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    Re: Hauser on Mayweather-Berto

    @teaser.. Ya, go race with the formula 1 cars! Quit picking on the Nascar guys..
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    Re: Hauser on Mayweather-Berto

    A blind man can't watch boxing though..
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    Re: Hauser on Mayweather-Berto


    Hauser actually said: "never fought an elite fighter in his prime"

    Cotto, maybe..
    Mosley, no
    De La Hoya, no
    Pacquiao, no
    Canelo, no (catchweight, young)
  4. Decent episode for Berto.. Boring as usual for FM

    I liked the Soto Karass coverage..
    And the Haiti story..

    Floyd has his persona to counteract his less exciting boxing style. Fine..
    But now, they need to counteract his repetitive nature.. ...
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    Re: Klitschko – Fury: Mind Games, Round One

    bit late with the article, no?
  6. Re: LIKE MIKE? Is Floyd Mayweather the Michael Jordan of Boxing?

    Simply, No.
    Jordan played against:
    Bird & the Celtics
    Magic & the Lakers
    Stockton/Malone & the Jazz
    etc etc
  7. Re: Can Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero Leap Over Andre Berto?

    i got 25/1 odds on a draw...
    it seems what one brings in athleticism and craft, the other matches with power and aggression.. The BLH staff picks had it 4-3 Berto. And i'm favouring Guerrero just...
  8. Re: Broner on Fight vs. Floyd: "Who Wants To Fight Their Big Brother?"

    Going on hype alone, you'd pick Broner... I had never heard much of DeMarco before his last fight.

    But DeMarco looks to have had so much more experience in big fights.
    I reckon Broner will be...
  9. Re: ESPN's Stephen A. Says Floyd Is "Ducking" Pacquiao

    Mark Cuban attacking Skip Bayless.. (Check it up on youtube)
    Hadn't much respect for him before i saw that.. That's how great a job he did for bringing Skip Bayless down to earth... ...for 5mins.. ...
  10. Re: ESPN's Stephen A. Says Floyd Is "Ducking" Pacquiao

    "Skip Bayless" as we know him is an idiot... So anyone who is willing to put his intelligence/wit on the line against him on a weekly basis professionally or unprofessionally is even more stupid......
  11. Re: Mayweather And Pacquiao Should Try Emulating Leonard And Duran..LOTIERZO

    With every failed set of negotiations, the idea of this fight sags more and more...
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    Re: Avila’s Pound for Pound List 2012

    Great Top 6.

    Haven't watched enough Martinez and Bradley to know whether they should be further up..
    I like the fact that Hopkins, Marquez are in top 4. Makes sense if you're rewarding...
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