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  1. Re: Kovalev-Pascal II Will Be a Rerun with Coach Roach an Up-Close Spectator

    i agree with frank and over the last 45 yrs ive seen this same scenario and 90 % of the time it ends the same way as the first or worse .. i love kovalev, him and G brought some excitement back to...
  2. Re: It's More Dangerous For Roy Jones To Fail Compared To Manning And Bryant

    "Roy did everything better than Floyd but pick and chose his opposition " lmfao !! Thats one of the truest lines ever put on paper frank ...that was good
  3. Re: Alvarez Reportedly Dropping Catch-weight Gimmick And Will Face Golovkin At 160

    no matter what he fights G at ,the only thing dropping is Alvarez ... its a mismatch , a great fighter against a media dandy
  4. Re: One Can't Fight (Fury) And One Didn't (Klitschko)

    the title of Franks column said it all one cant ,one didnt...worse heavyweight championship i've ever seen in 61 yrs
  5. Re: Holmes Unlike Frazier Lives To See Statue Honoring Himself

    you deserve the honor Larry, congrats Champ !
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    Re: Would Prime Klitschko Have Beaten Fury

    frank ,you losing your marbles? a prime Klitschko would send him to the moon... wow what a question, are you bored ? lol
  7. Re: One Can't Fight (Fury) And One Didn't (Klitschko)

    frank , hahaha i cant say fury the Heavyweight Champion without cracking up and crying at the same time is correct, it was a terrible fight, Wladimir didnt fight at all and practically handed it...
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    Re: Tyson Fury Upsets Wladimir Klitschko

    it was terrible lol wlads been home with Hayden to much weakening the Legs & i dont blame him
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    Re: Tyson Fury Upsets Wladimir Klitschko

    it was a terrible fight to watch for entertainment thats for sure,could of went either way which is surprising that it didnt go to Wlad being in Dusseldorf Germany, there sick of him i guess ....
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    Re: I Am Leaving, I Am Leaving...

    dang woodsy , that left me saddened but you know it sounded awfully familiar( the family ,late night work) just a different vocation, i hear you and i say thank you for time and im sure we will...
  11. Thread: Fake "Creed"

    by kidcanvas

    Re: Fake "Creed"

    My youngest son , 21 yrs old, works at a little CGI company named Sandbox, his first job out of the Tech school that he went to in Orlando Fla last year and his fist assignment was to work on back...

    that wasnt fear , that was white light anger and hatred ... roberto duran surely didnt fear ray ,he cleaned his clock the 1rst time.. thats rubbish, Fear from duran ,,hahahaha
  13. Re: Pacquiao Studying Tape, Then Will Decide on Next

    i think that manny should really Challenge himself in the last one,like in his prime when he was mopping up the floor with the best of the different weight divisions.i haven't thought about who...
  14. Re: No Theatrics From Fury At Last Presser Before He Fights Klitschko

    the only way that Raggedy ****d chump could beat Vlad is if riga morti sets in before the 1rst round,even being ancient ,fury will never beat him . Hayden Panettiere could beat fury ...
  15. Re: Golovkin Trainer Sanchez Assesses #Canelo Win, Weight

    if canelo is so good let him challenge GGG for the MIddleweight title not some half assed "jr middleweight" weight for a Middleweight title . thats what a challenge is ffs. some people are so...
  16. Re: Does Merchant Think Mayweather Is Right About Desire For Caucasian Sport Driver?

    comeback? that word is a joke, he'll take more time in between fights when hes Not "retired" than he will now between this so called "comeback" the majority of folks watch floyd hoping to see him...
  17. Re: Does Merchant Think Mayweather Is Right About Desire For Caucasian Sport Driver?

    larry i remember that PB in the Army C rats ! disgusting unless you were out in the middle of nowhaere with nothing at all ,then it was like a sundae ! haha
  18. Re: HOLY HOLLY! Holm Run Showing From Ex Boxing Champ, Who Destroys Rousey

    they took holm like anyone else would have when looking for rouseys first boxing opponent ,past her best ,has a known name,ex Boxing champion,looked good yet was going to be a good win for rousey,...
  19. Re: Golovkin Trainer Sanchez Responds To Floyd's Fight Hype Remarks

    Ha Ha "The Floyd CherryPicked Brigade" perfect & true
  20. Re: Rousey Domestic Altercation Puts UFC Star Under Harsher Spotlight

    she has every right to defend herself if he was in her space man .. good for u rousey
  21. Re: Atlas Helped Bradley Stay Focused During Rios Bout, And That's All

    Tim Bradley has always been a real good fighter just never got the props he should have because of how he executes. that said ,for me ,it shows how how great Pacquiao was to beat him, twice really,we...
  22. Re: ATLAS NOT SHRUGGING Bradley Handles Rios Easily, Scotes Stoppage In 9th

    kim kardashian lmao good one woodsy
  23. Re: Rios Trainer Garcia Slings Arrows At Bradley Trainer Atlas

    i see rios being at his best and giving tim all he can handle then tim will lower boom late with a ref stepping in ... of course when does it ever go like i imagine haha
  24. Re: Hopkins Aims To Get Satisfaction One More Time

    you never win in Germany only if u Ko them and he wont be able to do Abraham like that. he'll outpoint him but ko ? naa dont do it Bhop. make him come here unless it just about the ching
  25. Re: Bradley Fires Back At "Haters" Who Chide Him For Disloyalty

    if you go to my Twitter acct,the first thing youll see is: .."Loyalty is everything to me" i hear you woodsy..i do think that in this business especially, that you have to do things to protect...
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