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  1. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Whodoya Like? Marquez or Bradley?

    it's gonna be a good fight from start to finish..
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    Re: You're Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

    You openly dissected the boxing life of Floyd Mayweather Jr...This is the real Floyd as portrayed by a boxing writer not by a biased boxing fan....Must read by all Mayweather fans who don't know the...
  3. Re: Pacquiao vs. Marquez One More Time Is A Definite Must See

    this is a replay of fight no. 3...manny is the aggressive one... jmm is waiting for manny's punches so he could counter punch effectively...nacho wont allow jmm to go toe to toe with manny...it's a...
  4. Re: Mayweather-Guerrero: The One Potential Drama-Less Floyd Fight That Can Be Celebrated

    he's gouged the boxing public and will do it again and again because there are suckers born every minute...
  5. Re: LOTIERZO'S LOWDOWN: Pacquiao's ESPN Comments Ensure Mayweather Victory

    you still believe floyd would fight manny?...no way jose...lol...floyd has no heart..he sadi in costas interview the never listen to what the fans say...the most important for him is his health...if...
  6. Re: Pacquiao Should Retire - Leaving A Hole In Mayweather's Legacy

    re:paquiao should retire- leaving a-hole mayweather...:confused:
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