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  1. Re: Diego De La Hoya Wins WBC Youth title in L.A.

    I think De La Hoya is a very solid prospect. The guy he beat on Friday was no push over and De La Hoya handled him with relative ease.

    De La Hoya does not have the power of his uncle but he has...
  2. Re: Unbeaten Bryan Wins Heavyweight Slugfest Against Rossy On ShoBox

    Bryan-Rossy was an absolute shootout for the first three rounds. There were some vicious exchanges and both were gunning for the ko early. Rossy more or less punched himself out after the 4th and was...
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    Re: Why Choice Of Berto For Mayweather Is OK

    Love the Ricardo Lopez reference. In my opinion, he is the TBE of this generation of fighters.
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    Re: Team Provodnikov Wants Rios

    I would love to see this fight happen but it doesn't sound like at the moment Arum and Top Rank are too interested in seeing it.

    The reason is simple and it is that they know Provodnikov gives a...
  5. Re: An Interesting Example Of How To Manipulate Rules, A Bout & An Incompetent Referee.

    While we are on the topic of bad officiating in this sport, does anyone know if New Jersey has addressed the issue with the Tony Perez scorecard a few weeks ago? As a reminder, in the fight between...
  6. Re: Meet Alex Miskirtchian, Fighting Tuesday in BROOKLYN

    I saw the Gradovich-Miskirtchian fight. Miskirtchian is tough and rugged but lacks the skills to compete with the fighters in the top 15. Gradovich out classed him and won every minute of the fight...
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    Re: effortless KO punchers.

    In boxing's current landscape, the most effortless ko punchers are Kovalev and Golovkin. Wladimir Klitschko also throws some effortless power shots when not engaged in a clinch (remember the Pulev...
  8. Re: Terence Crawford Fighting Dierry Jean Oct. 24

    No gentleman's bet here, we are on the same page.

    Jean solid but made to order for Crawford. Crawford is going to look like a star in this one.

    I'd rather see a rematch with Firtha.
  10. Re: An Interesting Example Of How To Manipulate Rules, A Bout & An Incompetent Referee.

    Regarding the point deduction, it absolutely made no sense. And the ref needs to explain. But it was the equivalent of a horrible call in a football game with the score 52-0 in the 4th quarter. Bad...
  11. Re: A Card Featuring Thurman-Porter, Broner-Allahkverdiev In the Works?

    I like Thurman-Porter and also Broner-Allakherdiev. I think Allakhverdiev pulls the upset as long as the judging is fair.

    I agree deep, Garcia-Guerrero is a bad fight. Guerrero is done. Aron...
  12. Re: Why Pay To See It When You Know Berto Has No Shot, None

    I am not buying the ppv for $75 but may the day of the fight decide to go to the theater (I think the cost is around $20). Not so much for Mayweather-Berto but more for Groves-Jack and...
  13. Re: An Interesting Example Of How To Manipulate Rules, A Bout & An Incompetent Referee.

    By the way Storm, what are your thoughts on the main event on this card between Parker and Tupou? Do you think Tupou took a dive? When I first saw it live, I thought Parker scored a tremendous one...
  14. Re: An Interesting Example Of How To Manipulate Rules, A Bout & An Incompetent Referee.

    I was watching this fight live actually. Yes I love the sport this much to wake up at 6:00 am when ESPN3 was showing this card from Australia.

    I agree the refereeing was questionable. My issue was...
  15. Re: Back After 19 Months, Bute Smashes Di Luisa

    As expected, Bute did his job after a few minutes of sparring.

    Look I understand Bute needed a confidence builder. But as a sellable fight on PBC, give me a break. This fight should have been...
  16. Re: Alvarez Gets W Over Prieto on NBC Sports Net Card

    Good fight and Prieto certainly hurt Alvarez a few times. It was much closer than the official scorecards or the announcers made it seem as well. I had it 95-95 entering the last two rounds with...
  17. Re: Glowacki Pulls Off Stunner Stoppage in Round 11 Over Champ Huck

    Huck is but Glowacki is not. The reason this fight came about is that Glowacki was Huck's mandatory.
  18. Re: Roach Thinks Floyd Will Fight On, Try To Stage #MayPac2 Himself

    First of all, no way this is Floyd's last fight in September. There is too much money on the table to be made for him to walk away after this fight. I don't think there is a single knowledgeable...
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    Re: Tarver Fights Cunningham To Split Draw

    I thought Tarver won the fight though there were a lot of razor thin close rounds. I scored it 116-112 for Tarver but can certainly see the argument for a draw or a Cunningham win.

    It was honestly...
  20. Re: PBC on NBCSN official weights from Montreal

    I will admit I am looking forward to Alvaraez-Prieto. The Argentine Prieto can fight and can punch. He is a live underdog and I would not be one bit surprised if he ko'd Alvarez. I think this fight...
  21. Re: Glowacki Pulls Off Stunner Stoppage in Round 11 Over Champ Huck

    The PBC has given us a lot of junk but that said did produce a gem of a fight last night between Huck and Glowacki. It is definitely on the short list for fight of the year.

    Glowacki looked strong...

    Interesting to note here that reportedly Haymon has been inching towards the online media platform that Golden Boy beats him to the punch in this aspect.

    I love boxing and the more avenues to...
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    Re: Sadam Ali Says NO To Step-Aside Deal

    Supposedly Bradley-Rios is off so Ali would be the natural next foe for Bradley. Ali has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 2 years and looking like a serious threat to anyone at 147. I would...
  24. Re: Roman Gonzalez vs. Brian Viloria added to Golovkin-Lemieux card

    Oh yeah, going into that fight I thought Geale would pull the upset. I do think the weight drain had a lot to do with his performance, his legs did not look right from the opening bell. But...
  25. Rumor has it Omar Figueroa will be facing Antonio DeMarco

    This is making its rounds on social media today. If true, this would be a new low in my opinion for PBC. DeMarco would totally shot in his last fight against Rances Barthelemy. DeMarco could not get...
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