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  1. Re: Sorry Mr. Mayweather, Sugar Ray Robinson Was The Best Ever

    Robinson - absolutely right. And plenty of others ahead of Mayweather, like Greb, Louis, Pep ...
  2. Re: PREDICTION: Mayweather Will Fight Pacquiao, Probably in 2016

    I don't think the fight will happen. But if it does, it will be more than irrelevant - it will be among the biggest (and certainly among the most cynical) ripoffs in the history of the sweet science....
  3. Re: Mayweather: The Perfect Fighter Still Pitching the Perfect Game

    Excellent though Mayweather is, he's nowhere near the "perfect fighter," as anyone who knows boxing and the history of it recognizes. If anyone deserves that title, it's Sugar Ray Robinson. As for...
  4. Re: Still No Consensus on Rocky Marciano's Place in Boxing History

    Rocky Marciano is easily among the top heavyweights of all time. The current revisionism, the sneering "need" to chisel away at the Rock's greatness, comes almost exclusively from people who wouldn't...
  5. Re: Trainer Sanchez Says Now Is the Time For the Top Guns Like Cotto To Accept Golovkin Challenge

    Cotto's a good fighter but he's no middleweight, proven by his wanting to take on Tim Bradley at some catchweight. There more and more articles on this, like at ESB and Boxing.com. He's got exactly...
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    Re: Kovalev To Auction Items For Mago

    Outstanding. But he should autograph the shoes - that would bring in more money.
  7. Re: Memories of Tyson-McNeeley Still Amaze

    A well-written and well-researched article, and certainly timely and relevant. But it should be made clearer than it has by Bernard Fernandez that Tom McNeeley was of a much higher caliber, both as a...
  8. Re: Mayweather Should Challenge Golovkin To Prove He's "OOTBE"

    Typically fine work from Frank Lotierzo, though I don't at all share his certainty that Hagler would have beaten, let alone destroyed, Golovkin. I also don't think Mayweather would have beaten...
  9. Re: FYI, Thomas Hauser Is Not JUST a Boxing Writer

    Hauser is upset by the teaching of creationism? Yeah, that's one of the major problems facing our country today.
  10. Re: WBC Suspends Broner, Demands Apology From The Boxer

    I don't care for Broner, but what I like even less is when suits cynically sacrifice free speech on the altar of political correctness. This cowardly appeasement, this pandering to phony outrage and...
  11. Re: Floyd Mayweather, Donald Sterling, and TMZ

    I'm no Mayweather fan, but he doesn't deserve to be victimized by the notoriously self-righteous and self-serving Thomas Hauser, he of the poison pen. The Sterling story was a tempest in a teapot to...
  12. Re: Whatever Happened To.....? The Ike Ibeabuchi Version

    Michael Woods' characteristic self-righteousness, in combination with his poorly thought-out and tiresome political agenda, is hardly a recipe for a savory stew. He writes of "a nation which 'boasts'...
  13. Re: The Hurricane Carter Case Stays Open In My Mind

    Long way around to get to the barn, and with a whole lot of manure along the way. "There's no doubt our prisons are testament to a warped national sense of justice" is twaddle. Prisons are --...
  14. Re: 'Hurricane' Carter's Death Still Brings No Closure

    Not a whole lot turns my stomach more than Hollywood and its steamrolling of truth to achieve some self-serving and ugly bit of propaganda. Murderer or not, Carter was certainly a brutal street hood,...
  15. Re: PREDICTION PLANET: Big Macís Expert Panel--Pacquiao-Bradley 2 Edition

    Boxing.com has a lot to recommend it, in spite of Matt McGrain. He thinks he's special, but he's nothing but a gasbag.
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