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  1. Re: 80% of boxing media score for Brook over Porter

    I thought Porter was going to blow through Brook in the later rounds, but I was wrong. After watching some footage of the fight it was clear that Porter's bull like style was ineffective and he was...
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    Re: Jay Z wins Quillin purse bid

    I think Jay Z's involvement in boxing is good for the sport, it will inject the much needed mainstream attention to boxing. But we do not need another promotional company. But as BSUG alluded too, I...
  3. Re: Austin Trout and Daniel Dawson Fight for Survival at Pechanga

    Hmmm Pechanga is only 30 minutes away, maybe I'll check this one out
  4. Re: Kell Brook Dethrones Shawn Porter in California, on Showtime

    Porter did smother his own offense constantly lunging in close range, attempting land short punches face to face. He should vary his attack and attack from different angles, he became too predictable...
  5. Re: Kell Brook Dethrones Shawn Porter in California, on Showtime

    But this card some terrible mismatches before the Figueora fight.
  6. Re: Kell Brook Dethrones Shawn Porter in California, on Showtime

    Damn well I was wrong, props to Skibbz. Brooks not only weathered the storm but he steered the ship in the latter half of the fight. I still think 117-111 is a little wide but I have to watch a...
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    Re: Assessing Shawn Porter vs. Kell Brook

    I believe that Porter will chop down Brooks, Special K's hand and foot speed will off set Porter for a few rounds but Porter's relentless power and pressure will get to Brooks. I will be ringside,...
  8. Re: Andre Ward Willing to Drop Down for Golovkin?

    Ward would beat GGG with relative ease at supermiddle, Golovkin gets hit too easily. And SOG would beat him up on the inside, smother his shots and bully him. And of course pick him apart from the...
  9. Re: Lara Looking at Kirkland, Ishe Smith, Martirosyan Next

    Lara should look to improve/add dimension to his game. No athlete should ever be complacent, they should always be looking to improve. He needs to learn to how to clinch, smother shots, and fight on...
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    Re: Is Sergey Kovalev the next GGG?

    I like Kovalev's attitude but I want to see him against someone whose a challenge and not meant be a showcase.
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    Re: GGG Don't Want That Work:

    Andrade is no joke!
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    Re: GGG Don't Want That Work:

    LOL Ward and Hopkins I can definitely see, and Floyd at 147. Martinez, I wish! Maybe if he can get his syet together for one more run!
  13. Re: WBC approves FMJ to defend both 147/154 titles vs Chino

    And to promote the fight, technically they can I think. As long as they fight at or below each division's weight limit
  14. Re: The GOAT And The Little Kid Sparring In Plain Sight

    Very nice video Radam.
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    Re: The ref ripped off Irish mike

    I streamed it so it was not clear and I missed portions.
    I don't want to watch a replay, from what I saw, that was an ugly fight. Perez was getting the better of Jennings who didn't let his hands go...
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    Re: GGG in seek and destroy mode

    That would be epic. A war of power, chin, heart, and skill. Is Froch's chin dented from past battles?
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    Re: Gentleman , GGG is impressive

    If he can't get any big money fights at 160, he should move up to 168 to try and knock of Chavez' and Froch's blocks. Then go for p4p supremacy and fight SOG. But I have a feeling he's going to have...
  18. Re: THE LOTIERZO LOWDOWN Why Maidana Will Be Easier For Mayweather This Time

    I have to agree with the author here as well, although there a couple things Maidana can do in the rematch to offset Mayweather. Step to the right to avoid the right counter and land his own overhand...
  19. It's for real, Pacquiao-Algieri set for November 22nd

    ESPN and Bleacher Report just confirmed that the scholarly pugilist from Long Island NY will be dancing with the Da Manny in Macau!
  20. Re: Roach Admits He'd Rather A Provodnikov-Algieri Rematch Than Pacquiao-Algieri

    And still the WBO Junior Welterweight Champion of the World! I hope I'm in Macau for this one.
  21. Re: Kovalev Conference Calls Features Confident Krusher

    I'd much rather Kovalev-Hopkins and Kovalev-Ward than Stevenson. Unless Kovalev and Stevenson agree to fight.
  22. Re: Floyd Takes Swipe At Oscar, Says He Thinks of GB As Richard Schaefers' Company

    Honestly Floyd's bs is getting old, he needs to show/add another layer before he bores everyone.
  23. Re: Roach Says Arum Told Him To Get Pacquiao Ready For Algieri

    A battle of east meets the east
  24. Re: My Take On Canelo, Lara and the Wide Scorecard

    Teddy Atlas was probably flipping out after he heard the score cards, too bad there wasn't a camera in front him lol!
  25. Re: Algieri Would LOVE To Fight Pacquiao...IF The Price Is Right

    They should settle on two million and call it a fight. Algieri-Broner would be interesting as well, I think Chris is too smart to let Broner's antics phase him and takes Broner to school.
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