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    Re: Mayweather, Maidana and Magic

    A guy with a punch could pull off an upset, Floyd cannot defy age forever so that's what sells this fight. Maidana has to turn this into a fight, while Mayweather
    would be smart to keep this a...
  2. Re: Matthysse Beats Molina In Fight of the Year Contender

    Both fighters showed tremendous heart in an old school war. Lucas conditioning was the difference as he recovered each round and
    stepped on the gas, both men were impressive. I think Molina's...
  3. Re: Keith Thurman Can Bomb In the Ring, and Land Power Shots Outside, Too

    Keith Thurman is generating a lot of buzz and he has an opportunity this Saturday to make some more noise
    and possibly join the Mayweather sweepstakes. Everybody loves a puncher.
  4. Re: Mayweather Talks About Ariza Influence, Pacman's Outing, Hopkins Fight, More

    Yes, I have to agree with Mayweather's observations on Pacquioa/Bradley. During the fight I also noticed Pacman looking shopworn without a lot of punch. But
    we're liable to see the same thing in...
  5. Re: Floyd has never fought someone with Marcos Maidana's style.

    Maidana will give a good effort, he's young and tough with the great Latin fighting heart, but too slow. Mayweather is too smart and experienced, he's seen
    it all and is still dedicated so I expect...
  6. Re: It's official (sort of). Bob Arum has worn out his welcome.

    Arum has been around a lot longer than Mayweather and generated a lot of cash for the MGM, he felt dissed and needed to vent . Ill will is not permanent in
    Vegas or Boxing because it can be salved...
  7. Re: Hopkins' Strength Is That He Knows His Weakness

    BHOP's remarkable run shows how important the mental side of boxing is. Some of the younger boxers need to study BHOP and learn the sweet science. He's
    a master craftsmen now, his youth long ago...
  8. Re: Mauler-Brawler Porter Too Strong For Malignaggi, Wins TKO4

    Paulie, you got money and a good job, it's tough to retire on a bad loss but this is an unforgiving sport, your future health is more important, make the right move
    and retire now.
  9. Re: Mauler-Brawler Porter Too Strong For Malignaggi, Wins TKO4

    Golden Boy has is already beating the drums for Porter vs. Mayweather at some point and considering the paucity of viable opposition for Money, I'd like to
    see that one. Hopefully Keith Thurman can...
  10. Re: RINGSIDE REPORT: Hopkins Wins Unification Bout

    Hopefully, this is the last time we see Paulie inside the ropes. BHop is heading for disaster once one of these young guys actually make him
    work for 3 minutes each round. Kid Chocolate has...
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    Re: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Is Bullet-Proof

    The acrimony between the camps continues. As long as Arum is involved the fight will not happen, Mayweather has made that point
    abundantly clear. So you writers should drop the it until something...
  12. Re: Regarding Gerry Cooney: Would the outcome of his fight with Larry Holmes been different if ......??

    Yeah, Big Gerry was rushed along, they went for the big bucks a little too soon, Holmes was a tough professional who paid his dues. I also had the impression
    that Big Gerry was just too nice of a...
  13. Re: Robert Garcia Shares On How Maidana Will Aim To Beat Floyd

    At some point Maidana needs to attack like he did with Broner, concentrating on a body attack. Hopefully, he watched Bradley's dubious strategy against
    Pacman and won't repeat that. But he does need...
  14. Re: Pacquiao Regresses Against Bradley But Wins Bigger This Time

    Agree with you on all points, Frank. Bradley lost his composure by trying to turn it into a brawl and burnt out early, not what you expect from a
    world class fighter. His beach muscles were a...
  15. Re: RINGSIDE REPORT: Itís Manny This Time Over Bradley In Vegas

    Yeah, Bradley was definetly schooled but you'd think this was stuff that should've been learned long ago. Pacman's stayed calm and
    collected under fire letting Bradley shoot his bolt then picked up...
  16. Re: RINGSIDE REPORT: Itís Manny This Time Over Bradley In Vegas

    There were alot of so called experts lauding Bradley and actually picking him to win. To save you the embarassment, I won't mention names. There's more to being an elite fighter than looking good in...
  17. Re: MASTERFUL MANNY: Pacquiao Beats Bradley, And The Judges Agree

    Bradley and his corner blew it, stupid execution by Bradley, wasting alot of energy early desparetly swinging for the fences. Hopefully, Marquez
    wins and then gives Pacman a rematch. But let's face...
  18. Re: Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley 2: Live round-by-round updates

    Grueling fight. Bradley lost his head and threw his game plan out the window. Rather than boxing patiently like the Marquez fight, he was loading
    up with amateurish haymakers that missed and he...
  19. Re: Pacquiao & Bradley Have Everything Riding On Their Rematch

    Bradley's beach muscles are a liability in the boxing ring, this is why Bradley has no power, bulky muscle fiber fires slower.
    Old school trainers know this and don't advocate weight training, you...
  20. Re: PREDICTION PLANET: Big Macís Expert Panel--Pacquiao-Bradley 2 Edition

    Bradley is a flawed fighter with heart and will. Technically he's sound but not on the same planet as Mayweather. A fight between those two is a mismatch,
    with Mayweather dominating. The only thing...
  21. Re: Arum Steals Show, Aims Barbs At MGM, And Insinuates Corruption, During Final Presser

    Tell it like it is Bob. The Mayweather gang pulled off a masterstroke by monopolizing the advertising space and paid a pretty
    penny, their fight is a tough sell because Maidana isn't viewed as...
  22. Re: The Decision In The Last Fight Is A Blessing In Disguise For Pacquiao This Time

    Bradley sure talks a good fight for a newbie at this level who should be 1-1-1 in his last three fights. Pacquioa has
    fought all the elite fighters in these weight classes for a decade except...
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    Re: What Boxing Loses if Manny Pacquiao Loses

    I saw Bradley's media day workout. he didn't look sharp and appeared a little bulked up. Manny will not lose. Bradley will be hit
    hard and often.
  24. Re: If Pacquiao Really Won Why Bother Writing What He Needs To Do This Time?

    Pacman wasn't in the best of shape for the first Bradley match, not particularly sharp with his punches, and despite the chicanery by the
    judges, belted Bradley pretty good round after round. This...
  25. Re: THE DISSECTION: Pacquiao-Bradley 1, A Video Analysis

    Let's hope Pacman learned something from the Marquez fight, namely to be more patient when attacking a counter puncher. Reckless
    aggression will leave you open for counters. Manny also has the bad...
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