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  1. Re: Cunningham Counts Down To Saturday Clash

    A rematch with Troy Ross!
  2. Re: Kathy Duva Just Laughs When Told Adonis Says He Wants Kovalev-Hopkins Winner

    Where the fch is Zsltd? Bring him on!
  3. Re: Kovalev Has Finally Gotten Hopkins' ATTENTION

    Fernandes, as usual you got your nose in the wrong area..East...Zsolt..You know after all invested you still smell the undarm! not the dance..the art the Corazone primo...Ya still a yokel homey thats...
  4. Re: Boxing Odds Ė Taylor vs. Broner September 6!

    The fight here depenz, Haydrians next venue is in Washington or Pittsburg! yowww!
  5. Re: Barclays Center Source Says They Are "No Longer Interested" in Hosting Hopkins-Kovalev

    Mr Postman, hows about another set of genuine Stieglitz gloves
  6. Re: Hopkins And Jones Were Admonished Yet Golovkin And Kovalev Are Adored

    Whuts Raul Caiez chopped liver? talk about ignored!
  7. Re: Boston Bus Driver Shocks Former U.S. Olympian

    Bout time somebody say something! estrada, small in stature as compared to his weight! has never been in a bad fight since Ive been observing him! The guy looked like he was robbed against Tomaz...
  8. Re: Fight Network Throws US Launch Party in NY

    party...where all the beautiful boxing celebrities go...wheres samil samil sam... was he invited......hows inviting ex-showtime announcer karen bryat....ill be there then!
  9. Re: Golovkin, Game Face On, and Geale Make Weight at MSG in NYC

    Danny jacobs? sell out? Whuts he gonna do give his review on Beyoneces latest recording? may i ssk what distinguishes danny jacobs as a fighter and boxing personality that he scores?
  10. Re: Report From Golovkin-Geale Presser at Madison Square Garden

    Amatuer Smamatuer, Has anybody ever heard of Duane Bobick?
  11. Re: Can Bryant Jennings Help American Heavyweights Turn the Tide?

    Enuf of that useless Statue of David Perez! Talk about lack of Mobility! Does fres oquendo have anything booked! Comn USA cant you guys dig anything out of the crevises?
  12. Re: Can Bryant Jennings Help American Heavyweights Turn the Tide?

    Put Jennings in there with a rusty ol a-- Wach, and the boy wouldnt know difference between North and South!
  13. Re: RELEASE THE GOLOVKIN! Triple G in NYC!

    No D, cant improvise, when he did fight in Europe proffessionally outside his comfort zone, he looked mediocre!
  14. Re: Can Bryant Jennings Help American Heavyweights Turn the Tide?

    too much hype1 that philly thing! Chagaev and Povetkin would take care of business hands down! wheres Wach lately?
  15. Re: RELEASE THE GOLOVKIN! Triple G in NYC!

    Given the chance, alot of guys can beat his ***, outside of USA!

    Bernie fernandez you are a chump!! Golokvin is a creation! Youre a glorified promoter! Sturm, Murray, and Groves can all beat his *** anywhere out of the US!
  17. Re: Who Would Make Bert Sugarís Top 100 List Today?

    Randy, the last time I talked to Bert, he and Atlas were promoing a book, I asked him whatever the he-- happened to Sultan Ibragimov, this was considerable time after the klitschko fight! I said that...
  18. Re: Who Would Make Bert Sugarís Top 100 List Today?

    My vote goes to Jay Nady as a ref, rumour has it before a fight in the last somewhat years, he doesnt bathe for a match, smell precipitates a sort of musky oder! Has a great deal of control in the...
  19. Re: Bermane Stiverne Letting Hand Heal, Eyeing Wilder Clash in Nov. or Dec.

    Both Major stiffs! Both would be able to be in the running for best impersonation of a High School Goal Post!
  20. Replies

    Re: WBC Accepts Broner Apology

    You guys are jerking around too much with this boy! I give the Govorner of New York State 202! Adrian Broner! Mark my word friscoes!
  21. Re: Stiverne and Wilder Coming Closer To Clash

    Both of these guys are garbage, bring julius Long outta mothballs, is this what the Americas have to offer? Marius Wach would make them dizzy! At the same time!
  22. Re: Roach Says Arum Told Him To Get Pacquiao Ready For Algieri

    Im still getting over the fact that Arum made light of Chavez dumb antics about Cannabis! When it comes to a little bit of promo to get his idiot mug in print, Arum would cut his Mothers throat!
  23. Re: Stiverne and Wilder Coming Closer To Clash

    Nevermind the Bull Sh.. Get Tye Fields in there to test both their molasis behinds, Oh by the way Joey abel can box!
  24. Re: Looks Like Stiverne Will Defend WBC Crown Vs. Wilder, This Fall

    Two major stiffs! wilder is too dopey getting involved in that fiasco in Vegas some time back! Stiverve is overweight, slow, telegraphs is punches and got his *** handed to him by Ray Austin when the...
  25. Re: Kovalev Conference Calls Features Confident Krusher

    Get his behind in there with Hopkins or Ward!
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