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  1. Re: Eamonn Magee: Dignity in Troubled Times

    great photograph, great writing....part of the lyricism of pugilism...
  2. Re: Maureen Shea Battles Mexico’s Yulihan Avila for IBF World Title

    this fight, and the mosely,mayorga fight looks like fun. Mares vs santacruz is more compelling...i can't dignify my lack of judgement....go mayorga.
  3. Re: Glowacki Pulls Off Stunner Stoppage in Round 11 Over Champ Huck

  4. Re: PBC on NBCSN official weights from Montreal

    Come on the Cobra. destroyed Butte.....he's strictly as Frankie Warren would say---a domestic, local hero for some reason in Canada.....A finished product in the worst sense....like promoting this...
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    Re: Paulie Malignaggi: It’s Over

    The article was more interesting than the fight...
  6. Re: Quotes From Paulie and Danny at Gleason's

    I like Mora, has Jacobs ever gone 10 rounds? Everybody forget what Pirov did to Jacobs...Not saying Mora could hit like Pirov, but the Snake's awkward aggression. should be enough to disorientate,...
  7. Re: The Champion Quality of Jessie Vargas

    i'm on a little losing streak, i like vargas....but i wouldn't follow me across the street on a green light... Vargas has youth, less rock/roll mileage, and well-manicured skills. i've been wrong...
  8. Re: Broner Dishes Out Disses, Near-Classic Comedy, At Thursday Presser

    Come on Radam, don't you think the cards are stacked for the entertainer...anything you say about coming down from 175 doesn't seem likely.....Poor Porter is sipping water at the...
  9. Re: Broner Dishes Out Disses, Near-Classic Comedy, At Thursday Presser

    he's smart enough....
  10. Re: Broner Feeling Dissed, Ready To Show Porter He's The Better Boxer

    Broner carried Mallinagi. Porter ain't gonna concuss anybody....did you forget about Chad Dawson fighting Andre Ward? How does a guy who probably walks around at 170 fight at 144 with a (git this)...
  11. Re: Broner Feeling Dissed, Ready To Show Porter He's The Better Boxer

    The catch-weight of 144 will destroy Porter before Broner touches him. Losing muscle mass has nothing to do with athleticism...more like masochism...ya gotta like Broner..
  12. Re: Was Mayweather-Pacquiao Good or Bad for Boxing?

    It depressed me for daze. I was embarrassed for boxing.I had just gone off at a work social thang, that only boxing could produce a man capable of doing a one man broadway show...I was rolling with...

    nice piece....
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    Re: AND STIIIIIL...Floyd Bests Manny Via UD12

    i thought Pacquiao won...Mayweather's timing was off, and he never committed to anything...i'll give him him the prop greatest self-promoted boxer of all time, but dancing around the ring didn't...
  15. Re: The Hauser Report: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Bryant Jennings

    Wladmir Klitschko is not an all-time great...He reminds me of Amir Khan when he desperately ties his opponent up in a a clinch rather than work the inside...I don't think I've ever seen him throw a...
  16. Re: THERE WAS BLOOD! Matthysse Defeats Provodnikov

    Provodnikov will never be the same...
  17. Re: Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao: Why It's A Dead-End Super Fight

    First off, got wind of Choynski 55 years ago in a Boxing Illustrated story, before the internet existed, Actually he knocked Johnson out in three rounds--and fought limitless exhibitions with the...
  18. Re: Countdown To Mayweather-Pacquiao: Why It's A Dead-End Super Fight

    Joe Choynski is credited with teaching Johnson the finer points of pugilism when they were incarcerated together for a month after their boxing match. He also worked Jeffries corner. in the Johnson...
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    Re: Waiting For the Workout...

    I agree with Woods,the money thang leaves me flat. Floyd's a great fighter, but his inspiration might be wearing thin...dreams of endless luxury cars going off like stars that are swallowed by the...
  20. Re: Pascal on Kovalev's Mind, But Ward Looms Soon

    I like Kathy Duva too, for all the reasons Mr. Woods enumerated. Diamond in the rough.....
  21. Re: Springs Toledo’s “The Ringside Belle,” Part 3

    Great piece...Mae West understood an outsider's passion.
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    Re: WILDER: "I'm Going To Hurt Stiverne"

    Elite training center, hasn't missed a day in the gym since time began, prays that he doesn't hurt his opponents too bad, is huge in size which he doesn't define with a jab, and will land first with...
  23. Re: Heavy-Hitting Trash Talk From Deontay Wilder

    I'm excited by this fight.Wilder's wild claims of invincibility, vs. Stiverne's irony. Wilder has a Primo Canera hora about him with loopholes in his game which belie his athletic whatever... Isn't...
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    Re: THE HAUSER REPORT: Roc Nation Notes

    like the thoughts on Ike Williams, deer lake, and buffer before he became the Michael...Chilled me out from the psyche thumping i took from a vulnerable woman with dangerous moves....hey Radam where...
  25. Re: WATCHING WILDER Heavyweight Punching Sensations & How They Fared

    Stiverne by knock-out...
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