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  1. Re: Ron Stander Lost To Joe Frazier, Won The Respect of a Region

    Nice piece.....
  2. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Froch Or Groves, Who Do Ya Like?

    Crystal ball shattered. A few wasted metaphors...my prediction missed badly....
  3. Re: PREDICTION PAGE: Froch Or Groves, Who Do Ya Like?

    Froch's foundation seems based on his trainer and past deeds. There's an uneasiness about his manner which belies an uncertainty. Groves is in way over his head with a mad trainer who was was 0 and...
  4. Re: Matthew Saad Muhammad: An Appreciation

    nice piece...incredibly great fighter....
  5. Re: History Says Arreola Will Come Up Short Again Versus Stiverne

    Pretty much the way i see it too....
  6. Re: Heavys Chris Arreola & Bermane Stiverne Rumble Into L.A.

    Stiverne will stop Arreola. There will be no redemption. That's where I put my money. Not to get to clinical, but Arreola's nose is a huge target; should be fun while it lasts.
  7. Re: Danny Garcia Gets Win Over Mauricio Herrera on the Scorecards

    I thought Texas had the worst decisions.
  8. Re: Pascal Owns Under-Confident Bute in Montreal Superfight

    Keep Montreal boxing in Montreal...imagine 20,000 people watching these two guys.
    I think the script reads Stevenson vs Pascal for another imaginary quality of the real thing in Canada. While...
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    Re: WHO DO YA LIKE? Pascal or Bute?

    I really like the 49ers...but after Bute was decimated by Froch, and Pascal had two close fights with the same Froch...deductive reasoning tells me Bute has no chance....I gather Pascal is...
  10. Re: No Sugarcoating; HBO's 24/7 Shows The Ugly Slur-Filled Mayhem in Macao

    Ariza is bad karma....
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    Re: Manny Pacquiao Returns...

    Radam with all due respect, you could be wrong....
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    Re: Manny Pacquiao Returns...

    I've been mostly wrong lately. So why stop now? Manny Pacquiao is a fascinating individual, who without the comic book aliteration has risen to unbelievable heights (especially for such a small...
  13. Re: James “Lights Out” Toney Headlines Prizefighter Tournament in UK

    James Toney is the most tragic figure since Hamlet...
  14. Re: Hopkins Makes Weight, and Promises a KO Win

    I'm on a one fight winning streak, and am ancient enough to remember the night Sugar Ray Robinson became old , his reflexes were shot, and is apt to happen an upset occurred a l5 to 1 underdog...
  15. Re: Michael Buffer: “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble”

    Thomas Hauser (even tough he's a lawyer) is a marque writer like Bart Barry. That said, Michael Buffer is fine, but someone should give Pedro Fernandez more of a chance.
  16. Thread: ¡Canelo!

    by Buzz Murdock

    Re: ¡Canelo!

    Nice story, rang true...I got caught up in the hype , and made a fool of myself.
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    Re: Mayweather's Brilliance Is Blinding

    Man I bought into the hype...I was hearing the Rocky theme,and getting inspired by side-show promotion. I had it all wrong...I kept hoping it would turn into the Jersey Joe Walcott vs Marciano...
  18. Re: RINGSIDE REPORT Mayweather Defeats Canelo; Garcia Beats The Machine

    I'm leaving town....
  19. Re: Is Khan Overrated? Is He Still A Future Superstar? Questions About Khan...WOODS

    This fight went pretty much as expected. You cannot out box a master boxer. Young Canelo needed to get inside, get rough, get dirty with Floyd. He didn't do that. He boxed with the...
  20. Re: Floyd Mayweather: It Didn't Happen By Accident

    Too many "Yes" men feeding like greedy vampires over their cash cow's prowness..All those rotund sychophants livin off of Money"s money... The writing's on the wall, like graffiti on a dark dead...
  21. Re: Floyd Mayweather: It Didn't Happen By Accident

    I think alot of people are going to be surprised...Canelo by late stoppage, in spite of the Oscar melodrama...It's time to leave the stage Floyd...Mayweather will break one of his hands (a sizable...
  22. Re: Mayweather Now Fighting For Mental Edge

    Radam G. cracks me up...always sharp,and funny.
  23. Re: About The Weight, I'm With Team Canelo, Says Lotierzo

    Mayweather is more distracted, older, and carrying an entourage that would stress Atlas's shoulders. Canelo is a good fighter with stamina problems, but an experienced pro at 23 (he turned pro at...
  24. Re: America’s Top Heavyweights Chris Arreola & Seth Mitchell Clash On Saturday

    Mexican Rocky Graziano, very cool phrase...Arreola's self-fulfilling prophpecy after losing to Vitali, "I find a way to lose", is his career defining statement I was always suspicious of the second...
  25. Re: RIP Tommy Morrison, Who Once Thought He Was Bulletproof

    Everybody's past catches up to them....
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