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  1. Re: Klitschko Wins UD12 in NYC; Too Smart, Strong For Jennings

    Hi all - don't sleep on Fury or judge him on the Cunningham fight. Since that inglorious night (in which he was dreadful) he's been incredibly disciplined, much better conditioned, he's barely taken...
  2. Re: Badou Jack Upsets Anthony Dirrell; Jacobs KOs Truax

    Dirrell held excessively for 3 rounds, when the ref gave him a final warning the fight changed. If the ref didn't do that the quicker Dirrell pot-shots and holds and may well have retained his title....
  3. Re: Klitschko Wins UD12 in NYC; Too Smart, Strong For Jennings

    First Kellerman asks about a rematch of a one-sided beatdown (Kovalev-Pascal), then he asks a champion if he would take a rematch of a dull, one-sided 12 rounder (Wlad-Jennings). I know Al Haymen's...
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    Re: The P-B-C on NBC Needs Some L-U-C-K

    Don't need luck - need to make matches that will be entertaining for network TV, these don't necessarily involve elite fighters. Hayman needs to make it clear that if you win and bore everybody silly...
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    The reason Khan is ignoring Brook and hanging on for Mayweather is because he genuinely believes he can outbox PBF and go down in history as the man who took Floyd's '0'. Styles make fights. Khan...
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    Re: Kovalev Stops Pascal In Montreal Rumble

    I enjoyed the fight but don't join the rematch lobby. Pascal did his usual 'fight 30 seconds a round' routine, but was game as hell. He's unorthodox and hard to look good against, but Kovalev stayed...
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    Re: Thai Fighter Ruenroeng Beats Shiming in Macau

    Dull fight, correct decision. Shiming was dreadful, he sure coulda used a busy jab instead of standing outside doing nothing or walking/jumping forward into clinches with his head down. Ruenroeng won...
  8. Re: GOOD BOY WITH BAD INTENTIONS; Golovkin Beats Murray, TKO11

    Congratulations to Martin Murray for a brave effort and for conducting himself so well before, during and after the fight. Love Golovkin but I see a puncher with a bit of grit having a real shot at...
  9. Re: 25 Years On, Douglas Should've Given Tyson A Rematch

    Holyfield had earned his shot, he couldn't be shut out any longer, Douglas did the right thing and he was well paid for doing it. Fans at the time had no complaints about a Holyfield-Douglas fight....
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    Re: Hopkins Makes Sense For Froch

    Hopkins makes no sense. Would be a horribly dull fight, even in victory it would be an anticlimax and a dreadful way to leave the sport. If he was going to fight Hopkins, he may as well fight DeGale...
  11. Re: The Underappreciated Boxing Brilliance of Erislandy Lara

    Respect Lara a lot, agree he does beautiful things in there at times but the Canelo performance showed a real lack of belief in himself. He coulda, shoulda beat Canelo up over 12 rounds if he'd...

    Holmes in both. The older Holmes could still manage what Alex Stewart, Axel Schulz and Holyfield did and outbox Big George and win a decision. The younger George is a huge KO threat but I think Larry...
  13. Re: WOODS: I Am Very Much Looking Forward To Guerrero-Thurman

    Thurman aggressive in the early rounds, boxes in the middle rounds and Guerrero comes on late. Thurman by deserved, but close-ish decision. Guerrero will swear he won, accuse Thurman of running and...
  14. Re: Terence Crawford Has Possibles List For April 18 Fight

    I would like to see him fight Broner, Matthyse or Garcia. He outclasses everyone else at 140, including Provodnikov and Algeri.
  15. Re: Give Credit to Team Wilder for Being Patient

    It might be my UK bias but I make a Wilder-Fury bout an absolute pick'em, 50-50 fight - it's a fantastic matchup that both guys would seem to have a great chance to win because they both have flaws...
  16. Re: Jab-Happy Wilder BOXES His Way To WBC Belt, Win Over Stiverne

    Wilder's pace, not his power, was the difference. Stiverne fought his usual fight and was brave as hell, but he was too slow of foot and hand and his output (while good enough against an Arreola) was...
  17. Re: SOG vs. GGG: The Second Best Fight to Be Made In 2015

    Agree with The Commish. Why the pressure to fight guys with silly size advantages? I say to GGG - be the best middleweight champ you can be, it's been enough for a lot of all time greats and it'll be...
  18. Re: SOG vs. GGG: The Second Best Fight to Be Made In 2015

    How's it better than GGG v Canelo or Cotto at 154-160? It figures to be a dull, jab, grab, push him into the ropes, take no risks points victory for Ward (who is the much bigger man). Id rather see...
  19. Re: Wladimir Klitschko Would've Been A Title Threat In Any Era

    Yes, he is a threat to anybody in history. I go against the conventional wisdom of head movement, pressure beating him. Head movement against that extended left arm just means you end up in a clinch...
  20. Re: Golovkin's Style, Power Means He's Capable of Klitschko-ish Domination

    "Maybe he is there to be hit because he has not had one guy with power or skills enough to challenge him and make him adjust.

    Even someone as great as Floyd adjusts to each fighter....Against...
  21. Re: Golovkin's Style, Power Means He's Capable of Klitschko-ish Domination

    I think prior to his injuries and decline, Sergio Martinez may well beat him. Love GGG, but don't see him as unbeatable at all. A good puncher with decent speed and defence should fancy their chances...
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    Re: Can We Get the S.O.G. in the R.I.N.G.?

    No offence Shadow, Ward has had everything on his terms for years and no rumours that he's said this or that change my opinion at all. I'll change my opinion when I see Ward in the Wembley ring....
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    Re: Can We Get the S.O.G. in the R.I.N.G.?

    Hi Amayseng - Ward certainly won the first fight clearly so perhaps you are right - and if so - it's easy money and a no-brainer for SuperAndre to cross the Atlantic and collect a huge cheque for...
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    Re: Can We Get the S.O.G. in the R.I.N.G.?

    Is Froch avoiding Ward? How badly does Ward want to fight Froch? - depends on your perspective. Froch has fought all round the world and lost two fights in his opponent's countries. Andre Ward is a...
  25. Re: If The Klitschkos Are Era's Numbers One And Two, Who Is Number Three?

    You're right Roast, Haye fought fewer times than he should have for various reasons. To my eyes though he is (was?) a huge talent. The speed, the power, the movement. He KO'd Chisora when monsters...
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