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  1. Re: Viktor Postol Rallies to Score Stunning KO of Matthysse in Cali

    No shame in that, especially after his eye took a beating in Garcia fight !
  2. Re: Time Tells Us If This Is a "New" Adrien Broner...Or "All BSing"

    Ditto !
  3. Re: It Was 40 Years Ago Today Ali Won That Thrilla Over Frazier in Manila

    Harry Greb was blind in one eye most of his career [I think] and of course like Langford and Smokin Joe one of the all-time greats ! Quite a few bare knuckle great were also blind in one eye !
  4. Re: Andre Berto Joins The Club, With Marvin Hagler

    I too, thought Hagler won in spite of foolishly giving Leonard the first four rounds ! Anybody remember how many warnings Leonard got [I think for low blows] without losing a point, one point would...
  5. Re: Michael Spinks Made History And Prevented It On The Same Night

    I agree with that, funny Spinx was the first lightheavy to win the heavyweight title when a middleweight champ had done it decades earlier and then dropped in weight to win the lightheavyweight...
  6. Re: Roman Gonzalez: The New Pound-for-Pound King

    He does fight somewhat like Arguello, but about Alexis taking his own life, I 'm not so sure about that, he definitely had political enemies !
  7. Re: Lemieux Stepping Up In This Post-Mayweather Era

    Great read and right on ! Lemieux deserves more respect than he gets from some and should not be underestimated in this fight ! Has GGG ever fought anyone with as good a chance to beat him ? I don't...
  8. Re: How Does Mayweather Want To Be Remembered? "As An Honest Person"

    Very well said, short and right on !
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    Re: Hauser on Mayweather-Berto

    Now that is an athlete who appreciates what he has and gives back, good for him !
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    Re: Hauser on Mayweather-Berto

    Great news, hopefully all other sanctioning bodies follow the WBC's lead !
  11. Re: EASY "WORK": Mayweather Gets Another Drama-Free Win, As Berto Is No Match For "TBE"

    My brother e-mailed me today and said last night was a great day for the sport of boxing, Mayweather had his last fight ! We buy many PPV's but last night was of course not one of them, lets just...
  12. Re: LOTIERZO: Now You Have All Reasons Needed To Boycott Mayweather-Berto

    Great read, and I can't wait to hear what some of Mayweathers excuse makers have to say now !
  13. Re: Hauser Fires At USADA and Floyd, USADA Responds

    The USADA is the best dope testing agency Money May can buy !
  14. Re: Cotto Makes The Rules Because He’s Liked And Can Get Away With It

    Too bad none of the alphabet soup governing bodies insist that the middleweight division is 160 pounds no more no less ! But money talks way to loud sometimes !
  15. Re: Rumor Mill Says Tim Bradley Vs. Brandon Rios In the Works

    Bradley, of course should be the favorite ! I say Bradley wins fairly easily or he wins a tough fight, it's all up to him !
  16. Re: Mayweather’s Main Appeal Now His Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

    I don't think most great businessmen [women] throw money around like he does ! I also am not sure sure he's the greatest businessperson to have ever stepped in the ring, he certainly made more boxing...
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    Re: Oleksander Usyk Rolls On

    Thanks that does explain why he doesn't fight a few of them !
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    Re: Oleksander Usyk Rolls On

    I agree, why has he not fought a top ten cruiseweight yet ?
  19. Re: Some Are Hoping Mightily Floyd Sticks To Promise To Retire After Berto Fight

    To paraphrase the late, Great Bert Sugar, if that fight was in my backyard, I would get up and close the curtains !
  20. Re: Pacquiao And Fans Better Get A Grip On Reality That Mayweather Won

    One hundred per cent correct, nobody ever expects Mayweather to make a fight exciting !
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    Re: David Lemieux Is No Puppet

    It is a great day for boxing and GGG is smart enough and honest enough to say he doesn't know who will win ! I think GGG should be the favorite [Tyson was the favorite against Douglas] but Lemieux...
  22. Re: Why Pay To See It When You Know Berto Has No Shot, None

    Nobody from The Sweet Science is going to pay for this, are they ?
  23. Re: Boxing Clearly Not Dead, as The #GolovkinLemieux Presser Mood Is Lively

    Nice response Storm !
  24. Re: Boxing Clearly Not Dead, as The #GolovkinLemieux Presser Mood Is Lively

    Hear hear !
  25. Re: Boxing Clearly Not Dead, as The #GolovkinLemieux Presser Mood Is Lively

    Not too many people picking Lemieux here [nobody] I am biased since he is a fellow Canadian, and while I agree GGG should win, I think Lemieux is being underated here, he is more than just a live dog...
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