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    Re: WBA Wants Ward-Froch Negotiations

    No need for a rematch. SPF your right about the inactivity though, that is the only way the fight would be any different from the 1st fight
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    Re: Mayweather’s Dad Downplays Pacquiao!

    He could be right, but this just pre-fight $h!t talking. Like B-Sug said, what is he supposed to say lol
  3. Re: Thurman Knows Guerrero Went 12 With Floyd, So The Bar Has Been Set

    I will give you that Guerrero is a grit and hustle fighter, and a pretty good technical fighter, but if he gets into another "in the trenches" fight like he did with Kamegai, he probably won't fair...
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    Re: Golovkin: From Man to Beast, to Monster

    Roy was right, and I saw this morning Chavez Jr. called him out at 168, so I suppose Jr has totally given up on 160.
    I think they keep him away from Ward, even though I might have the mind to jump...
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    Re: Golovkin: From Man to Beast, to Monster

    1st I have to give big props to Murray, he showed huge heart in the fight, actually fought back quite well, but with his lack of power he was still just a "brave lamb" lead to the ring for slaughter.
  6. Re: With Mayweather-Pacquiao Close To Being Finalized, Now I Can Say It

    Good point Roast, on top of that, 2 different styles , and I highly doubt Pac is gonna come in fight night weighing damn near super middleweight territory, and bull rushing in to do "whatevers...
  7. Re: A lot of people are looking reeeeeeeeeeeeal stupid right now....

    Bsug, I think i am with you on this 1, I am glad it finally got made, and WILL be front and center somewhere, but just want a good fight , and a clear cut winner, so we can move on with the rest of...
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    Re: I am going to Vegas 5/2!

    3 to 1 ! I think this is a toss up fight.
    I think I can spare a couple of stacks to risk on Pac @ 3 to 1, before Vegas evens it out.
  9. Re: BOXING IS BACK! CBS Will Show Up To 8 Cards This Year

    These fights have potential Storm; agreed, a focused Bika is a durable fighter that should give Stevenson some rounds. I am also curious to see how Russell bounces back.
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    Re: L.A. Journey: Destination Wild Card

    Thanks for the follow through Joe, he seemed like a good raw talent.

    Just another GGG victim.
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    Re: L.A. Journey: Destination Wild Card

    Good stuff Joe, by the way when is "Power" getting back in the ring? I didn't know he was still with Roach; I was always interested in seeing what Freddie could do with a guy like Kayode.
  13. Re: 25 Years On, Douglas Should've Given Tyson A Rematch

    Being a Tyson fan, re-watching this fight still hurt my soul,the same way it did back then. I still remember me and my cousin in disbelief when Tyson went down, and that was a long count in the 8th...
  14. Re: Give It Up To Skibbz, He Has Joined The TSS 2,000-Post Club

    Congrats Skibbz
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    Re: Floyd Mayweather Can’t Win

    1st welcome to the site SamuraiSam; alittle rocky start but its all good; its gonna happen in a forum where everyone is passionate about the sport.
    I can see where you would have your reaction,...
  16. Re: MORE MERCHANT: Larry on Money-Manny, Haymon Takeover

    Good points throughout Storm, I have kinda lost interest in "the fight". If it gets made, the boxing fan in me will not let me miss it, but if it doesn't ..oh well move them out of the way and let...
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    Re: Danny Garcia is not the champ anymore.

    Thank you B-Sug; everyone has made good points, but if it is a good competitive fight, I don't really care if the title is on the line, or if it is a catchweight. This is not the 1st catchweight...
  18. Re: Is it time for Bernard Hopkins to hang his gloves?

    Maybe 1 more, but if he gets blown out again it might be time. The guy has nothing else to prove
  19. Re: Kirkland Manager Confirms Tucker Is In, Wolfe Is Out

    probably not much, He has a pretty good rep for his work with the Spurs, so he probably will do his own thing.
    there's a pretty good article on fightsaga about the choice.
  20. Re: Kirkland Manager Confirms Tucker Is In, Wolfe Is Out

    Last thing I saw was that Tucker was training out of 50's gym, but the camp is in San Antonio. The S&C team is headed by Bremond "Bam Bam" McClinton and Rick Morones.
  21. Re: Kirkland Manager Confirms Tucker Is In, Wolfe Is Out

    Big mistake!! Can't believe JK decides to bring in a relatively "green" corner for his biggest opportunity so far. I know supposedly he an Wolfe's relationship is a strange yin and yang, but hell,...
  22. Re: What Will Be Announced First: Pacquiao-$$$May or Klitschko-Briggs?

    Neither; but Wlad/Briggs has a better chance of happening out of the two. There are too many moving parts to May/Pac, too many chiefs, and too many people trying to drop that exclusive "heard it...
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    Re: Another UFC PPV Flameout

    If this sticks to Silva, its gonna be a huge blow for the UFC, and I can see them trying to get GSP outta his self imposed retirement.
    As a fan I gotta hope it was a false positive, but in the back...
  24. Re: Welterweight Crush: Is This Best Welterweight Group of All Time?

    todays welter's are deep, but the crews from the 80's and 90's were proven beast squads.
  25. Re: Looking Like Kirkland Will Be Training With Wolfe

    I hope they link up, because Ann will definitely have him ready to go on fight night
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