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  1. Re: AXE MANHANDLES THE FLASH Walters Kayoes Donaire In Round Six

    Donaire buzzed Walters in the second and that was about all that he did. When Walters got hurt he momentarily gain respect and fought a little less aggressively but that didn't last long. Donaire...
  2. Re: The Golovkin Is Released; GGG Stops Rubio in Round Two

    So happy to see him beat that cheater. I think it will be hard for GGG to get Cotto and Alvarez in the ring. GGG should stay at 160 and do his thing. It is going to make him look bad to call out...
  3. Re: Chad Dawson Struggles While Looking To Return To Form, Loses SD10 to To Karpency

    His name should be Sad Chad. I'm not laughing as I write this because it really does make me feel sad and awful. I'm starting to think something is amiss. I had forgotten about his trainer.
  4. Re: There Are Tens of Millions of Reasons Why Floyd and Manny Should NOT Fight


    Re: There Are Tens of Millions of Reasons Why Floyd and Manny Should NOT Fight
    If Manny lost, he would still make compelling PPV fights like Cotto does or Fatties did. Hes an...
  5. Re: Chad Dawson Struggles While Looking To Return To Form, Loses SD10 to To Karpency

    Chad Dawson has a mental problem. I don't mean he is crazy or a misfit in society. He has a severe lack of confidence and he will never be able to show his full boxing potential. I remember when...
  6. Re: The Curious Case of the Not Untalented Curtis Stevens

    I can't believe I gave up sleep to watch this guy but then I did get some sleep during this snoozer.
  7. Re: THE COMMISSIONER'S CORNER: Ed Derian Was One of the Best

    I'm so sorry to hear of Ed Derian's passing. He was my favorite ring announcer. I always loved his "now in the blue corner, he hails from so and so, he has a record of so and so with x number of...
  8. Re: Floyd Wasn't Brilliant, And Maidana Helped Him, So He Didn't Have To Be

    It is getting very hard for me to envision Floyd knocking out anyone at 147 or higher. I used to think it was because of his low risk style. Now I don't think he has that kind of pop. He may be...
  9. Re: Masterful Mayweather Fights Smarter, Not Harder, Beats Maidana UD12

    If Maidana bit Floyd, Floyd deserved it. Floyd is a dirty fighter. At least Hopkins admits he will do what he can get away with. Floyd tries to make you believe he is on the up and up while doing...
  10. Re: THE PREDICTION PAGE: TEAM TSS Sizes Up Mayweather-Maidana 2

    I think it will be hard to find anyone who actually believes Mayweather will lose tonight. This is how it will happen when he does but I don't think it will be tonight. Maidana is too crude to...
  11. Re: My prediction on the Floyd fight( the ppv breaks a record)

    The new customers get the incentives. The loyal existing customers get the shaft. Damn right.
  12. Re: Broner Doesn't Overly Dazzle, But Heats Up Late, Beats Taylor Via UD10

    Broner still has his mouth wide open. Somebody is going to break his jaw one day. Is his pop getting shorter and fatter?
  13. Re: Sergey Kovalev Is Bernard Hopkins' Worst Nightmare

    I'll go with Hopkins all day long on this one. I like Kovalev as a person and fighter. I like him because he will fight anyone and he seems to be a likable guy. He has devastating power no doubt...
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    Re: Wilder beats Jason Gavern rd 4

    That is the problem with the power brokers. If you live by the sword (just power punching) you die by the sword. Wilder needs to get milder and at least think of defense and tinkle with his...
  15. Re: Kell Brook Dethrones Shawn Porter in California, on Showtime

    Some fighters think they are ordained to win and that is foolish thinking that a lot of religious types have nowadays. I kept thinking Porter just wants to load up and take Brook's head off instead...
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    Re: Promoter Frank Maloney Stuns The Fight World

    I'm still shocked but it is his life. And guess what? I don't matter because it is not between him and me anyway.

    I wish all fighters had the option of going to the highest bidder, whether it be Showtime or HBO. Fighters and athletes in general have a finite career period and while the cable networks deserve...
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    Re: Canelo Beats Lara, Via Split Decision

    Cotto-Alvarez. Wow, wow, wow. Sorry I got side-tracked salivating over that fight. Okay back on topic. This is always the problem with these close fights. It really depends on what you like. I...
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    Re: Canelo Beats Lara, Via Split Decision

    In truth I thought Lara did just enough to win. There is always that one ridiculous scorecard so much that it has to be expected. I'm not saying it is right but it pretty much happens 100% of the...
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    Re: Canelo Beats Lara, Via Split Decision

    It is was a robbery. The red-headed hype got another gift. So high his arse, the powers that be are trying to lift. Holla!

    Nah, this is the Bambi thing you always talk about. He,he
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    Re: Canelo Beats Lara, Via Split Decision

    Lara stunk out the place. He is the new Rigondeaux without all the skills. Fight could have went either way and I don't fault Lara for not trading but it was ridiculous to just run as much as he...
  22. Re: BIG MAC'S PREDICTION PAGE: They Like Canelo Over Lara...What About YOU?

    Once again another fight that anyone could win. The outcome either way unless by early knockout will not surprise me. Lara got dropped not once but twice against Angulo, who is a lion with a lot of...
  23. Re: Technical Scrap Expected, Brawl Breaks Out, Crawford Gets W Over Gamboa

    Crawford fought more like Ray Robinson than Ray Robinson fought like Ray Robinson. Gamboa tested his mettle and boy did he find it in a way he didn't want to. Crawford is the guy at 135. He...
  24. Re: "Boxing Is Just My Thing... Can't Tell You Why" Part 1

    I love these types of stories. I can't wait for part 2.
  25. Re: FORUM FLURRIES Superior Posts From the Forum All-Stars

    Thanks. Yeah, sometimes you have to evolve.
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