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  1. Re: Carl Froch is considering retirement if he doesn't get fight with Chavez Jr. by mid 2015

    I think Froch is speaking in a little bit of code here. I believe what Froch is truly saying is if I don't get someone in front of me who I have pretty good chance of beating while being accompanied...
  2. Re: Sergey Kovalev trainer talks about upcoming fight with Jean Pascal

    I am so hoping that you are right. I really think Adonis wants no parts of him and will avoid it at all cost though until backed into a corner. If Kovalev keeps his upward ascent I think he may get...
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    Re: Bad Training? Tougher Sport?

    You hit it out of the park Radam.

    It appears that in alot of sports that the very raw basics are almost thrown out in favor of technology or the thought that not doing them preserves the body...
  4. Re: Name a Very Good but not Great Fighter Who Stylistically...

    I am taking the tact of fantasy matchups:

    Paul Williams-Roberto Duran@Welterweight: I am not saying that Williams would have beaten him but 147 Williams had a great chin, threw as many as 1300...
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    Bad Training? Tougher Sport?

    I was doing my regular viewing of boxing articles the other day and came across another article about a fight being delayed because of an injury to a fighter during training. This time it was Scott...
  6. Re: De La Hoya says Canelo agreed to Cotto's terms


    I have heard that one too. I hope for Mayweather's sake that one does not come to fruition because the haters would have a field day. I am neither a Mayweather detractor or cheerleader...
  7. Re: Keith Thurman Reflects on Training with Ben Getty

    Right now, Pac throttles him. Two years from now, a fight for the ages.

    I think Thurman has the goods but I think he needs a little more seasoning. I am a little curious about recovery from his...
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    Re: Sweet Science Winners

    Like the nominations. Throw the crazy man himself Radam in that mix.
  9. Re: Boxing Results: Manny Pacquiao dominates Algieri, gets UD win

    Not many are wider that I can think of. I do remember JCC beating a guy 120-102 x 2, 120-105 in the late 80's. I think Ali early in his career beat a guy 60-40, UD12 in a Dutch 5 point must system...
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    Re: KO Classics With the Roast #4

    I wouldn't write off Cooney as a trainer yet. It seems in all sports that people that were mediocre or average or no experience at all are often good teachers.

    Dundee never boxed, Neither did...
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    Re: Are we really still interested?

    Like the verbal jousting but again, we have heard it before.

    I find the possibility of this fight getting smaller and smaller by the day. There have been too many opportunities passed, too many...
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    Are we really still interested?

    or are we taking the attitude of just make up your mind already...................

    For the eleven billionth time, Pac and Mayweather are supposedly negotiating to dance. There are rumors...
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    Re: Latest On Mayweather-Pacquiao?

    The latest is that the payouts being proposed are 100mil to Floyd, 60mil to Manny.

    Believe it when I see it. To me, we have seen this movie before and we know who dies at the end.

    I still...
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    Re: KO Classics With the Roast #3

    I was in the minority on this, but I thought this fight would play out exactly how it did. I never thought Hatton was that good, especially after he was tested by an average Collazo.

    As for the...
  15. Re: Manny Wins : Who will be his next victim?

    Nope. Nothing has really changed to make this fight happen.
  16. Re: Having My Crow and Eating it, Too!

    Commish don't go hogging all the crow. Save a helping or three for me.
  17. Re: Chris Algieri Media Interview 11-17-14

    You are right Skibbz but he sounds like 90% of the underdogs in every fight. I guess they use the talk to gas themselves up and on occasion it does work.

    If you think about it, Freddie does the...
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    Re: The Tipping Point.............

    Commish you bring up a great one. My pops explained to me that alot of people were shocked at how easily Holmes smoked Shavers to even get the Norton fight.

    That fight with Norton was brutal on...
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    The Tipping Point.............

    I read a book a while ago called The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. It is a great read for anyone that is interested.

    The focus of this book is to put into context the idea of how and when...
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    Re: Algieri vs. Provodnikov 2014

    I have been on the record as saying I thought Algieri will beat Pac in one of the most awkward fights we have seen in a while.

    However, watching this does cause me some trepidation. Ruslan was...
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    Re: Best Jabber of all time...

    Holmes, Benny Leonard, Ali, Tommy Hearns.

    I know you asked for one but there are so many different types of jabs therefore "best" is extremely subjective and a wide field requiring several...
  22. Re: Chris Algieri's Trainer, Tim Lane is confident and satisfied with Algieri's preparation

    The strategy is pretty clear to me. Pac, as great as he is, does have trouble with fighters with a couple of things:

    -Alot of movement
    -Guys who throw when they are off balance and with weird,...
  23. Re: Chris Algieri's Trainer, Tim Lane is confident and satisfied with Algieri's preparation

    Although I think Algieri will figure out a way to take it, going for a KO is the least likely or effective strategy for him to win. I think they know that and C-Al will be dancing all night.
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    B-Hop, Super Middleweight Champ?

    Bhop had an interview with Fox Sports on Tuesday where he spoke a little about the Kovalev fight. In addition to commenting on the previous fight, he also spoke about his future which I found an...
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    Re: Could Ali Have Been Much Better?!

    That thing you said about Manny and Hearns is interesting. I learned a while back he did the same thing with Klitchsko. He said that he knew that at the time Wlad's chin was a little suspect so to...
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