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  1. HBO Boxing Boss Ken Hershman Looks Back, Forward

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/Ken-Hershman-1219.jpg title="HBO Boxing Boss Ken Hershman Looks Back, Forward"
    The interview got off to a rough start, because I...
  2. Class of 2015 Announced in Canastota!

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/Class-of-2015.jpg title="Class of 2015 Announced in Canastota!"
    Congratulations to the estimable Jim Lampley, the HBO blow by blow...
  3. Cecilia Braekhus vs. Jennifer Retzke [Infographic]

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/infographic/infoGbraekhusRetzke_infographic.jpg title="Cecilia Braekhus vs. Jennifer Retzke [Infographic]"
  4. Fighters on dec. 6 barclays show talk thanksgiving

  5. Pacquiao Needs To Shock and Amaze Versus Algieri

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/Pacquiao-1120.jpg title="Pacquiao Needs To Shock and Amaze Versus Algieri"
    What do the names Joshua Clottey, Antonio Margarito, Shane...
  6. Matthew Macklin In High-Stakes Bout in Dublin

    Fan friendly hitter and all-star good guy Matthew Macklin gets it on tonight in Ireland, and he’s in tough, with a guy not known to the American boxing heads, but yes, no pushover.

    “I’ve been...
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    A Look Back At Hopkins-Kovalev

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/Hopkins-Kovalev-1113.jpg title="A Look Back At Hopkins-Kovalev"
    Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City touching the Atlantic Ocean. Bernard...
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    A Wrinkle in Time

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/BernardHopkins-Archie-Moore.jpg title="The Sweet Science - Boxing News"Three months ago, Bernard "The Alien" Hopkins raised his...
  9. Klitschko brothers next fight: Klitschko vs. Pulev [Infographic] TheSweetScience.com

  10. Father Time Taps Hopkins: Kovalev Shuts Out The Old Master

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/hopkins-kovalev-118.jpg title="Father Time Taps Hopkins: Kovalev Shuts Out The Old Master"
    Most occasions, Father Time shows up and...
  11. DiBella Says Hopkins' Race Theory Is "Hogwash"

    /Hogwash, Lou DiBella told me, complete and utter hogwash.
    The reason Bernard Hopkins the athlete doesn’t get more love and attention from the mainstream sports press has nothing to do with the...
  12. Iron Mike and The Huntington Heartthrob

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/Chris_Aligeri_meets_mike_tyson.jpg title="The Sweet Science - Boxing News"Nov. 1, 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada ---New York's undefeated...
  13. Three Myths Explored On The 40th Anniversary Of Foreman vs. Ali

    It's been 40 years since Muhammad Ali 44-2 (31) upset the boxing world as a 3-1 underdog and knocked out undisputed heavyweight champion George Foreman 40-0 (37) in the eighth round to become only...
  14. HOPKINS: "Kovalev Is A Threat To Anybody, It Won't Be An Easy Fight

  15. Boxing Odds – Kovalev vs. Hopkins for WBA / IBF / WBO World Light Heavyweight Title on November 8!

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/Alien-Krusher-1028.jpg title="Boxing Odds – Kovalev vs. Hopkins for WBA / IBF / WBO World Light Heavyweight Title on November 8!"...
  16. Boxing Odds –Adamek vs. Szpilka November 8 for Vacant IBF International Heavyweight Title!

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/adamek_szpilka_1028.jpg title="Boxing Odds –Adamek vs. Szpilka November 8 for Vacant IBF International Heavyweight Title!"
  17. Algieri Responds To Roach Chops-Bust

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/Chris-Algieri-1023.jpg title="Algieri Responds To Roach Chops-Bust."
    So, Chris Algieri, you beat his guy Ruslan Provodnikov on June...

    On a day when I have had no calls from one of my many grown children, which often sound like this: "Dad, can you come over and babysit for a few hours?"and no gym requirements, I like to write. It's...
  19. Golovkin vs Rubio Boxing Fight [Infographic]

  20. Jermain Taylor Beats Game Sam Soliman on ESPN2

    Jermain Taylor regained the middleweight championship he held a lifetime ago, back when the nickname "Bad Intentions" wasn't such an invitation to delve into out of the ring missteps. The 36-year-old...
  21. Dan Goossen’s Loss A Major Blow

    Dan Goossen, president of Goossen Promotions based in Sherman Oaks, passed away from complications due to liver cancer, it was announced on Monday. He was only 64.

    The jovial and likeable Goossen...
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    A Tribute To Ed Derian...Derian

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/Ed-Derian-928.jpg title="A Tribute To Ed Derian...Derian"
    Most fight fans didn’t know his real name, which is just as well because...
  23. Sadam Ali Gets HBO Slot, Macklin Looks Toward WBC Title Shot Eliminator

    Brooklyner SadamAli gets the opportunity of his boxing lifetime when he gets a crack at a certified masher, Luis Carlos Abregu, on the Bernard Hopkins-Sergey Kovalev card.

    Some might think this is...
  24. Mayhem: Mayweather vs. Maidana, fighters make weight for rematch.

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/1941493_696856600408316_335219958535565203_o.jpg title="The Sweet Science - Boxing News"
    Undefeated pound for pound king, Floyd...
  25. Boxing Odds – Roman vs. Cruz for WBC Super Bantamweight Title September 13!

    http://75a9.http.cdn.softlayer.net/0075A9/thesweetscience/images/leo-santa-cruz-boxing96.jpg title="Boxing Odds – Roman vs. Cruz for WBC Super Bantamweight Title September 13!"
    Leo Santa Cruz...
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