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  1. Thread: War ruslan

    by Chris L

    Re: War ruslan

    Ruslan is a beast, what's not to like about the guy.

    He was using his face to absorb the majority of punches from a guy who had 34 stoppages in his 36 wins, whilst never taking a step back.
  2. Re: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Faces Potential Fonfara Beatdown

    I might be wrong but I thought this was an Al Haymon fight, I think Chavez Jr defected from TR (he still owes them one fight I think?) and now TR is suing Chavez.

    I haven't seen too many Chavez jr...
  3. Re: LOOK OUT IN LONDON! Rigo Craves Quigg Clash

    Eddie Hearn is a liar and a cheat, all of his fighters are so carefully managed it's ridiculous. Brook's fighting Gavin? After Hearn/Brook made such a big deal of Algieri, Brook is now fighting...
  4. Re: Chavez Jr. Talks Ahead of Saturday Scrap

    I like Chavez jr, he seems focused with Goossen in his camp, coach roach was wrong for him I think.

    That being said, I'll definitely be taking my bookies up on the 5/2 odds for Fonfara; even if it...
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    Re: Tally/List Of Un/Substantiated Posts

    Wow, I never realised just how much emotion the Mayweather vs Pacquiao debate brings out among fans.
  6. Re: Garcia-Peterson: Lamont's Words Indicate Garcia Will Dictate Terms Of The Fight

    Can someone answer me this; because currently I don't understand.

    I've thought it before when watching some Mayweather fights, and the idea went through my head again on Saturday when watching...
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    Re: Tally/List Of Un/Substantiated Posts

    Just to clarify - Storm, are you a mod?
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    Re: Haymon Boxing on CBS

    Kovalev/Stevenson doesn't happen next.

    This was a showcase for both Stevenson & Beterbiev, wouldn't be surprised if Beterbiev gets Stevenson next/very soon.

    I think Beterbiev beats Stevenson.
  9. Re: Are Calves An Issue For Pacman? Roach Weighs In

  10. Re: DOWN GOES DAN Four Knocks and Out, Brook Gets W in England

    Call me a Negative Nancy, but I didn't think Brook looked that great. I think that the main reason was because he had no respect for anything that Dan did, but he looked wild from the moment that Dan...
  11. Re: Adonis Stevenson & Sakio Bika Conference Call Spoiled By Media Arrogance

    Imagine how bad it'll be if Stevenson beats Kovalev.
  12. Re: Golovkin Will Face Willie Monroe May 16 in LA, on HBO

    Getting bored of watching Golovkin against sub par opponents, he should have taken a step up 4 fights ago now.

    His management is building this perception that he's avoided, but he's not, there's a...
  13. Re: Counting Down To Boxing Back on PRIMETIME!

    Does anyone know if this card is airing in the UK anywhere? Can't see it in the TV schedule for either Sky Sports or Boxnation.
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    Re: Golovkin: From Man to Beast, to Monster

    I think a lot of the talk about Golovkin moving up is because his camp has floated the idea in front of the fans, which means that naturally we are going to dream of match-ups.

    He's been well...
  15. Re: Golovkin - A force to be reckoned with at 168...?

    I agree with you, he's being well managed and as a result has this 'aurora' around him that he's indestructible.

    I noticed a lot of his punches were illegal too.

    He's there to be hit, if you...
  16. Re: With Mayweather-Pacquiao Close To Being Finalized, Now I Can Say It

    I always thought Mayweather would win, but he's going to have to be much more active than he usually is.

    Pac will really push the fight to him, and judges may prefer that increased activity over...
  17. Re: A lot of people are looking reeeeeeeeeeeeal stupid right now....

    Woke up - first thing checked my phone to see if any news - it's actually happening!


    Shadow how are you so informed with this stuff?

    People don't seem to be giving Murray much hope, but I wouldn't be surprised if he gives GGG some problems (or at least takes him the distance).

    He's been on the bad end of two questionable...
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    Re: Hopkins Makes Sense For Froch

    Stylistically it would be a bad fight, wouldn't really do favours for either fighter.

    I'd rather see Bhop-GGG (which it did seem like Bhop wanted when he made the announcement that his next...
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    Re: #MayPac Nearing Home Stretch?

    Jesus....is this still being talked about?

    I've only been following boxing avidly for about a year and a half, and I'm already bored of all of this May-Pac talk - are you guys seriously telling me...
  21. Re: Brandon Rios Makes Mike Alvarado Quit on His Stool After Three

    I wasn't overly fussed in the lead up to this fight.

    Watching some of the build up it was clear that Alvarado isn't in a good place and shouldn't be allowed to fight. As it's been mentioned the...
  22. Re: Looking forward to betting on Rios vs Alvarado

    Made me laugh haha.

    I'm picking Rios myself and will stick some money as it's near evens, Alvarado is damaged goods imo, didn't look particularly great against Marquez (not that Rios did vs Chavez...
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    Re: Why Deonaty Wilder Will Beat Bermane Stiverne

    I sure as hell hope Wilder doesn't win - Haymon will be holding that belt a hostage for a long time if he does.
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    Re: Floyd won't make the Pac fight

    I think that both sides are to blame as much as each other - it makes sense that Arum doesn't want the fight, as Mayweather would be the favourite (lets be honest) and a loss for Manny could/will...
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    Re: Groves vs Rebrasse

    As good a runaway fight that you're going to get, wasn't close but was competitive, I like Groves and I think if he puts the two Froch defeats behind him he can become a dominant champion.

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