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  1. Re: Canelo-Khan and the Shadow of Gennady Golovkin

    Mills Lane says, LET'S GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!
  2. Re: This Could Be Manny Pacquiao’s Swan Song

    After the first two paragraphs I had to stop reading. This article is garbage loading with bull____(youcanfillintheblank). Pacman's reflexes have not slowed down nor his stamina slipped. He walked...
  3. Re: BRONER: "The Haters Are Going to Love Me"

    Good tough card, may the best men win, let's get it on!!!!! Dueces
  4. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Whodoya Like? Marquez or Bradley?

    I'm with Hop, Dinamita by UD or possibly stoppage. Marquez is a crafty nasty boxer puncher and great technician counterpuncher. Bradley can box too but seems to only do so when in survival mode of...
  5. Re: Floyd Apologizes To Oscar For Insensitive Instagram Post

    Oscar, get back in the gym and stay there. Dueces
  6. Thread: ¡Canelo!

    by Real Talk

    Re: ¡Canelo!

    Young Canelo is no hype job, he is legit but just not ready for the pound 4 pound king, especially at the catch weight. I doubt if he would've been able to beat him ai full strength. Floyd Mayweather...
  7. Re: Mayweather's Wizardry Made Alvarez Look Ordinary

    I'm going to say what everybody seems to be overlooking. Canelo looked like a dead man walking to the ring. His neck looked skinny, he had no bounce or life in him, he stumbled in the ring 2 or 3...
  8. Re: LANDSLIDE! Experts Predict Mayweather Over Canelo

    If it goes past 4 advantage Floyd, if it goes past 7 Canelo is in trouble. Floyd Mayweather puts on masterpieces in the 8th rd. and get's in the zone afterward. Conditioning will be the key in this...
  9. Re: "Pacquiao Might End Up Getting Roughed Up, Stopped Again"

    Lopsided brutalizing mutilation of the young Rios who being led to the slaughter. This will be Pacquiao vs. Diaz all over again. Dueces
  10. Re: Lennox Lewis Slaps Mike Tyson Fans Down on Twitter

    I'm leaning Tyson, an in shape motivated Tyson was a tasmanian devil in the ring. Look what he did to Razor Ruddick, the man had a granite chin and kept coming with head movement and tenacity behind...
  11. Re: Paulie Likes Mayweather To Beat Canelo, But...

    Canelo is ready and a live dog in the fight and can rumble, more than just hype. Somebody drinking the hatorade cause Canelo is in the light cause they're favorite fighter ate mexican dynamite...
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    Re: Why I Can't Write Off Pacquiao Just Yet

    I'm into the natural cures. Go to naturalcures.com and check it out. A lot of what you guys are talking about I'm already hip to and it so much more out there. I got Noni juice in my refrigerator...
  13. Re: CAUTION: Golovkin Remains A Mystery Still

    Golovkin is the goods. Nuff said.

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    Re: Why I Can't Write Off Pacquiao Just Yet

    I agree with amayseng and kidcanvas. Couldn't have said it better myself. Me I'm laid back in my style. Happy 4th of July people. Till the earth blow like symtex, I'ma be here chilling, middle...
  15. Re: Why The Heck Is Floyd Mayweather Boxing's Biggest Star?

    @Amayseng, not my will but HIS be done. I came very close to fighting for money in the height of the recession to feed my family but everything worked out, but I'm not going to knock those who do. I...
  16. Re: HOW HE DID IT: Mikey Garcia Is a MASTER of the Basics

    Great article, anny Garcia is the truth and Juan Ma is not. Nuff said.
  17. Re: Why The Heck Is Floyd Mayweather Boxing's Biggest Star?

    Aye Radam, It is what it is. I can not role with someone who rolls with the devil, period. I'll pray for him and I still love him but I'm not supporting that. I'm a fan of the sweet science and...
  18. Re: Why The Heck Is Floyd Mayweather Boxing's Biggest Star?

    I don't know what to say or feel.....part of me is like Floyd is throwing up the Satan sign and is a sellout and it's sad. GOD is telling me not to judge him because I'm about to go dump some...
  19. Re: Nobody Fights As The Effective Attacker Today

    Kick rocks with that weak spit stop.....you could never come close to the true tip top of the brass, you're not in my class, you on your head, must took that Manny Pac shot in the @__, I mean really?...
  20. Re: Nobody Fights As The Effective Attacker Today

    Keyboard commando G neglecting the fact that the Manny never beat the Dinamita.....EVER which is why they wanted to fight a 4th time. Master boxer rumbler Marquez schooled ya Pinoy Idol, get off his...
  21. Re: Nobody Fights As The Effective Attacker Today

    A Master Boxer/Rumbler will take apart a pressure fighter all the time with the exception of the punchers chance. Marquez vs. Pacquiao, Floyd vs. Chico, Floyd vs. Ndou, Hopkins vs. Johnson, Hopkins...
  22. Re: SCARY POWER Matthysse Stops Peterson in Round 3

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    Re: Mayweather DOMINATES Guerrero, Wins UD12

    I caught the fight at the fifth rd. because work took too long but from what I saw I'd like to see Floyd bend his knees more and commit to his shots as well as work of his jab from time to time and...
  24. Re: LOTIERZO: Guerrero Isn't Skilled Enough To Beat Floyd

    The Ghost has heart and skills but Money May has the total package and a renewed hunger for greatness. He's rekindles the flame and approaches game with legacy on his brain, endured the blood, sweat...
  25. Re: Was The "Showtime" Doc on CBS Really Such a Disappointment?

    I guess this is the Bob Arum/ Top Rank show now. Haters. Dueces
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