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    Pacquiao vs Algeri Promo

    Everyone knows about the huge fight coming up between PacMan and Algeri on November 22nd, and most of the hardcore fans expect it to be an entertaining fight. Algeri doesn't have the big name that...
  2. Robert Garcia Noticed a Key to Victory for Maidana Against Mayweather

    During All-Access one of the things Garcia told Maidana was,

    "Throw a lot of punches, but don't get too close so that you can throw the straight right hand."

    Controlling the distance is one of...
  3. Re: Inside Maidana's Game Plan for Mayweather Rematch

    Garcia is definitely one of the top trainers in the game and one of the things he said to Maidana during the 1st episode of All Access was,

    'Don't get too close, don't get too so you can still...
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    Canelo vs Lara Prediction Video

    This is the first time I'm posting a prediction video in a long time and I changed the format a little. I'd love to get some feedback on what you guys think. Thanks in advance.

    I know this is a...
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