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  1. Re: Roach On Next For Cotto: "We Knock Canelo Out"

    I have to call Cotto vs Canelo a toss up fight. I still think Cotto last to fights were against fighters perfectly set up for him, a damaged Martinez, and Rodriguez that should have not been there...
  2. Re: Masterful Mayweather Fights Smarter, Not Harder, Beats Maidana UD12

    I was kinda thinking the same thing after the 1st fight. If the Pac fight is not made, there is no one that falls in to the risk to reward ratio for him to fight.
  3. Re: how many times are the gonna sing that song

    I think at this stage for Floyd, this was gonna be a ugly fight no matter what, 37 going on 38 going against a unconventional fighter that ready to "anything" to get that win.
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    Re: How Will Floyd Mayweather Be Remembered

    Hit that on the head RG ( although I never ever ever ever evvvvveeeeeer thought I would hear you say that! lol). They both ducked each other, and granted nobody's pride would let them laugh off...
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    Re: How Will Floyd Mayweather Be Remembered

    May will be remembered as one of the greats of his time, win lose or draw this weekend, looking at it without bias; you can't deny what he has done over his career. That ducking and cherry picking...
  6. Re: Mike Tyson Can Still Get Heated; Feeling "Attacked," Ex Fighter Lashes Out

    Looks like he got alittle too brave and comfy with the "kinder gentler" Mike, ......WRONG!!
  7. Re: Luis Ortiz emerges as new heavyweight powerhouse

    Nice solid card last night, I don't know if it just his natural expression, but Juan Ma looked like he didn't want to be there after the 1st round.
    Cuellar was like a little bull in there.
  8. Re: What do you guys think about 50 Cent mocking Mayweather's reading difficulties?

    " 3) Floyd is a grown man ,he dishes it out he should be able to take it." Agreed, but if his reading is subpar he seems to be doing just fine; with that said I wouldn't be surprised if it is some...
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    Re: Trout is having a rough night!

    Entertaining fight, nice come back by Trout.
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    Re: Trout is having a rough night!

    He made some nice adjustments, and appears to have pulled off the comeback; even put Dawson down in the 8th.
    Going to the cards
  11. Re: Trainer Sanchez Says Now Is the Time For the Top Guns Like Cotto To Accept Golovkin Challenge

    I don't think Freddy will let Cotto anywhere near GGG, although I would love to see that fight. Cotto is definitely game bred, but too many too many tough fights at this point.
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    Re: Trout is having a rough night!

    Trout recovering pretty good, taking control....Dawson is waiting too long trying to land that right. Also just twisted an ankle at the end of the 7th
  13. Re: Maidana Believes He’ll Beat Mayweather in Rematch…DO YOU?

    I have to agree with you B-Sug on the "appear to be getting to him". Alot of those punches were hardly clean, with that said it will probably be another ugly close fight. I am curious to see how...
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    Trout is having a rough night!

    Dawson is giving Trout all he can handle, Trout down twice in the 3rd!!! cannot get outta the way of the right hand
  15. Re: Shawn Porter vs. Kell Brook Official Weights

    Not to familiar with Brook, I know he is undefeated, but is his level of competition a good indicator of how strong his "0" is??
    I'm thinking this is probably a pick'em fight, but gotta go with...
  16. Re: Danny Garcia Destroys Rod Salka in Mismatch of the Year

    Agreed B-Sug; Garcia had to do what he did to Salka to erase the memory of Herrara from our minds.
  17. Re: Mayweather Should Challenge Golovkin To Prove He's "OOTBE"

    I think everyone is taking that TBE thing too seriously, you should know by now Money has mastered the fine art of "turning the screw" to evoke reaction and keep a certain level of buzz. As Rad-G...
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    Re: Truax on Jermain Taylor vs. Sam Solimon

    Man I hope this doesn't happen, Taylor is gonna get seriously hurt if he keeps going
  19. Re: Hopkins And Jones Were Admonished Yet Golovkin And Kovalev Are Adored

    Its safe to say GGG and Kovalev are well on their way to stardom on their own merit, I think there is a big rush to find the next "it guys" because of the impending hole that is going to be left when...
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    Re: We Need Your PxP Ratings...Send 'em in!

    Keeping my list the same, nofight results to warrant a change, everyone beat who they were supposed to beat.
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    Re: The Card at Barclay's

    uneventful night; bring on next week !!!
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    Re: Briggs eats and trains like a champ

    WOW..just WOW! that did look like one of those WWE skits, but hey if it works so be it.
  23. Re: Weights: Brandon Rios 147, Diego Chaves 148

    If its the same Chavez that showed up in a valiant effort against Thurman, I gotta go with him, but I don't know if its just my eyes but Rios looks about 10 pounds heavier!
  24. Thread: GGG = WOW

    by King Beef

    Re: GGG = WOW

    After seeing the trouble Rosado gave Quillen before being stopped, I think Quillin will be another notch on GGG's belt.
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    Re: SPOILER-----Rigo fight

    Thanks RG and good luck on the tables, get some of that $$$$$ floating around over there
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