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    Re: Notes and Nuggets From Thomas Hauser

    Mr. Hauser, I always read you...But come-on those Briggs-Klitchko , confrontations are as staged as Lincoln's assination....Easy fight for Klitchko, last asthmatic breath for Brigg's career---whether...
  2. Re: Context & Perspective: Leonard-Duran II vs. Mayweather-Maidana

    The beauty of clinching? I think we have a different sense of aesthetics amigo...
  3. Re: The Marksman Q n A Special: Kenny Bayless

    i don't think his job is controlling the fight...Controlling the fouls, but not the tempo of the action. I don't care how many seminars he attends, he looked like a deer lost in the headlights when...
  4. Re: Masterful Mayweather Fights Smarter, Not Harder, Beats Maidana UD12

    Not the same Maidana..Garcia's plan lacked interpretation of Floyd's plan. The referee knew his role. The show was like a dead battery. I was wrong, but I didn't get the memo...I think it would be...
  5. Re: Mike Tyson Can Still Get Heated; Feeling "Attacked," Ex Fighter Lashes Out

    Mike said it pretty cleanly, the guy was a piece of sheet.
  6. Re: Mayweather-Maidana II Lacks Intrigue of Other Famous Rematches

    Beyond the father time syndrome, Floyd's hands have been broken innumerable times. Eating a little too much fried food (unless that's an all-access hoax), and being delusional does not sound like a...
  7. Re: Mayweather-Maidana II Lacks Intrigue of Other Famous Rematches

    I'm pickin Maidana...Floyd seems tired, and almost old (I'm really old, so I know the parameters). Entourages, drain your pocketbook, trying to fill the holes in your diminishing psyche--at some...
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    Re: Tina and Manny Redux

    Mr. Hauser I've read most of your articles, and a couple of your books...This was a very sweet piece...I like you in spite of the fact you're a lawyer.
  9. Re: Why Wladimir Klitschko is Probably Much Better Than You Think

    I like Wladmir Klitchko as a person, and I tried to like him as a fighter, But he has this pathetic two by four path-finding jab, a great right hand that he occassionaly throws, a glass jaw, and the...
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    As the announcers from across the pond say Randy...Lovely story. Nat must've been a nice old guy. I met Howie Steindler owner of the Main St Gym in L.A. when I was a little kid, and he was equally...
  11. Re: GGG & Marco Antonio Rubio Hit L.A. For Wednesday Presser

    Rubio's moment of glory was against then undefeated, David Lemiux---after that it's been all downhill...He hardly threw a punch against Chavez Jr. going down to ignominous defeat. Just another...
  12. Re: Shawn Porter: "I'm Going into the Fight Looking for That KO"

    Interesting point Radam...I'd forgotten the Curry vs Honeyghan debacle, that ended Curry's dream. The set-up is similar, but I feel Brook's been protected, so he could be showcased. I doubt if...
  13. Re: Shawn Porter: "I'm Going into the Fight Looking for That KO"

    maybe because porter looked unstoppable against ready to go malinagi, i'm buying into the hype. Kell Brooke is no slouch, but as Frankie Warren would say he's domestic...Alot of these English...
  14. Thread: GGG = WOW

    by Buzz Murdock

    Re: GGG = WOW

    I look forward to all of Mr. Hauser's articles, even if he is a lawyer. Granted triple G is the real deal. But he's also being processed by HBO who provide undistinguishable opposition that are the...
  15. Re: Gennady Golovkin Really Good, Getting Better

    the way i see it through my newly acquired crystal ball is chavez jr. vs triple g in monaco...Chavez is strangely at home in a principality with no municipality as is triple g...Actually the two...
  16. Re: Ron Stander Lost To Joe Frazier, Won The Respect of a Region

    Nice piece.....
  17. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Froch Or Groves, Who Do Ya Like?

    Crystal ball shattered. A few wasted metaphors...my prediction missed badly....
  18. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Froch Or Groves, Who Do Ya Like?

    Froch's foundation seems based on his trainer and past deeds. There's an uneasiness about his manner which belies an uncertainty. Groves is in way over his head with a mad trainer who was was 0 and...
  19. Re: Matthew Saad Muhammad: An Appreciation

    nice piece...incredibly great fighter....
  20. Re: History Says Arreola Will Come Up Short Again Versus Stiverne

    Pretty much the way i see it too....
  21. Re: Heavys Chris Arreola & Bermane Stiverne Rumble Into L.A.

    Stiverne will stop Arreola. There will be no redemption. That's where I put my money. Not to get to clinical, but Arreola's nose is a huge target; should be fun while it lasts.
  22. Re: Danny Garcia Gets Win Over Mauricio Herrera on the Scorecards

    I thought Texas had the worst decisions.
  23. Re: Pascal Owns Under-Confident Bute in Montreal Superfight

    Keep Montreal boxing in Montreal...imagine 20,000 people watching these two guys.
    I think the script reads Stevenson vs Pascal for another imaginary quality of the real thing in Canada. While...
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    Re: WHO DO YA LIKE? Pascal or Bute?

    I really like the 49ers...but after Bute was decimated by Froch, and Pascal had two close fights with the same Froch...deductive reasoning tells me Bute has no chance....I gather Pascal is...
  25. Re: No Sugarcoating; HBO's 24/7 Shows The Ugly Slur-Filled Mayhem in Macao

    Ariza is bad karma....
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