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  1. Re: What's Your Preference: A 24 Hour Boxing Channel or 24 Hour Fight Channel That Includes All Combat Sports?

    I agree with all boxing. I would also like to see amatuer tournaments and matches from other countries.
  2. Re: Malignaggi Likes Khan To Beat Mayweather AND Pacquiao

    Great find. It doesn't get any clearer than that.
  3. Re: Name a Very Good but not Great Fighter Who Stylistically...

    OK then I would think Jorge Paez was very very good and would have gave Prince Hamed a run for his money. Paez would roll out all his tricks and clown tactics against the unconventional Prince. Even...
  4. Re: Name a Very Good but not Great Fighter Who Stylistically...

    Junior Jones beating Barrera twice. I thought M.A Barrera would mow down Jones but Jones used his stiff jab, long right hand and rough house tactics to win.
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    Re: Bad Training? Tougher Sport?

    Are the athletes getting enough rest with proper nutrition?

    Do these boxers have special strength and conditioning coaches? Sometimes those coaches can do more harm than good in boxing.

  6. Re: Broner is Not Close to 200 Pounds, as Rumors Have Stated

    Nothing good can come opening that graphic link so I will pass. Whatever the number is I'm not sure but look how fat he is from over the weekend....
  7. Re: Malignaggi Likes Khan To Beat Mayweather AND Pacquiao

    tsAH's best business move was to pay off Paulie so he would stop badmouthing him in the press. Paulie used to say tsAH is what's bad about boxing. Paulie will not bite the hand that feeds him.
  8. Re: ADONIS: “It’s Going To Be a Short Night on SHOWTIME"

    There is enough blame to go around. Both of them get the blame. Kovalev and Pascal should crash the fight and take them out in a tag team match.
  9. Re: ADONIS: “It’s Going To Be a Short Night on SHOWTIME"

    I hope it is a short night because this card stinks.

    The lineal Lt heavyweight Champion of the world is fighting an unworthy contender.

    Lets take a look at Dmitry Sukhotsky shall we.

    He won...
  10. Re: Mayweather Wouldn't Get Props For Beating Algieri Like Pacquiao Did

    It is very hard to look good against a boxer on his bike all night. Every Time Chris stopped Manny put him down. When was the last time Floyd put anyone down that many times?

    I thought Ruslan won...
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    Re: Merry Christmas from Pac-Man!

    He might not write it but he has to be OK with it. He wants the fight and it's full steam ahead when it comes to agitating Floyd. He didn't come up with the footlocker commercial but he did a great...
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    Merry Christmas from Pac-Man!

    Pac is keeping the pressure on Floyd.

    Floyd Mayweather says Manny Pacquiao wanting a 50-50 split explains the generation's best boxers not fighting. Manny Pacquiao responds that free remains his...
  13. Re: DiBella Hires Eric Bentley As Director of Boxing Operations

    I agree. Sweet Lou should have people at all NYC shows and tournaments with a contract and signing bonus in hand.He has to take a chance and get the young boxers before the other promoters swoop in....
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    Re: My Top Boxing Awards for 2014

    I agree with these awards. Good job.
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    Good news for Mauricio Herrera

    Even though he was robbed in his fight this weekend he earned high praise by boxing fans around the world; especially his promoter Oscar De La Hoya.

    The promoter feels MH was ripped off and he...
  16. Re: The Winners For The Boxing Channel Are:

    Cool. Thanks.
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    Re: And The Winners For The Forum Are:

    Great job everyone.
  18. Re: Fighter of the year 2014 mauricio Herrera "Max

    I meant Ben not Garcia . But no one cares. Come back stronger.
  19. Re: Fighter of the year 2014 mauricio Herrera "Max

    Riverside... Your man was robbed. Professional boxing is rigged. Your boy beat Garcia and ruined their plans. Your boy out boxed this tall clown an he was robbed . I feel bad and the I remember that...
  20. Re: FOR MANNY: Andy Lee Wins WBO 160 Crown Over Matt Korobov, TKO6

    Good for the Irishman .

    What venue in Ireland can accommodate Andy Lee vs Billy Joe Saunders?

    What a fight that will be.
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    Re: Herrera robbed again?

    I had MH winning. Good work rate . More punches thrown and landed. The judges were way off. Even the announcers said it.
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    Re: What are you watching tonight

    My buddy just texted me. His wife and her girlfriends are drinking wine and every time Sam Watson mugs for the camera and makes a kissy face they have to drink. They can't believe how many sips they...
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    Re: What are you watching tonight

    I like the HBO card from top to bottom. I do want to see Thurman box, his opponent looks to be in tip top so I hope it's a good fight and Thurman calls out Floyd and calls him tbe the best excuse....
  24. Re: Mauricio Herrera and Jose Benavidez Jr. Weigh in for Dec 13 event

    This fight has the potential to be fight of the night. I like MH in this one also.He is getting better each time out.
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    Demanding the fight has to be on Showtime because Showtime is #1 is something of a roadblock when one boxer is under contract with HBO. The fight would be a co- promotion just like with Tyson -Lewis....
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