal-Bute.

    If Adonis at 35 years old, walks away from a 60-40 split in...
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    Don't Love Canelo, But I Love Him

    I have never been the biggest fan of Canelo. I have always thought he was one dimensional, lacked head movement and relied on power waaaaaaay to much. However, I will give this guy one thing, he is...
  21. Re: Maybe Floyd and Ellerbe had a point

    Amazing post sir. I have been properly taken to school.

    I must ask you, does every fighter have the intelligence that you do about their weapons?

    I have heard so many guys treat their...
  22. Re: Maybe Floyd and Ellerbe had a point

    Thank you sir, I appreciate it.

    I considered the thought of Marquez talking just to flap his jaws but I found it hard for him to have much to gain or lose by saying anything about the fight or...
  23. Maybe Floyd and Ellerbe had a point

    I was flipping channels earlier today and happen to see none other than Juan Manuel Marquez on ESPN Deportes speaking about our beloved sport. One of the questions that was asked to Marquez was...
  24. Re: Peter Quillin has not signed his contract by the deadline

    Word is that Quilin's camp asked for an extension because he just became a father in late August and he did not want to leave his wife to go to the signing.
  25. Re: Kell Brook wants to prove himself agains major challenge

    If Kell Brook brings the Shawn Porter gameplan to a Thurman fight he wins and I think easily. Thurman while a good boxer has some holes in his defense. Soto Karass was able to touch him and he...
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