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    Re: The Tyson Fury Era begins

    Congratulations to the new lineal heavyweight champion of the world. Might be just what the doctor ordered in a very moribund division.
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    Re: Sad to Hear About O'Neil Bell

    One thing you can take into account is if you added up the total members of the other sports, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, CFL, etc., you wouldn't dent the total number of prizefighters in the world. It is a...
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    Re: I Am Leaving, I Am Leaving...

    Short list of boxing's very best. Certainly deserving of a spot at a SHOWTIME, HBO, ESPN...

    Best of luck at all future endeavors, nobody has worked harder to earn their stripes. You will be...
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    Sad to Hear About O'Neil Bell

    O'Neil Bell fatally shot in Atlanta by one of the four armed men who was in the process of robbing him.
  5. Re: Readers Predictions for Cotto vs Alvarez

    I don't care if Canelo wins this fight in the shortest amount of time in fistic history, this is a bad line. No way in the world is this a 3-1 fight.

    Freddie Roach could be the determining...
  6. Re: COTTO: ing I need to beat Canelo. “I don’t want to be in the sport for that much longer"

    Boxing is a much better sport with Canelo in it and the Pride of Mexico could be making noise for many years to come.

    However...I may be on an island with this one.

    When the fight was...
  7. Re: Andre Berto Joins The Club, With Marvin Hagler

    No comparison.

    I agree with most comments here. To add to what mortcola said, which was very accurate, (I trained in Brockton as a teenager, but was in LA already at the time of this fight) the...
  8. Re: Duva Believes Kovalev HAS TO BE on Post-Floyd P4P List

    Don't care who you're related to, how you do your math, you cannot name ten active fighters better than Sergie at this moment. However, they should be careful for what they wish for, because in Ward...
  9. Re: Alvarez's Style And Physicality Will Topple Cotto

    Levi Martinez had no idea to what he was watching in the Lara fight. If Lara didn't run halfway across the ring every time he made Canelo miss it might have been a different perception. I maintain...
  10. Re: Alvarez's Style And Physicality Will Topple Cotto

    For the life of me I can't understand how Canelo is -300. Love Canelo, yes he's great for the sport but I don't see what others do. I'm old enough to know (virtually) anybody can get steamrolled...
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    Re: Better UK 168er, Froch or Calzaghe?

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    From the "what it's worth department,":

    1. She is certainly attractive.
    2. If the weasel took the photos without her knowledge, she was well within her right.
    3. The people who complain...
  13. Re: Why Hopkins Will Fight At Least Once More

    @Frank Lo. Don't know, Frank. I didn't give him a round last fight. What I do remember was having Kovalev by decision (@8-1, thank you very much!) and I was imploring the TV image of Bernard in...
  14. Re: THE HAUSER CHRONICLES: Ernie Morales

    Ernie Morales, at least on paper, is exactly what state commissions need. Guys that have experience in the ring, respect for all fighters, are disciplined and have a history of improvement and...
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    Re: Time for GGG to call out Lil Floyd

    ...ripped his shoulder muscle and was run over by a car...

    Love you d2. :)
  16. Re: Bradley An Ace, Till Late in 12th; Weird Ending Mars HBO Main Event

    @DaveB. Half a congrats for making it halfway to the thousand club. Enjoy reading your work.

    In his prime, it's my believe that Pat Russell was the best 3rd man in the ring in the sport's...
  17. Re: Broner Dishes Out Disses, Near-Classic Comedy, At Thursday Presser

    @amayseng. I see you gave Broner an upgrade.
  18. Re: Kosei Tanaka: 5-0, But a “World Champion”

    ...a dark horse galloping on the pound-for-pound beach...torqueless jab...any tiny coughs in his engine...any stylistic tics...Old men in hard gyms might shed a single tear

    Springs, I think you...
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    Amir Khan vs. Chris Algieri
    While I'll be rooting for the kid from Brooklyn, I don't see how he can possibly find his way past Khan.
    Prediction: Khan by a very wide decision.

    Bryan Vásquez vs....
  20. Re: Sugar Ray Robinson is Still #1: Ranking the Middleweight Greats

    @Blast. We all have favorites, I as well. I'm extremely proud of the top of our batting order. Tom had a credential, did an interview that angered those in power, and had it revoked. Tom's an adult,...
  21. Re: Sugar Ray Robinson is Still #1: Ranking the Middleweight Greats

    @Kid Blast. Huh? Do you think this article was written in four days? And, for the sake of argument let's say it was, how did you connect the dots?
  22. Re: I'm Putting This Thread Here Because of No need for Know-nothing Posers Wilding With Childish Behavior

    Let's go easy on Ronny.

    (Have a wall calendar of RR hanging from 2011-2012. Not taking it down until I get a new one of him. LOL)

    That, I believe, was my first LOL
  23. Something Called a Paul Newberry Just Might Have...

    Tied for the most clueless human alive. (Along with the cop who was bent on giving a speeding ticket to an ambulance driver while a man lie dying of a heart attack). Says fight mattered 10 years ago....
  24. Rocky Marciano Retired 59 Years Ago Today

    I've always used Marciano as a litmus test for the so called boxing expert in training. Stunningly, much of what passes as fact and therefore knowledge is not accurate. Guy was a true monster. Due...
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    Re: What do you guys think?

    I only saw it once, but there's a ball and chain set-up (thether) of what appears to be of a very dense rubber that serves the same purpose. The part that slams against the surface is round so there...
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