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    Re: The Return of Andre Ward

    you dont think they were going to give him someone who could actually fight did you Radam ? lol when i saw who he was up against i didnt waste my time ,this was why
  2. Re: Hall Of Fame Calls Out To Jim Lampley, 0-1 As Fighter, TBE As Blow by Blow Caller

    Good for you Jimmy, you have earned my respect over the decades and this honor being given to you is deserving in my book.. God Bless u pal
  3. Re: Discussing Floyd Vs. Golovkin and "TBE" at 160

    if he finally would fight a real challenge like triple G and not at a weight where it drain him so floyd could have an advantage and win it in fashion, then i would concede he was the best around...
  4. Re: The Under-Appreciated Career of Robert Guerrero

    id rather be a Champion in Life like Guerrero is than in the ring..to give it all away in your prime to be with the love of your life through her battle with Leukemia is definitely what a true...
  5. Re: LOTIERZO LOWDOWN: "Cotto Beat An Empty Package in Geale"

    Geale was a paycheck thats for sure.. i like cotto as a fighter and as a person but at this stage of his career he will get plastered to the canvas if he fights alvarez or glovotkin
  6. Re: Roach Shares Top Advice He Got From His Mom

    interesting ! the writer woodsy's a Mass-hole, the trainer Freddie who its about is a Mass-hole and i, reading it, is a western Mass-hole resident... weeeeeeeeeee
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    Re: Heather Hardy Beats Bosques in BK

    i did a double take ,she looks just like Cerise on Game of thrones ! very pretty ..
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    Re: Rest in Peace, Michael King

    to bad,him and his brother were amazing business men. RIP .... nice write up
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    Re: The Heavyweight Bogeyman

    good one matt~
  10. Re: RED HOT ACTION: Canelo Steamrolls Kirkland in PPV Worthy Scrap

    i thought for sure Kirkland would do much better. Canelo was a monster in there last night ,he got my respect finally.. well done Red
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    Re: Floyd Calls Pacquiao A "Coward"

    he did say u were the better fight that night after the fight moron
  12. Re: Could Manny Pacquiao Be Headed For Jail?

    every time i hear "best defensive fighter ever" i want to hurl... what an honor ,the best runner of all, he gets hit plenty ,u guys writing should watch some real fighters back in the day
  13. Re: "Boxing IQ was the difference, Mayweather being the master boxer that he is" Shane Mosley

    im sorry but the IQ i saw saturday was idiot savant... i was raised in a different time where they actually had master techniques AND threw combinations .. quite a few fighters from the 60's 70's...
  14. Re: Shoulder Statement From Pacquiao and Top Rank

    woudnt of happened with Mark Ratner ,a man with common sense ..
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    Re: The Superfight Without a Heart

    i was baffled that Freddie didnt say anything at all so how clear does it have to be that the fix was in for the rematch and the pot of gold
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    Re: The Superfight Without a Heart

    i sense that something was and is up , all of what you said i said myself few days ago but i would bet my life that there was a deal before hand for them to make a few more zillion...hate to say it...
  17. Re: Mayweather beats Pacquiao, Post Fight Presser, Floyd says he will relinquish his belts Monday

    fight of the century my hiney, not even close to ali/frazer and they didnt have social media
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    Re: Mayweather – Pacquiao : Today

    fight of the century ? LMFAO !! apparently they werent around when ali / frazer were... this paled in comparison with mayweather running and holding all night , pac following
  19. Re: Floyd Mayweather beats Pacquiao and is the Unified Undisputed Welterweight Champion

    the fight was a joke, floyd ran like a rabbit and held on like manny was his GF terrible fight , pacquiao hurt him a few times mayweather nothing . i had more even rounds that it was ridiculous.....
  20. Re: WEIGH-IN REPORT: Manny Grinning Like He Knows a Secret

    lol Random G your absolutely right, dont mess with grinning asians hahaha
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    Re: Shot Fired, Mike Tyson At Floyd Mayweather

    gee, u think mike like floyd ? hahahaha
  22. Re: Death of Hall of Famer Gene Fullmer Lost in Media Frenzy of May-Pac Week

    "smooth as sandpaper and flashy as a lead pipe " lmfao !!! thats writing right there Bernard .. i met Gene a million times at the BHOF in Canastota, he was a fixture there every year .. God...
  23. Re: Bruce Buffer gives his prediction for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

    let me tell u something bruce , ali frazer 1 would knock this out of the water if there was social media back then ..there was more pop than this fight and there wasnt any .. i was around i know
  24. Re: Get Ready To Win Another TOY Award, Manny Tells Freddie, Because KO Is Coming!

    Saturday will be June 20th 1980 Montreal all over again .... floyd will be exposed by a former flyweight haha
  25. Re: Klitschko Wins UD12 in NYC; Too Smart, Strong For Jennings

    it was a decent fight thanks to jennings. Vladimir holds way to much ,more than Ali did. im glad the ref got on him. he had to fight and thats what won him the fight. if he didnt get warned god...
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