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    Re: The Lack of Heavyweight Pride

    Completely agree. The heavyweight division today is in a state of complete collapse, which bodes ill for boxing in general.
  2. Re: The Hauser Report: Heavyweights at Barclays Center

    Solid summary and analysis. And "Martin was declared the winner on a third-round TKO. But it’s likely that Glazkov tore his ACL when the fighters’ feet got tangled and he went down for the first...
  3. Re: The Greatest Heavyweights In Between Ali and Fury

    Hear, hear.
  4. Re: The Greatest Heavyweights In Between Ali and Fury

    Good points. And Galento, despite his unorthodox approach to nutrition, was anything but a "bum." Louis' boys, and even Ali's, were head-and-shoulders above almost all of today's heavyweights. The...
  5. Re: The Greatest Heavyweights In Between Ali and Fury

    "Today, it would be a herculean task to find one sophisticated observer who believes Louis fought better opposition than Ali." No, it wouldn't. Nobody was tougher than Louis' supposed bums, while...
  6. Re: Canastota, New York HOF Announces The Class of 2016

    Well done on the iron-chinned Petey Sarron.
  7. Re: One Can't Fight (Fury) And One Didn't (Klitschko)

    Actually, neither one can fight. That Klitschko is the best heavyweight alive tells you all you need to know about the deplorable state of the division. And Fury just plain stinks - one of the worst...
  8. Re: The Fifty Greatest Middleweights of All Time Part Five: 10-1

    Don't agree with much of this, including Hopkins among the top 10. But Robinson as low as fourth is indefensible. Though Hagler and Monzon are certainly among the 10 best, neither was Sugar Ray's...
  9. Re: Ronda Rousey: “I’ve Fallen in Love With the Sport of Boxing.”

    The feeling ain't mutual. Take a hike, sister.
  10. Re: The Fifty Greatest Middleweights of All Time Part Four: 20-11

    Both Walker and LaMotta deserve to be among the top 10.
  11. Re: The Fifty Greatest Middleweights of All Time Part Three: 30-21

    Good installment. Some inevitable disagreement, of course, the most notable of which is that Fullmer's too low.
  12. Re: The Fifty Greatest Middleweights of All Time Part Two: 40-31

    Cerdan and Zale are absurdly, indefensibly low.
  13. Re: The 50 Greatest Middleweights of All Time Part One: 50-41

    Bobo Olson has always been underrated. Here too. Much too low on the list. I'm not sure of his exact ranking off the top of my head, but probably somewhere around #20.
  14. Re: Cotto Makes The Rules Because He’s Liked And Can Get Away With It

    Very much on target. Impossible for me to take Cotto seriously as a middleweight, never mind as champ.

    Good fight coming up, and I'm predicting a win for the Mexican.

    Way too many words for a stinker of a fight.
  16. Re: LOTIERZO: If You Buy Mayweather's Next Fight You're A Fool

    Excellent article. Well said. And needed to be said.
  17. Re: HBO Strongly Disputes Breitbart/Kovalev/Ammo Story

    A poor excuse for Woods to advance his own misguided political agenda. Do us all a favor by penning press releases pretending to be boxing writing. Boring, yes, but harmless.
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    Are you serious, Mr. Hauser? I mean, who the hell cares?
  19. Re: Low Output Chavez Jr. Outweighs Reyes, Wins UD10

    All this fight proved (as though any further proof were necessary) is that Chavez Jr. is a brat and a bully who doesn't have the balls to pick on somebody his own size. Hmmm, if only Primo Carnera...
  20. Re: In Hindsight, Thurman's Showing Against Collazo May Get Him Mayweather

    Don't agree that Mayweather could "sell and hype" a fight with Thurman.
  21. Re: Thurman Auditions For Shot At Mayweather Against Collazo Tonight

    Don't agree at all. Thurman's done nothing in his career that would entitle him to a bout with Mayweather. His beating Collazo, which he's almost certain to do, won't make the slightest difference in...
  22. Re: Fans Have More Influence Than They Realize Regarding Floyd's Next Foe

    Mayweather has exactly zero chance against Golovkin, knows it, and that's why that fight will never take place. Can't say I blame him. My guess is that he'll announce his upcoming, and supposedly...
  23. Re: Pacquiao Should Fight Marquez, Or Retire

    Pacquiao should retire, as should Marquez, and there's absolutely no reason for them to face each other yet again. All these dinosaurs, and that most definitely includes Mayweather, should just go...
  24. Re: Devon Alexander Lobbies For Adam and Eve Over Adam and Steve

    It says a great deal (and nothing good) that Alexander is praised for having the guts to speak truth to "gay" power, for doing so does indeed take plenty of intestinal fortitude. And that's awfully...
  25. Thread: BATTLES

    by New York Tony


    I'm sick of McCarson's violin playing.
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